OMPL VI Discussion Thread

OMPL VI Power Rankings
Presented by Pigeons, Catalystic, highlighter, Halliday, MAMP, Osra, Jrdn, Chazm, GL Volkner, Andyboy500, ScarfWynaut

With the draft now complete, it’s time to look back on which managers had the most successful drafts. To do this, we compiled rankings for each individual tier and calculated a cumulative score to rank each team. By breaking down the scores tier by tier and getting a cumulative score by adding up the tiers separately, there exists less bias. Furthermore, having players from a variety of teams give rankings on players eliminates the bias of one team.

Each player was ranked from C- to S individually, and then bumped up based on Team Synergy. The individual ranking is put in parenthesis, while the adjusted ranking is put outside. Each tier has a maximum of up to 10 points, thus 60 is the maximum possible score for each team.

Here are the respective point values for each letter ranking:

So without further ado, here are the OMPL Power Rankings!

?. The Treasure Town Talonflames - Leru & Megazard
Cumulative Score: ?

Bo5 USUM 1v1: ?

Leru’s draft being interesting is a way of putting it. Drafting Quantum Tesseract for 22k and proceeding to draft solely tours players is certainly an unusual strategy. Only time will tell whether this strategy pays off for the Talonflames.

7. The Five-Star Jolteons - DBW & Ransei
Cumulative Score: 39

USUM AG: Paycard - A+(A+)
USUM AG: Zesty - A(A-)
USUM BH: motherlove - B+(B+)
Bo5 USUM 1v1: BaleBlaze/Magma - S-(A+)(B)
USUM MnM: IT11 - B(B)
USUM AAA: Official Fissure - A-(B+)

Ransei’s draft is kind of difficult. While he has a great 1v1 core, the perks stop there as his BH, MnM and AAA slots are either rusty, don’t play the meta, lack support or all three. His AG core, while decent, is likely not enough to compete against the other, fiercer AG cores in the PL. This is bound to be difficult for Ransei, but his draft isn’t exactly unsalvageable. Hard work will be key in achieving a potential victory. However, Ransei’s always known to pull tricks up his sleeve, so who knows, maybe the Jolteons will surprise everyone.

Player Breakdown:
Paycard: One of the top AG players, Paycard well deserves his A+ ranking. However, his lack of experience in team tours doesn’t boost his ranking past that, leaving him at an overall A+.

Zesty: Zesty has been improving immensely over the past year, giving him an A- rating. In tandem with getting Arushi to help him build and test, his ranking has been further boosted to an A.

Motherlove: An old OMs veteran, motherlove has only returned in this past week. Unfortunately, due to inactivity over the past year, motherlove remains at a B+ ranking. Who knows; maybe he’ll be able to shake off this rust and surprise everyone.

BaleBlaze: A 1v1 veteran who came back from inactivity just months ago and has since then shaken off his rustiness to assert himself into high placements on the ladder and having solid performance in 1v1 tournaments, including being on the finalist team in the recently-concluded 1v1 Premier League. His consistently exceptional performance all-around have earned him his A+ ranking.

Magma: A previously unknown name, before being drafted into the finalist team for the 1v1 Premier League, Magma made a strong name for herself after beating 1v1 Classic Champion Joker 1v1, followed up by besting the previously undefeated OM room for the League Finals. Since then, Magma has continued honing her skills, both on ladder and in various room tournaments, such to the extent that she went from being a random user to being a B rank threat, at least.

Baleblaze + Magma: Having been on the same Premier League team before, these two are likely used to interacting with each other, making their cohesiveness a considerable threat to keep in mind when playing against them. Little is known about Magma’s building style, while Baleblaze made a name for himself by building strong balance teams; when these two styles combine and collaborate, there’s no telling what to expect, earning them their S- ranking.

IT11: Another OMs veteran, going 6-0 in the last OMPL in MnM is certainly impressive. Unfortunately, since he hasn’t touched the tier much over the past year, IT11 only achieves a B ranking. Perhaps he’ll shape up and go undefeated again; only time will tell.

Official Fissure: With sketchmons gone, OF is left in the AAA slot, leaving him only with a B+ ranking. Fortunately, he has motherlove to help test and build, boosting him up to an A-.

6. The Metro Boomin Mega Rayquazas - DEG & sedertz
Cumulative Score: 41

USUM AG: HunterStorm S(S)
USUM AG: Donno B+(B-)
USUM BH: morogrim S-(S-)
Bo5 USUM 1v1: Joker 1v1 A-(A-)
USUM MnM: Akashi A-(B+)
USUM AAA: Sabella B+(B+)

While definitely strong in AG Bo3 and BH, their stakehold over the meta ends there as the rest of their players aren’t top tier at their metas. With Hunter’s support, donno could become a threat but the issue is that’s still only three slots. The other slots will definitely have to pull their weight, in addition to Donno pulling weight as well.

