Tournament Monotype Ladder Tournament IV - Cycle 4

Perish Song

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The final week of qualifiers is now over. Here are the results

1. mltx4 xD - ima
2. MLTX4 Dahli peachycl0uds
3. MLTX4 SFB Cam
4. MLTX4 Brisked MLT MCVPodge
5. MLTX4 Andy Catalystic
6. MLTX4 precpce blades TheArchitect_
7. MLTX4 Degenerate Asziran
8. MLTX4 fardin Fardin

Here is the actual(sorry for the drama) proof and final look of the deadline :

Note: The error I made has been fixed, the results are final. Apologizing for the inconvienence, Im a human I can make mistakes too. Hopefully will never again, thanks for understanding :)

Thanks to everybody that has participated and tried their best, I wish all of you goodluck in the future tournaments.
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Here is the real screenshot Fardin

I took this right at the extended deadline Perishing Song posted in the chat

Of an extra extended deadline, which both Perishing Song and Smub both confirmed

And gathered it to post in the chat of Magma's ongoing battle at the time which was not completed by the extended deadline set by Perishing Song and Smub
1. Starting a battle at 12:59pm
2. 1:00pm deadline hitting at turn 3 in the battle when it should have never been extended in the first place
3. The hosts extending the deadline (which should have never happened or been allowed) to 1:02pm
4. Finishing the battle after the aforementioned unofficial extended deadline (which should have never happened or been allowed) set to 1:02pm
5. Openly posting anyway that you finished the battle at 1:03pm after the extended deadline

And expecting it to do anything

Perish Song

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For those are wondering, think I need to do an explaining why there was an error with the week 4 winners. I wish this didnt cause any drama because of a call I took on my own without consulting to anybody , the extension I called for wasn’t approved. So we have to go with the official deadline of 1:00. With this conclusion, fardin will be the 8th qualifier.
seahawks should have ran the ball
okay heres the thing though: given the time situation, i thought it was an okay clock management decision. in 2014 no goal line pass was picked in the last 106 tries and in the prior 3 seasons, there were 328 attempts at goal line passing that resulted in a turnover 6 times. that's a 1.8% rate, which isn't bad at all! in terms of success, it's essentially a 5050 on whether either a run or a pass would score. perhaps doing it on second is overly conservative, but i GET IT.

the hawks had one timeout, 26 seconds, and three attempts at the goal line. it's likely that if one of those downs had been a clock-stopping incompletion/drop, they would have another shot at the goal line! (unless they can execute three goal line runs in 26 seconds with only 1 timeout) would i rather have done it on third down after running and burning the last to? yeah, maybe, i guess the pass would have taken more time off the clock for a pats drive, but it's minuscule difference. was that the difference pete carroll wanted? perhaps. i think that it's an example of an amazing defensive stand from the pats rather than a horrid decision by pete carroll, butler knew about the pass because of the pats' practice against this threat that they had on film, and when push came to shove, he was ready!

i hate the pats, but honestly that was an amazing defensive stop and perhaps one of the best of the last 5 years, if not the decade, if not the young 21st century. i am fully serious about this.

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