Tournament NUPL IX - Finals [Won by The Pablostoises ]

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Deadline: Sunday, July 4th @ 11:59pm GMT -4

Reminder to everyone: Game 1 of the Bo3 has to be played in SS NU. Game 2 and 3 are decided by the loser.

:ss/blastoise: vs :ss/musharna:
The Pablostoises (5) vs The Moneymaker Musharnas (0)
SS: TDK vs PinkDragonTamer
SS: snaga vs daniYSB
SM: Santu vs Confide
ORAS: Ren-chon vs quziel
BW2: SoulWind vs Shuckleking87
DPP: Skysolo vs Expulso
ADV: Roseybear vs Jisoo
Bo3: watashi vs Punny

If I made a mistake please contact me asap. Good luck everyone!​
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won gg

well I'm not the typical person to do these type of things, but I just want to thanks all the members of my team. It was fun take part in nupl again with the same team. Thanks fooly for trusting me and retaining me, at least I finished with the same record as last year (Finals 4-3). The atmosphere there was fantastic, even though the team chat was kinda dead sometimes, I had super fun.

Pablos nel cuore

lax cucciolo mancavi solo te quest'anno :blobpensive:


Ganyu my beloved
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I had a DREADFUL NUPL performance, but this was still really fun and my teammates were all really nice people to be around:

Jisoo I appreciate the fuck out of you for subbing in for me and absolutely claiming lives this tour. You're easily one of the best players in this NU generation and deserve a lot more respect going forward.

Luck O' the Irish LMAO my bad for not being startable, but I'm glad you drafted me and had a great team environment.

quziel is THIS the team tour you finally "break out" in??? Your innovation is always super fun to spectate---less fun to test against kek---and really served you well this tour. Keep this shit up man.

pdt you SUCK

Expulso you SUCK, but you also volunteered your mental to play DPP NU, which is admirable nonetheless!

Punny absolutely GOATed, and congrats on winning slam. You have been really dominant for multiple NU team tours in a row, and I really hope to see you continue signing up and destroying the field.

Shuckleking87 this team tour was the first time I ever got to interact with you, and I'm grateful for it because you were just really pleasant to be around. Glad to see some of the older NU players still around :)

DnB BW UU goat, I really hope to team with you again

Ara arawful LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, love you though!

Confide first time ever teaming with you, you're an absolutely fiend

daniYSB you have a really bright future in NU imo if you keep it up, don't lose motivation ever brother

I feel like our team vastly exceeded overall expectations and am super happy about that. This NUPL wasn't without drama, but I'm overall still glad with how it went. Hope next NU team tour is even better :)
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