Player Breakdown:
HunterStorm: Not only is he an incredibly consistent player, but has performed extremely well in a variety of team and individual tours. Solid teambuilder for all playstyles among other factors puts him at an S individually and thus an S overall.

Donno: Since Donno is rusty, he currently sits at a B- individually. However, he has Hunter to help him build and test, giving him a two rank increase to a B+.

Morogrim: A top tier BH player, morogrim individually ranks at an S-. Despite going even last year, morogrim hasn’t let up and has since tore up the BH ladder, reaching an impressive peak. However, without other BH members on the team to help him, morogrim overall still ranks at an S-.

Joker1v1: Ever since winning the 1v1 Classic, Joker has gone from being just a regular 1v1 player to being a well-known and respected threat. His famous style of building balanced teams with just a little bit of extra spice has carried him far, both on ladder and in tournaments, thus earning him his A- ranking.

Akashi: A solid yet controversial MnM player, Akashi individually ranks at a B+. Fortunately, he has Mark_K to further help him build and test, giving him an overall rank of A-.

Sabella: While Sabella is a fantastic tours player, he has a lack of AAA players on his team. This unfortunately leaves him at a B+, yet if he gets access to AAA teams and practice, he can easily surprise the competition.

4/5. The Bedroom Blisseys - The Immortal
Cumulative Score: 42

USUM AG: hamhamhamham A+(A+)
USUM AG: dontstealmypenguin B+(B+)
USUM BH: Highlighter S(S)
Bo5 USUM 1v1: The Dark Alakazam/Blazikin A+(A)(A-)
USUM MnM: Chazm A-(A-)
USUM AAA: The Consort B+(B)

While TI started off strong with a fantastic pickup in hamhamhamham, he proceded to spend 32K on highlighter and willdbeast, leaving him unable to pick up top tier picks in AAA and AG thereafter. In addition, the inability to buy EternalSnowman to aid ham was unfortunate as well. Overall however, TI has a solid draft overall, but could’ve been better.

Player Breakdown:
Hamhamhamham: The esteemed OMGS winner, ham is certainly a fierce competitor in this OMPL. An extremely competent Ubers player as well, ham’s success has certainly shown that he deserves his A+ ranking. Without ESM to support him however, he does not go beyond that, remaining at an A+.

Dontstealmypenguin: An old AG veteran, DSMP hasn’t been playing competitively recently, and due to this, he only recieves the B+ ranking. However, he may shine again show why he was considered one of the best AG players in the past.

Highlighter: Highlighter has certainly come far since kekturn got the better of him in OMPL III; as the best BH player in this current iteration of OMPL, he gets the stellar S ranking. He’s one of the few BH players that have played in multiple OMPLs, giving him experience his competition does not, widening the gap even more. Furthermore, he has Willdbeast to help him at any time, allowing him to maximize his BH prowess.

The Dark Alakazam: A seasoned 1v1 veteran, well-known for maintaining high ladder peaks whenever he isn’t gone for his infamous months of inactivity. His style of only using one team at a time when laddering has carried him surprisingly far, even despite the ever-present threat of counter-teaming, even servicing him well in tournaments. Building more teams would just make him even more of a threat than he already is, earning him his A rank placement. A substantial issue with The Dark Alakazam, however, is that he has recently taken a leave of absence to pursue real-life goals, and as such, may be unable to support his team as much as he normally would be able to.

Blazikin: A strong contender, Blazikin has a wide variety of teams, mostly specializing in the traditional hard-to-break balance playstyle. His tournament record isn’t overly consistent, having gone 0-4 in 1v1 Premier League, while at the same time making it all the way to the finals in the 1v1 Spring Seasonal, despite a Round 1 loss in the lengthy double elimination tournament. He’s a great player, but his lacking consistency bring him down to an A-.

The Dark Alakazam + Blazikin: Though they’ve never been on a team together, they’re both staff members of the 1v1 Room, and both often monitor the room together during the dead hours, which has likely formed at least some kind of cohesion. If The Dark Alakazam is at least active enough to help out Blazikin, the two would make a strong combination, worthy of an A+ rank at least.

Chazm: The esteemed Magearna user, Chazm has become a solid MnM player overall, landing him an A- ranking. Without another user to help him with testing and building however, his ranking has not risen above A-.

The Consort: The 20 minute pickup from TI at the end of the draft, The Consort is an AAA player that is slightly below the rest, and is given a B ranking. With Cookiekins to help him, his ranking is slightly elevated to a B+, but still not as competitive as the stronger AAA starters.

