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The goal of this resource is to showcase good teams that are easy to pick up and use on the ladder. This should aid players in familiarizing themselves with the current National Dex metagame.​

We will try to actively look over the sample teams and make sure that they stay up-to-date in order to reflect the current metagame as precisely as possible. If you'd like a less selective, but larger resource, I recommend that you check out the National Dex Team Bazaar.

This thread will remain locked. Should you wish to submit a team for samples, the Team Bazaar is the correct place to do so.
This project has finally received a complete revamp! Half these teams are mine, but that's simply how voting worked out. I hope everyone doesn't mind.

I would just like to remind everyone that if you want a team of yours to be added to this resource, that you can post your teams on the bazaar or PM a council member! Make sure to mention that you're specifically submitting it for sample teams if you post on the bazaar. We will take note of your suggestions.


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The meta has seen a significant shift since we last updated samples so we thought it apt to get some new samples out which are more representative of the metagame!

With National Dex World Cup going on right now not everyone wants to share teams in samples and that is fair! Because of this expect to see updates to samples as that tournament progresses!
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