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- Versatile offensive Steel-type
- Great all-around stats highlighted by base 130 Attack
- Good coverage in Earthquake and Thunder Punch
- Even has priority bypass its average Speed when necessary
- Can use its resistances and good bulk to reliably set Stealth Rock
- Base 70 Speed and good defenses make it a powerful Choice Band user
- Can struggle to fit all the moves it wants
- No reliable recovery means it can only take so many hits
- Can struggle against teams with faster wallbreakers
- Clear Body niche, but helps against Incineroar, a common stop gap to physical attackers

name: Stealth Rock
move 1: Stealth Rock
move 2: Meteor Mash
move 3: Earthquake
move 4: Toxic
item: Leftovers
ability: Clear Body
nature: Adamant
evs: 248 HP / 176 Atk / 84 Spe


- Set Stealth Rock with good typing and defenses
- Meteor Mash still hurts stuff
- EQ smacks opposing Steels, Incineroar, Glowbro, etc.
- Toxic annoys fat mons; P2, Milo, etc. EQ hits the Steels / Poisons, so easy for Meta to spread Toxic
- Bullet Punch if you want priority. Really niche tho
- Enough Speed for neutral base 80s. Rest in bulk and Attack
- Leftovers gives passive recovery
- Resist berries can be clutch. Shuca most notable for Rhyperior and OTR Stakataka
- Colbur reduces Knock damage; Occa can let Meta smack Noivern
- Can only Toxic bulky Waters; doesn't offensively threaten them at all
- Roserade and Electrics smack bulky Waters. Roserade can set Spikes for a hazard setting duo; Raikou, Xurkitree, and Toxtricity can Volt Switch to get Metagross in on good matchups. Thundurus can sweep with Plot or annoy with Knock spam and have Metagross backing it up against Rock and Ice moves
- Prone to being worn down and / or statused. Togekiss and Sylveon both work well. Both have Heal Bell; Togekiss also has Defog and Sylveon can provide Wish.
- Galarian Weezing can Defog or opt to set TSpikes. Takes Knock Off well and appreciates Megaross checking Psychics effectively
- Easily spreads Toxic to neuter defensive mons, so late-game cleaners can take advantage of this
- Zarude and Mienshao are great Scarfers. Both can U-turn into Metagross against Galarian Weezing and Togekiss
- Darmanitan appreciates bulky Waters poisoned and can break open teams easier with its primary checks put on a timer

name: Choice Band
move 1: Meteor Mash
move 2: Earthquake
move 3: Bullet Punch
move 4: Zen Headbutt / Explosion
item: Choice Band
ability: Clear Body
nature: Adamant
evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe


- Banded 130 Attack stat go brrr
- Mash slaps stuff. 2HKOes tons of bulky stuff and OHKOes frailer stuff easily
- EQ slams Regi, Lix, and cocky Electrics (sans Thundurus)
- Bullet Punch is priority to pick off boosted threats. Can also clean weakened offensive teams
- Zen Headbutt 2HKOes bulky Water-types with a layer of Spikes and cleanly OHKOes Thundurus.
- Explosion can take out something for a teammate to capitalize on. Also useful if Metagross has already done its job and you just need a safe switch in for a teammate to win
- Max / Max. Hit hard and outspeed as much as possible
- Adamant cranks up the power more. Jolly can outspeed Toxtricity, tie with Volcanion, and stay ahead of rare Timid Specs Sylveon
- Powerful wallbreaker, so cleaners are really nice
- Zarude and Mienshao attract Fairies like a magnet and can U-turn into Meta for easy breaking chances
- Roserade checks bulky Waters and sets Spikes to wear them down quicker for Metagross
- Porygon2 checks faster Electrics looking to revenge Metagross and has Teleport for easy entry
- Zygarde-10%, Obastagoon, and Heracross among physical attackers that can team up to overload physical walls with Metagross
- Wish support nice as Metagross will often take a hit to send an even harder hit in return. Sylveon generally works the best
- Hit-and-run attacker, so hazard removal is appreciated. Crobat, Togekiss, and Noivern are all options
- Hone Claws Durant and SD Cobalion can take advantage of Metagross weakening or outright removing bulky Waters with repeated attacks
- Diancie and Seismitoad are good Fire-type checks that can set Stealth Rock. Seis notably spreads Toxic well, allowing Metagross to use something else over it. Diancie can remove bulky Steels with Body Press to let Metagross just throw out Meteor Mash more freely