4/5. The Buyer Bewears - ScarfWynaut & Uselesscrab
Cumulative Score: 42

USUM AG: PurpleGatorade - S-(A+)
USUM AG: Pigeons - A+(A)
USUM BH: SL42 - B+(B)
Bo5 USUM 1v1: Osra/Iron Crusher/Emperor - S(S)(A)(B+)
USUM MnM: MultiAmmiratore - B+(B+)
USUM AAA: ihhca - B+(B+)

Player Breakdown:
PurpleGatorade: Coming off an extremely impressive undefeated record in UPL, Purple is looking stronger than ever. With his versatile playstyle, he earns the A+ ranking. Furthermore, with Pigeons to support him with teambuilding, Purple further goes into an S- ranking.

Pigeons: As the only Anything Goes RO to play in this iteration of the OMPL, Pigeons is looking strong, earning him a solid A ranking. With purple’s team support and help, he climbs to an A+ ranking as a whole.

Osra: A well-seasoned 1v1 veteran, Osra has made a name for herself over the years, winning many tournaments and managing high ranking accounts on the ladder. Her lack of any certain playstyle contributes to her unpredictability, making it difficult for people to predict what to bring against her, making most matches a guessing game at best. Her overall consistently strong performance has earned her the S rank.

SL42: Known for inventing very unorthodox sets, Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) (Gross name) is the only rookie BH starter in this year’s OMPL, meaning he’s an underdog in a tour filled with more experienced opponents, giving him the B rating. With not much but a middling BH Open run to his name, not many are sold on his ability to keep up with the pack, so this will be a good opportunity for him to prove himself as a player. He’ll no doubt have support from veteran BH teammate sugarhigh and his manager ScarfWynaut, elevating his B rank to a B+.

Iron Crusher: Somewhat of an enigma within the 1v1 community, Iron Crusher has been somewhat inactive as of recent days. Earlier within the generation, he managed multiple alts at high ranks on the ladder using his famous standard-with-a-twist kinds of balanced teams, and recently managed solid performance in the 1v1 Premier League. His multiple strong, balanced teams, and unpredictability as he switches them up has earned him his A rank as a 1v1 player.

Emperor: A well-known veteran from the older days of Gen 6 1v1. Emperor hasn’t been overly active in the modern day 1v1 metagame, and has gotten noticeably rusty as a result, often still relying on Gen 6 teams. If he started honing his skills and building teams to de-rust himself, he may just manage to climb back to the success that made him well-known in the first place, but for now, his rusted skills put him at B+ at best.

Osra + Iron Crusher + Emperor: These three have never worked together before, which will take some getting used to. Their cohesiveness is also hindered by the factor of difficult time zones that make it so that they cannot communicate very well at all. Even despite all that, the three of them pooling their knowledge and skills together easily earns them an S as a 1v1 unit.

MultiAmmiratore: A relatively new face in the Mix & Mega scene, Multi has performed admirably in recent MnM tournaments, even reaching the finals of this year’s MnM Open with an impressive run. However, his inexperience in team tours may prove to be his downfall. He likely also will not have much assistance thanks to the lack of MnM mains on the roster, so he earns a B+ rank.

Ihhca: The Bewears suffer from lacking a true AAA main and as such it’s predicted that ihhca will be their main AAA player. Whilst he’s by no means a slouch when it comes to battling, denoted by his B+ ranking, only time will tell if his AAA inexperience will be exploited.

3. The Hydrophobic Hydreigons - Chloe
Cumulative Score: 43

USUM AG: Zenithial - A(A-)
USUM BH: Jasprose - A(B+)
Bo5 USUM 1v1: Kentari/UnleashOurPassion - S(S)(S)
USUM MnM: M’joe’ra - A-(B+)
USUM AAA: Funbot28 - A(A-)

Leading off with a questionable draft strategy in drafting 2 1v1 players, Chloe managed to continue to create a formidable a team. A key is the AG support that she’ll be able to provide, allowing her AG core to be competitive against the other strong AG cores. Overall, the Hydreigons have a solid draft and are certainly not easy to best.

Player Breakdown:
Zenithial: As one of the best gen 7 ladder players and has had decent performance in tours, Zenithial is a solid player in general, landing him an A- ranking. Fortunately, with Chloe and GRNBLN to help him with building, his overall ranking gets boosted to A.

GRNBLN: Similar to Zenithial, GRNBLN is one of the most solid players as well. He has a variety of playstyles, yet doesn’t have deep tournament runs, landing him as an A-. However, given Chloe and Zenithial’s support, GRNBLN can patch up his weaknesses, giving him an A ranking overall.

Jasprose: A user that is extremely solid in tours in general, jasprose is known to always bring the best surprises (fleur cannon pdon). He has won last year’s BH open in style and performed admirably in OMPL V, winning against the likes of morogrim, aki0s and Halliday. However, he has become inactive since and hasn’t played BH much since. As such, he only achieves the B+ ranking individually. However, with Halliday this time to back him up, his overall ranking goes to an A.

