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Welcome to the second Monotype World Cup! The premise of this tournament is identical to that of WCoP: players come together to compete alongside others from their geographic region to prove they are the best. Do you have what it takes? Signup here and find out!

To Signup:
Reply to this thread using this format:
Player Name:
Country / Region of Residence:
Significant Time Missed:

For region, please specify your country (for non-USA players) or your state (USA players). We will be using WCoP's eligibility requirements (see: Players eligible for new teams). We will be checking IPs to make sure players are located correctly. If you do not use Smogon at a particular location, we cannot prove you are a player from that region, so you may not play for that region. The hosts have the final say on any eligibility issues.

(South subject to change depending on signups) AGAIN please specify your country (for non-USA players) or your state (USA players).

Signups will close on Wednesday March 3rd at 11:59 PM EST (GMT-5).

All standard (team) tournament rules apply unless otherwise stated.

The formats that will be played in this tournament are as follows:

SWSH Monotype
SWSH Monotype
SWSH Monotype
USUM Monotype
ORAS Monotype
BW Monotype
National Dex Monotype

Eight regions will compete for the title. Each region will play the other seven once in a standard round-robin format like in MPL and MWP. The top four regions will then advance to the seeded elimination playoffs (1 vs 4, 2 vs 3), where the ultimate winner will be crowned the Monotype World Cup Champion!

At this time, the regions aren't drawn out exactly. We have a fair idea which regions will be participating, but for the sake of safety, we'll be considering the signups in our decision for which regions exactly are selected.

For those of you that are interested in signing up as captain:

Different from other tournaments, Captain signups will open approximately a week following player signups so we can decide on regions before having captains picked.

Each region will have one captain that will form the region's team and communicate with the tournament hosts as needed. Captains may elect to nominate one co-captain if desired. Captains may play for their region's team. Each team should have exactly 8 starting players and 3 substitute players.

Captains will only have three days to sign up. Once they are picked they will need to get their rosters and week one lineups in by Sunday, March 7th 11:59 EST(GMT -5)
Player Name: sumuuuuuuuuu
Tiers: ORAS
Country / Region of Residence: UAE,Dubai
Significant Time Missed: College
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