Tournament NUPL XII Manager Signups

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NU Leader
After much inner-deliberation we've decided on the format for NUPL XII to be the following:
4 SV
1 SS
1 SM
1 BW
The hosts for this edition of NUPL will be ken and Vertigo, thank you both for your time and contribution to our most important tournament of the year! Everyone knows the drill by now, only post here if you have the intention of managing, no trolling or meme posts. Furthermore, if you have an active managing ban or have been recently infracted in NU, your signups will be deleted.

If you are a returning manager, make sure to identify the team which you are reclaiming by the letter assigned to it. Returning managers will be given priority to reclaim their existing teams, but they may not take over a team that was not previously theirs.

Manager name:
Assistant manager: (if there's any)
Team name:
Returning manager:
Previous team:


Manager name: Danny
Assistant manager: Oathkeeper
Team name: The Dont Mention My Manager Ban Brambleghasts
Returning manager: Yes
Previous team: A

For new managers, the returning managers have priority to claim their previous teams, so when choosing a team to take over, try to choose one that will not be taken. Below are the list of teams, their assigned letter, and list of retains:
Manager name:
Assistant manager: (if there's any)
Team name:
Team preference 1:
Team preference 2:


Manager name: Pokeslice
Assistant manager: Tuthur
Team name: The Requesting a Three Week Extension to CT You While I Walk My Panda Pangoros
Team preference 1: B
Team preference 2: C

Last Years Teams (names can be changed, simply indicate which letter team you are requesting or returning to manage again)
Team A :drifblim: Dave's Drifblims :drifblim:
Team B :frogadier: Freedom Frogadiers :frogadier:
Team C :heliolisk: Holy Heliolisk :heliolisk:
Team D :musharna: Moneymaker Musharna :musharna:
Team E :vileplume: MF Plooms :vileplume:
Team F :piloswine: Pabloswines :piloswine:
Team G :talonflame: Tailor-made Talonflames :talonflame:
Team H :vivillon: Vibrant Vivillons :vivillon:

Retains & Manager Prices:
  • If you'd like to retain a player, the price will be equal to their NUPL XI price + 3k, with a minimum price of 10k;
  • Managers can self buy for 15k; only ONE manager self-buy per team.
  • Only 3 retains allowed per team, with a manager self buy counting as one.
  • Each team will have 120k Credits to spend throughout the entire drafting process.
NUPL XI Player Sheet

Deadline will be Sunday, April 14th at 11:59PM GMT -4, but may end sooner because -4 is an unviable timezone or if we get exceptional signups.
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And the 2024 NUPL Managers are…

Team NameManagers
New Moon AbsolsXiri, Leni
TBA (Team B)Feaniix, Emre Mor 9
Diancies Are ForeverMeri Berry
Fabled Nine-Tailed FoxesDugZa, Floss
MF PloomsAawin, Dr. Phd. BJ
TBA (Team F)roxie
The Rare Bone CubonesRen-chon, mncmt
Vibrant Vivillonsshiloh, etern
**Team order is the same as OP, so New Moon Absols have Team A’s player pool, Diancies have team C, and so on.

Thank you to everyone who signed up to manage. Expect player signups soon!
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