Signups NUPL XII - Player Signups [USE THE FORM] [Custom Avatar Prize] [Draft @ 3pm GMT-4 April 28th]

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Use the form linked above if you want to sign-up to play in NUPL XII (managers do not need to sign-up)! For those unfamiliar with the premier league format, this tournament will run like this: players sign up to enter the draftable player pool, managers of each team partake in a live auction to build their teams, and then a main season of a round robin into a single-elimination playoff bracket is played to determine the winner.

Sign-ups will close a day before the auction -- day is TBD. Expect it to be the weekend of April 27th-28th. Additionally, tournament banned users are barred from signing up.

The format for this season will be as follows:
  • SV NU
  • SV NU
  • SV NU
  • SV NU
  • SS NU
  • SM NU
  • BW NU
  • DPP NU
  • ADV NU
The following teams have been selected for this season:
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User name: Pokeslice

Tiers Preferred (not binding) SV, SS

Timezone GMT-8

Availability: Gonna have 3 different time zones, maybe more, over this tour and I’m not available Friday night -> Saturday night every week


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User name: Drud

Tiers Preferred (not binding) All

Timezone GMT+2

Availability: Active


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User name: Tenebricite

Tiers Preferred (not binding) All

Timezone GMT-4

Availability: Most afternoons (after 4 p.m.)


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User name: Oathkeeper

Tiers Preferred (not binding) SV, SS, SM, ORAS, BW, DPP, ADV, All

Timezone GMT-5

Availability: no interruptions to speak of
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