Master Thread Suggestion Thing

So I was talking to UncleSam about a suggestion for this sub-forum, a master-thread.

Ah, well I was thinking of making it into more than that. Such as a thread to discuss game development, chit-chat or some other things.

Plus since you guys are mods you could edit it too.
Hmm well it's an interesting idea, we use the OSI subforum for that but we could collapse the two. I'd suggest making a thread in the OSI subforum to suggest collapsing the two. Feel free to quote this if you do decide to make that thread.
Do note that this will be a thread focusing on these things:

  • General chit-chatting.
  • Game development.
  • All current games separated in their section, with useful and representative content.
  • Game discussion.
  • A format for each mafia game.
  • A scoreboard just for fun.
  • Community-related and some important content.
What I'm talking about if you still don't understand is a master thread to do the above and organize a lot of things. It also would be open to posts, I have a master thread in another forum which you can see in this quote:

Uh I don't think there's a problem with linking the inspiration thread for people to get some idea of what is being discussed here.

It's very similar to our existing game listing but with more structure and an additional scoreboard idea, which I rather like. I think at the least this could be incorporated into our existing Game Listing thread.
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Uh I don't think there's a problem with linking the inspiration thread for people to get some idea of what is being discussed here.

It's very similar to our existing game listing but with more structure and an additional scoreboard idea, which I rather like. I think at the least this could be incorporated into our existing Game Listing thread.


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Sorry what exactly is the purpose of this thread? It seems to be all over the place.

Is it a suggestion to remove OSI as a subforum and replace it with a single stickied thread in Circus?

No. That's completely useless for announcements like the Circus Bots or our invite to the Mafia WC.

The Game Listing itself often gets out of date because the mods are too lazy to update it. Relying on them to edit an OP or title instead of the relevant OP being able to edit it is dumb.

Current OSI discussion threads whose OPs could not edit a Master Thread title with any relevant announcements:
Gmax-Proof / jumpluff (not mod of Circus)
Roast Me / Yeti
Good/Bad Roles / Jalmont
#circus RTM Bots / Yeti (and internet)
Forum Intros / Walrein
Desired Game format / Aura Guardian
NOC format / askaninjask (alum mod)
There are 7 threads started by mods + Mekkah's Guidelines = 8 vs 7.

If people want feedback they will get it easier by having the subject in the Thread Title rather than posting in a Master Thread that allows chit chat wherein any serious "hey guys discuss this please" topic could easily be buried. This also requires the MT owner to regularly edit the title with "new topic of importance feedback wanted" whenever someone posts it. Also why would the MT be started by not-a-mod or at least a CC of Circus? That 100% seems like something that should be started by a mod if it's going to be a MASTER thread for the whole forum. Individual discussion threads posted in OSI by whoever wishes to discuss are exactly what should be happening. Residays you seem like an eager new user and I am glad you're here but why would we have a Master thread run by someone so new? We don't know if you will have longevity in the community yet to know if you'll drop Smogon activity and then the thread's OP is inactive and the mods HAVE to edit it anyway.

I feel like 'chit chat' is what we use IRC and to a lesser extent PS for. That seems to fall into a PC++ thread more than anything else.

I think the idea of a scoreboard is cool but in the linked thread that post is blank, so how does this work in practice? The Game Listing already lists the winning faction/players of mafia so is this charting individual players' wins?
Does it look like:
Yeti 100 W 0 L
UncleSam 1 W 99 L
LightWolf 50 W 50 L
billymills 69 W 69 L

That would be a neat addition though somewhat difficult to compile at this point in time - who do you decide to add? What about the broken game links/forums?

I think the scoreboard thread would be neat but everything else just seems inferior in a Master Thread than how it currently is.

To me it's much simpler to find what you're looking for or check a thread if it's explicitly advertised as what you're interested in:
Propose A Game/Request a Host = if you want to check out new games, get feedback, or want to cohost somebody else's you look there rather than digging through off-topic to your interests posts in a MT
Game Listing = no discussion just records of the games and queue*
OSI subforum = discussion topics that, if people are interested in based on the title, they can easily click and respond to rather than being lost in a MT

*That being said the GL's queue system is currently kind of shoddy from what I can tell and there is no actual order to when games get to go outside of a vague "this one was posted first?" order but then some games aren't even ready.

I think the GL should be somewhat overhauled to specify what game can start signups when (used to be 3 standards, 1 could start when 1 ended) and in what order as well as the state of games posted.

For instance:
Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Mafia - zorbees
has been posted for longer than a couple currently running/signing up games but I believe it isn't complete yet?
(Multifaction/FFA) Wayne Bradierest - UncleSam/Yeti
is at the top of the list but isn't finished

There should be a numbered order to indicate where a game is in the queue (#1 is the next game to post of its type) as well as a - Ready / Under Review / Far off to indicate if the game is just sort of sitting in the ether to build hype or genuinely prepared to be posted the next day. This is only relevant to the mafias IMO as I see no reason why the Other games can't go in any certain order and the #flamel RPG crew seem to self-regulate their campaigns.

So I think it should look like:
1S Dead Mafia - Ditto - Ready
2S Hearthstone Mafia - vonFiedler - Under Review
3S Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Mafia - zorbees - Far Off
1N Jalmont NOC - jalmont - Far Off
1B Build Your Own 2 - Yeti - Far Off
(S Standard N NOC B Big O Official)

If a game is submitted for review and the current #1 is Far Off then the current #1 should move to #2 for its category and the submitted, ready game moves to #1.

