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Modest Evolutions is a community contribution Pet Mod that changes all Mega Evolutions to Split Evolutions and in case of it not being possible, a normal Evolution or form.

The rules are pretty simple. 3-stage and 2-stage Pokemon get new split, normal evolutions. These split evolutions have equal typing and ability as the Mega Evolutions, but with different moves and scaled down stats chosen by the community. Since 1-stage-Pokemon can't have split evolutions due to not having a preevolution, they get a new evolution that is basically a Mega Evolution with items and a few new moves. Legendaries get Forms with the same BST as the original Pokemon, since they're not known to evolve.

The new Pokemon (Note: Work In Progress names and Stats. These will have community input.):
67/84/103/103/101/67 (525) (± 13)
66/110/93/110/71/84 (534) (± 13)
66/87/66/134/97/84 (534) (± 13)
66/87/101/114/97/65 (530) (± 13)
52/120/32/11/64/116 (395) (± 10)
44/137/94/137/94/94 (600) (± 15)

  • Banlist & Clauses
    • Ubers (includes Soul Dew)
    • OU Clauses
  • Unbanlist
    • All previously-Mega Pokemon (except Blaziken and Mlaziken)
    • Aegislash
    • Deoxys
    • Darkrai
    • Genesect
    • Greninja
    • Shaymin-S
    • (Note: These are all temporary unbans)
  • Rules and Community Contribution tips:
    • Typings and abilities can't be changed.
    • Split evolutions must have the same amount of moves in total, but are allowed to have different moves (Egg moves and Preevo level-up, TM and Tutor moves are shared, so this has to be taken into consideration. Here's a Pokemon Comparator that you can use to see which moves are learned only by the evolution. It doesn't have ORAS data added to it, but it's the easiest way to check for movepool changes. If someone knows an updated comparator like this, let me know.)
    • Evolutions can have more moves than the Base Pokemon, but these should be given scarcely. Forms share movepools.
    • Removing a Base Pokemon's move is allowed if it makes sense that the Split Evolution should get it exclusively. (Example: Removing Dragon Pulse from Ampharos and giving it to Mmpharos)
    • The Split Evolutions/Forms must have the same BST as the Base Pokemon.
    • The Split Evolution's stats are to be calculated with the formula Stat = Mega Stat x Base BST / Mega BST (rounding up or down depends if that stat was one of the highest or lowest ones).
    • Each split evolution/form has a 2.5% BST margin that can be changed (rounded up if 0.x ≥ 0.5) so that the Mega Evolution can perform a niche it previously did (or something similar). This percentage is to the left of the Pokemon's total BST in the spoiler above. Equal stats must stay equal, and minmaxing isn't allowed.
    • Name is up for debate.
If you have any suggestions for the current Pokemon, feel free to post them here!

The current Pokemon we'll work with are the bolded ones with stats.​
And now to state the obvious- every dragon type mega evolution needs to get draco-meteor.
I would advise swapping with air slash on mega zard x as it is no longer a flying type.

Can hp change between forms? if not diance's should be kept constant

Cookie Butter

formerly the someone
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And now to state the obvious- every dragon type mega evolution needs to get draco-meteor.
I would advise swapping with air slash on mega zard x as it is no longer a flying type.

Can hp change between forms? if not diance's should be kept constant
I agree. And yep, since they're not In-Battle forms.
But Mywtwo actually makes sense and sounds just like Mewtwo lol
And Mmpharos is just Ampharos (you pronounce the letter "M")

Cookie Butter

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Here are my ideas for the current Pokemon:
Rafflesaur (Rafflesia + _saur)
63(-4)/79(-5)/107(+4)/107(+4)/106(+5)/63(-4) (525)
Movepool (What Venusaur gets and what this thing gets):
-Bulldoze ~ Heavy Slam
-Earthquake ~ Earth Power
-Outrage ~ Moonblast
-Petal Blizzard ~ Aromatherapy
Menusaur is more of a pink flowery creature than Venusaur.
-Roar ~ Whirlwind
Same thing, but Menusaur has bigger leaves to flap.
-Rock Climb ~ Belch
Competitive purposes.

Drondrill (Drone + Drill)
50(-2)/125(+5)/30(-2)/10(-1)/60(-4)/120(+4) (395)
Movepool - I think we should keep everything but:
-Defog ~ Gastro Acid
Meedrill's wings are smaller
-Endeavor ~ Quick Attack
Meedrill is a lot faster
-Fell Stinger ~ Megahorn
A viable bug move that gets outclassed by U-turn for a good bug move that gets outclassed by U-turn.
-Toxic Spikes ~ Gunk Shot
Uh... competitive purposes only.

Diancie-Resolute Form (Not very creative, I know)
40(-1)/142(+5)/91(-3)/142(+5)/91(-3)/91(-3) (600)

More ideas will be posted later.
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There's actually a small pool of fully evolved Pokemon that can use TMs but cannot learn Giga Impact nor Hyper Beam.

Alomomola, Basculin, Carbink, Castform, Chatot, Chimecho, Corsola, Delibird, Dunsparce, Emolga, Farfetch'd, Girafarig, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, Illumise, Kecleon, Luvdisc, Maractus, Minun, Pachirisu, Phione, Plusle, Qwilfish, Rotom, Sableye, Seviper, Shuckle, Skarmory, Spinda, Stunfisk, Sudowoodo, Volbeat, and Zangoose, specifically.

Yes Skarmory cannot learn Giga Impact nor Hyper Beam. No, I have no idea why that might be. I get Shuckle, but why Skarmory?...

Even taking into account how many of these Pokemon are pathetically weak, it still includes Pokemon I'd really expect to be able to learn the moves -really, none of the Hitmons learns Giga Impact?

I don't see any reason why Not Mega Venusaur would lack the moves though. Alomomola is the closest thing to its physicality out of the list, and it has the essential disadvantage of being a very large, passive fish.

Why not "Drodrill" for Not Mega Beedrill? It flows better, I think. I would like to point out that there's really no reason for Not Mega Beedrill to run Megahorn when it could U-Turn instead, so that seems a fairly pointless addition.


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Hmm, I'm going to code what is here so far.

I also have an idea of a name for Midgeot

Columbidae is the species for Pigeon, and seeing that Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot are Pigeons, etc.


Banned deucer.
My ideas:

Char(r)agon (Char + Dragon) (Two Rs?)
Fire/Dragon - Blaze/Tough Claws
75/110/95/100/70/84 (534)
From Charizard's movepool:
-Air Slash
-Sky Drop
+Draco Meteor
+Head Smash

Charzephar (Char + Zephyr) or Chariwing (Char + Wing)
Fire/Flying - Blaze/Drought
60/74/75/124/107/94 (534) (Hard to separate this from Charizard; they are bound to overlap in roles)
From Charizard's movepool:
-Earthquake (attempt to separate some viability from Charizard)

Shellspout (Obvious name is obvious) or Culvertoise (Culverin + Tortoise)
Water - Torrent/Mega Launcher
72/80/100/115/90/73 (530)
From Blastoise's movepool:
-+Aura Sphere (take from Blastoise, give to this one)
-+Dark Pulse (see above)
-Dragon Tail
+Zap Cannon (!)

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