Multi-gen NFE PL V - Week 5

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Standings and Records

  • Follow all rules listed here.
  • Schedule via Smogon VMs. It's easier for me to make decisions for activity calls when I can actually see what went down with scheduling.
  • If you are unable to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so they can communicate that to me or the other team's managers for a potential substitute.
  • Substitutions may be made after a week as started. When making a substitution, please tag myself, the managers of the opposing team, and all of the players affected by the substitute to ensure that everyone is made aware. Players who have already played in the week or were subbed out in the same week cannot be subbed back in.
  • If a match remains incomplete by the time of the deadline, it will be subject to an activity call.
  • Post replays. Not only are they useful for confirming wins, they contribute to usage stats and allow the people who couldn't watch the games live to watch them later.
  • Managers: Please send me your lineups in the same format that I used to post pairings. It makes it much easier to post future rounds more quickly.
SM NFE will be played in the gen 7 OU format. The banlist and resources for this metagame can be found here.
ORAS NFE will be played in the gen 6 UU format. The banlist and resources for this metagame can be found here. (Note Frogadier and Gligar will be banned for this week and moving forward in ORAS NFE.)
BW NFE will be played in the gen 5 Ubers format. The banlist and resources for this metagame can be found here.
DPP NFE will be played in the gen 4 UU format. The banlist and resources for this metagame can be found here.

Managers and Assistant Managers are responsible for ensuring that their players do not bring illegal teams to their games. If a player brings an illegal team, the opposition are free to either take the win or offer a redo.
Regarding DPP NFE, if the game ends up as a draw due to both Pokemon fainting on the last turn (Explosion, Recoil, Status Damage etc) then another game must be played until someone wins. Teams can be changed for a rematch.

Week 5

:nuzleaf: (4) Deez Nuzleafs vs. Aperol Spritzee (4) :spritzee:
SS NFE: frisoeva vs The Strap
SS NFE: TheFranklin vs TJ
SS NFE: Xiri vs mh
SM NFE: London13 vs Catalystic
ORAS NFE: tlenit vs anime sans
BW NFE: Fille vs EviGaro
Bo3: Quagg vs Monsareeasy

:corsola-galar: (2) Cursed Corsolas vs. Holy Hattremonies (5) :hattrem:
SS NFE: pdt vs kythr
SS NFE: Chazm vs daunt vs
SS NFE: Greybaum vs Aberforth
SM NFE: Plas vs Ninjadog
ORAS NFE: SparksBlade vs SpacialRendevous
BW NFE: Voltage vs Insult
DPP NFE: Toy Time King vs shiloh
Bo3: King Leo V vs xavgb

:morgrem: (4) Morgrem Freemans vs. The Wacky Thwackeys (4) :thwackey:
SS NFE: ojr vs Quantum Tesseract
SS NFE: lepton vs TeamCharm
SS NFE: Stareal vs Gray
SM NFE: zeefable vs sensei axew
ORAS NFE: beauts vs I want Atago to sit on me
BW NFE: Rav3 vs BloodAce
DPP NFE: zioziotrip vs Shing'n Streets
Bo3: Simbo vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d

Deadline is Sunday 5th of September at 11:59pm GMT-4.
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4-1. Undefeated in SS, got a DPP game, and won in it even if I didn't get to showcase my whole team though. I'm more than likely not gonna join another team tour again, but I'll thank S1nn0hC0nfirm3d and my teammates for giving me the best experience I could have. We're out, but I still think our team could have a good chance to get into the playoffs but things were tight as hell in this PL, so GL to everyone else. I'll probably share the teams once the NFEPL is done if there's a thread to dump them. See my posting predicts for playoffs tho.
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