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More things Inkay doesn't learn:

Aqua Ring
Aurora Beam
Bubble Beam
Defense Curl
Focus Energy
Fury Attack
Hydro Pump
Lucky Chant
Mirror Coat
Signal Beam
Sweet Kiss
Take Down
Water Sport
Wring Out


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Confirming Simple Beam. Full credit to Bulbapedia, which is where I got the chain breeding method from.

Basically you chain breed from Audino to Skitty to Psyduck to Inkay.

Confirming Power Split, which can be obtained by chain breeding from Shuckle -> Surskit -> Inkay. I'm still trying to find a path for Flatter, but I haven't had much success yet.
Yeah... Been trying for a few hours to figure out the path for Flatter, too. I give up... About the only things in the Field or Monster Egg Groups as well as Water 1/2 that I didn't try were Blastoise, Lapras and Dewgong. I doubt it's passed via Dragon or Amorphous in some way, and <Field> -> Swoobat > Archeops -> Corsola -> Inkay seems equally doubtful. Suppose it might be worth seeing if Volbeat learns it and can pass it to Masquerain. >.> But yeah, I'm done... Have fun...
Did anyone test Play Rough? The chain would be Marill-->Dragalge-->Inkay and I can't get a female Dragalge to test this.
It *might* learn Sucker Punch, however the only pokemon I know that gets it and can breed is a Chinchou from Gen 4.
Lanturn, Corsola, Huntail all can get it via the Move Tutors in Platinum, HGSS. Lanturn's the wrong Egg group, so that only leaves the last two. This information's from Serebii, but will have to wait till Pokebank.

Inkay may still learn Recover from Milotic (so far unobtainable till Pokebank) or Gastrodon (Friend Safari).


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Veekun has incorrectly listed Calm Mind, Taunt, Embargo, & Dark Pulse as Egg Moves for Inkay. I breeded a male Inkay with all the aforementioned moves with a female that did not, & it inherited neither of the aforementioned moves. Confide is also mentioned, & is likely to be the same as the other four, though it needs validation.

EDIT: Just as suspected, I can confirm that Confide is not an Egg Move either.
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I've tested it myself, and inkay doesn't learn hammer arm. It is still possible that inkay can learn sucker punch from a move tutored corsola.
Technically it could learn Sucker Punch if we got a Huntail with it from HGSS and have it breed with Malamar, we can't know until someone does this.
Technically it could learn Sucker Punch if we got a Huntail with it from HGSS and have it breed with Malamar, we can't know until someone does this.
I was under the impression that it isn't listed in the official guide though, which has been right about everything so far. You are technically right, as the guide could feasibly be wrong, and I really want this thing to get Sucker Punch, however at this rate it just doesn't seem likely.

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