Sorry I think I got sort of off topic here but idk the Game Listing was mentioned and I think it could use a bit of work now that more people are eager to host so they understand when their game will be going and don't feel sniped by anyone.


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Scoreboard is a good idea (and I'd be willing to do the grunt work of calculating everyone's winrate because I'm a huge nerd).

Don't like the idea of collapsing OSI into one thread just because I think it's more organized as a sub forum - discussion on different topics stays separate rather than running together.

That's not to say that I'm opposed to having a general discussion thread, I just don't think it warrants shutting down OSI

Edit: yeti much more eloquently explained why OSI needs to be a thing
To answer some things:

Well then it could just be a master thread without mixing the sub-forums, also the scoreboard would only display wins, not looses. It's empty because nobody has posted a win yet.

It looks like this:

[6] - Somebody. (It's displayed individually.)

Also that forum doesn't have an approval system for the section it is in.

Thanks for the responses.


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Nah it needs to show losses.

That's all we really care about here.

How many times some cuck's been cucked.
I don't much like the idea of a scoreboard because mafia's more of a team effort but whatever. Guess I gotta deal with being made fun of for my crap record.

Also would it treat NOC separately from OC?
I don't much like the idea of a scoreboard because mafia's more of a team effort but whatever. Guess I gotta deal with being made fun of for my crap record.

Also would it treat NOC separately from OC?
Team records will also be there.


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Though I don't like w/l records on all mafia due to kingmaker scenarios , I'm sure there can be other subgroups (particularly FFA) where w/l is interesting. Honestly if someone actually is willing to put in the time, it would be interesting to know frequency ratios of someone being mafia vs wolf (maybe there's actual justification for a billyroll though honestly there might be more of a justification for a Snyperoll lately :3). Those would be cool.

A general chitchat or game discussion master thread I feel is unnecessary because it happens through private communication as not to leak it but also for convenience of instant messaging. Though honestly with the exception of DLE's participation in the mafia championship , I haven't seen any actual "game reaction thread/PM." We do have post-games where hosts and player put their thoughts into a usually separate thread though GL inconsistently links to them.

I'm not seeing much justification for a master thread unless you mean like a sticky resource thread inside here like stats or a thread archive? If so, i can see some utility in having it though it would be out of curiosity rather than bragging rights and i dont think circus really has much acrivity to warrant an archive thread apart from Gane Listing. otherwise I think the subforum is a better means of communication than the thread because a thread is prone to get congested if it's not about a particular topic making it hard to follow.


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I volunteer as tribute to track all this shit, i like delving into the Mafia archives


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following on from yeti's post i have actually been planning to work on updating the game listing/game proposals/proposing games process. here's my basic thoughts:

1) ALL games must go through the game proposals, even if they are being created by 'approved' hosts. this is so we can have a clear & dated log of who is first basically. at current, 'approved' hosts are just getting their games edited on to the upcoming games listing at a whim and if we are going to have a queue its gonna be a proper fuckin queue. these 'approved' hosts don't have to posts their roles & stuff to be approved by us, but all games going forward should have a linked thread in game proposals. you don't get to be higher up in the queue just because you are yeti/walrein/unclesam or whatever.

2) games should only be posted & proposed when they at a point of completion or NEAR completion. there are too many games that ppl are saying they're gonna create and then they make 3 roles and 1 rule and stop bothering for a year and then it just clogs up the game listing. games should be at least half way finished before they are even near the game listing IMO. if you are in the queue and your game isn't ready by the time its time comes out then you lose your place in the queue and go to the back. THE EXCEPTION TO ALL THIS is big games, which should still be proposed but we should give a bit more leeway with hosts in terms of the queue and getting the game sorted. but basically, don't put yourself in the queue if you can't fulfill your position in the queue.

3) from the games posted in game proposals, we as moderators will form the queue primarily based on type of game. basically we should only have 1 of each of the same type of game happening concurrently. these types are like: BIG/OFFICIAL, maf vs village (OC), FFA/multifaction/cool games (OC), NOC, Misc Forum Games (e.g survivor), Pathfinder. Other categories that we can have multiple of are tournaments and other random shit like haxball which don't really cannibalise players/interest from each other OR from the types of game mentioned as 1 at a time. if you post your NOC in game proposals on Jul 16th and gmax posts his FFA on Jul 20th but theres 5 NOCs in the queue then you're probably gonna be behind gmax in the queue

4) game proposals/request a host thread simply just becoems gauging opinion and getting a cohost - which i think was its intentional design anyway but it looks confusing being there.

this will require update from mods, and we are all culpable of neglecting this process. if we have a set process, things should move smoother. what do u guys think.


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Game history should be kept in a spreadsheet that lots of people can edit/contribute to, not a locked thread for only mods


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the problem that runs into is v a n d a l s, i agree it shouldn't be mods-only (since i'll probably be the one dumpster diving for this) but allowing just anyone to touch it is asking for trouble


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I'd say a sheet with certain users being given access is probably easiest.

Not 100% sure how best to keep track of things. We could list official winners/losers for every game but that would get quite tiresome after a while and wouldn't make it super easy to tell stats anyway.


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sheet vandalism is pointless, anyone with actual sheet access can revision history undo w/e was vandalized lol


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it would still be an unnecessary headache; i think it would generally be alright to allow access to all users with badges for circus-related stuff for starters, then go from there and add trustworthy people
I dunno, I thought it was pretty reasonable when a couple years back we had it so that ppl could post in the Game Listings thread with their games/results/whatever and then the mods just edited in when they got a chance. Not sure why we went away from that, and it shouldn't be a lot of work for them anyways.

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