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Why isn't Mienshao in NatDex UU? Are there certain Fighting-types that outclass it?
Mienshao doesn't get enough usage to be a UU pokemon and even then it's for a reason, it might be a good scarfer with longevity but it's hardly able to do anything given the amount of excellent Fighting resists in the meta, some of them don't even mind Knock Off as much (Clefable, M-Latias, Slowbro or Buzzwole to name a few) which just leaves it to become a U-Turn machine (:corviknight:) and at that point you'd rather use Cinderace who's a far superior pivot despite the lack of Regenerator due to excellent coverage for the meta and power.

Fighting types in general have it rough in this meta as they kind of need a secondary offensive typing or a different niche in order to do something. Buzzwole being the best fighter in the tier who still takes decent offensive qualities is more known for it's defensive profile, while Gapdos and Iron Hands have a secondary typing in order to threaten all the Fairies, Psychics and Flying types in their own way to keep up.
Why is Gligar in Gen 9 NatDex UU?
Gligar rose out of usage by some people spamming it on the ladder.

It isn't good at all, despite having a lot of utility and being able to check both SD and SubTox Aegislash as one of it's few niches, it's just too passive and accomplishes nothing other than switching in, defogging once and then dying. Even in NDPL where some people have used it due to role compression, it was basically for almost nothing.
What does golisopod do in uu? Is it really viable?
It's not particularly viable. It gets walled by most every defensive mon in the tier, and its only niche is an offensive spiker with double priority with First Impression and Aqua Jet, but it lacks in power and is weak to hazards, which is made worse by Emergency Exit.

The main reason its in NDUU is because there is a limited playerbase on ladder so if one person spams a mon, it can raise. Thats why Golisopod, Haxorus, and Metagross are in NDUU right now.

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