NU NeverUsed Fall League 2022 - Round 4


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Would like an extension. Our times didnt match too well this weekend, but we should be getting this done by tuesday. Scheduling was done on PMs
Calling act on KSr, we scheduled Sunday 21:00, I was here, I waited 1hour, I asked on her profile page, no responses.


Thanks for the Dance
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Act Wins:
yovan33321 over Booty - unresponsive
RoyalReloaded over Bolting - unresponsive
Ryuji over Ary-Yan v1 - missed time twice
Lucario over Sibanzz - unresponsive
MrSoup over Finchinator - missed time
Carmin over TheKingKarp - unresponsive
Garance over KSr - missed time + was unresponsive

Beraldinho vs. damien the genius
Ren-chon vs. Zenadark
etern vs. Luck O' the Irish
Bored Pikachu vs. crying
robjr vs. GW
false vs. avarice
EDIT: ADF Test VS. ACR1 - act rejected, both parties missed time and ADF Test missed time first, no attempt was made to make up the 2nd missed time even though act was called Friday.

Get your games done asap :) Round 5 will be up soon
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