name: Choice Scarf
move 1: Meteor Mash
move 2: Earthquake
move 3: Ice Punch / Rock Slide
move 4: Trick
item: Choice Scarf
ability: Clear Body
nature: Jolly
evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe


- Outpaces the entire unboosted metagame while retaining decent bulk and more power than most Scarfers
- Mash hits offensive Pokemon neutral to it for heavy damage. Heracross takes 62% minimum just as an example and it isn't "frail" per se
- Earthquake hits Raikou, Toxtricity, Darmanitan, and Xurkitree extremely hard
- Ice Punch can OHKO Noivern and 2HKO Thundurus
- Rock Slide can hit Fires and Flyings in one slot. Notably misses the OHKO on Noivern
- Trick ruins walls. Suicune, Seismitoad, and Steelix detest this
- Outspeed as much as possible, so Jolly is used
- Roserade really good for Spikes to makeup for lower power and to take on bulky Waters that thwart Metagross's revenge killing
- Heracross, Obstagoon, and Pangoro are powerful wallbreakers that can deal severe damage to most defensive Pokemon for Metagross to clean up after
- Hazard removal not mandatory, but helpful since this set will switch a lot.Togekiss, Crobat, and Noivern are good here
- Loses to most other Scarf users, so checks to them are nice
- Togekiss and G-Weez handle Zarude and Mienshao. Milotic and Seismitoad check Darmanitan. Xurkitree hard to wall, but a combination of Zarude + Seismitoad can force it to predict correctly multiple times to make progress.
- Sweepers that can capitalize on Trick'd walls. NP Thundy, SD Mimikyu, SS Cloyster are good options. Each can weaken or beat bulky Steel- and Water-types to help Metagross clean even when Trick isn't used to help them set up.

Other Options

- Agility to sweep late-game
- Mixed w/ Grass Knot to dumpster Rhyperior and Seismitoad
- Body Press, but why
- AV is a trap

Checks and Counters

**Bulky Waters**: Outside of Choice Band Zen Headbutt, Seismitoad can handle any attack Metagross uses and retaliate with Knock Off or STAB Earthquake. Milotic and Suicune must also be wary of Thunder Punch, but both have ways to stay healthy in order to switch in multiple times. Volcanion 4x resists Steel and can OHKO Metagross with its Fire-type STAB moves, though Earthquake and Thunder Punch deal a hefty chunk.

**Faster Pokemon**: Metagross can hits incredibly hard, but its base 70 Speed leaves it outpaced by many offensive Pokemon. Darmanitan, Toxtricity, Chandelure, and Zarude are all faster Pokemon that can threaten with super effective STAB moves or powerful Choice-boosted attacks, although none can really switch in safely..

**Ground-types**: As Metagross rarely runs Ice Punch, Ground-types tend to fare well. Steelix has to worry about boosted Earthquakes some, but its high Defense lets it take a couple when necessary while being able to easily handle Meteor Mash. Rhyperior and Mudsdale are shakier answers as they don't deal with Meteor Mash as well, but both have much higher Attack stats with which to threaten Metagross with their STAB Earthquakes.
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Moving to QC. Decided to keep Scarf as a full set (for now) for the role compression (outspeeding Electrics, still being able to tank 1-2 strong resisted hits per game) tested mixed and didn't like it enough for a full set.

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