Kentari: The best example of an anti-player in the 1v1 community. On ladder, he struggles against lower-ranked players, due to their lacking predictability, but thrives against forward-thinking players, thus resulting in him having one of the best and most consistent tournament records out of anyone in the 1v1 community. Due to his skill at beating competent players, Kentari easily earns himself an S rank.

UnleashOurPassion: One of the biggest names in 1v1, UnleashOurPassion started his climb to fame in the earlier era of SM 1v1, being one of the first and few people to peak the ladder and consistently maintain that peak. The handful of sets that he made in that time blew up in popularity, resulting in the overwhelming number of Durant that exist, as well as Icium-Z on Kyurem-Black, before it got banned. As a player, UnleashOurPassion is a very analytical threat, though can often be over-analytical, and even sacrificial in order to get an idea of what he’s dealing with. This over-analytical battling style would push him down to an A+ rank on its own, but at his best, he has shown S rank potential. UnleashOurPassion has also struggled with inactivity and disappearing before, even having to be subbed out of the 1v1 Premier League Finals for an unknown personal reason.

Kentari + UnleashOurPassion: These two have also worked together before, Kentari being the manager of a finalist team in 1v1 Premier League with UnleashOurPassion as a team member. The two are often online in the 1v1 Room at the same time, so their overall interaction should be pretty cohesive at this point. With two of the best 1v1 players in the metagame working together on a team, they’ve easily earned being S rank as a 1v1 unit.

M’joe’ra: A veteran player, M’joe’ra has remained consistently strong in the Mix & Mega scene. His solid playstyle and creative cores will be even stronger with his fantastic support of In The Hills and Vhayle, two players who also excel at building and using bulkier builds. M’joe’ra is known to use certain pokemon on almost every team so it will be interesting to see how he prepares and plays accordingly for OMPL. Although his consistency is undeniable, M’joe’ra hasn’t done anything major in the tournament scene since his win in a Mix & Mega tour back in SM and hasn’t participated in many tours to begin with so for now, he earns a B+ ranking. However, with In The Hills and Vhayle to help him prepare, he is an A- threat.

Funbot28: Known as one of the best overall well rounders, Funbot28 alone is a formidable threat in AAA, landing her an A- ranking. Compounding this, Funbot also has asef to help her build and prepare, giving her an elevated ranking of A+.

2. The Hellborn Heliolisks - drampa's grandpa & OM room
Cumulative Score: 44

USUM AG: Fardin - S-(S-)
USUM AG: iLlama - A-(B)
USUM BH: GL Volkner - A-(B+)
Bo5 USUM 1v1: Freddy Kyogre/motogp - A+(A)(A)
USUM MnM: stresh - S-(A+)
USUM AAA: Adrian Marin - A(A-)

Starting the draft off with a bang by drafting Fardin for 15.5k, the Heliolisks continued with an increasingly successful draft. Snagging arguable the best MnM player and having solid picks every other tier, OM Room and drampa’s grandpa certainly have a squad to beat.

Player Breakdown:
Fardin: As one of the top AG players with a variety of teams, Fardin claims the S- ranking, falling only behind HunterStorm. However, as he will likely be the one giving instead of receiving team support, Fardin’s ranking will remain at S-.

iLlama: A solid AG player, iLlama was given individually the B ranking. Fardin will be able to supply Llama with team building support however, significantly boosting his ranking to A-.

GL Volkner: The ever popular VoltDarkrai has yet to had a significant deep run in tours, giving him the B+ ranking. Despite a poor performance in OMPL V, losing the most out of any player across all metas, he has both improved and maintained an active presence in the BH community since, making him a more formidable opponent than last year. Given Adrian will be able to help prep and test, his ranking has been upgraded to A-.

Freddy Kyogre: Once considered an underdog, Freddy managed to turn some heads in the 1v1 Premier League, managing wins against great players like MaceMaster, Kentari, Baleblaze, and more. Since then, Freddy has additionally gotten noticeably higher ranks on ladder, and better overall performances in room tournaments. He’s used only a handful of teams so frequently that they’ve then come to be known as “Freddy” teams, putting him on comparable levels to The Dark Alakazam. If he built more teams, Freddy Kyogre could likely hit higher ranks, but for now, he manages a very solid A rank.

Motogp: Motogp has been a solid player ever since starting during the SM era, such to the extent that he was deemed worthy of being staff in the 1v1 Room, as well as managing his own team for the 1v1 Premier League. Motogp puts forth overall solid results when it comes to ladder and tournaments, though has never really excelled at either. As a player, Motogp makes many strong, balanced teams, though often struggles at guessing the right Pokemon to pick at team preview. Motogp’s strong teams and how he varies up their usage to avoid being predictable manages to pull him up to a respectable A rank.

Freddy Kyogre + Motogp: These two have never really worked together before, and can sometimes be abrasive towards each other, particularly when it comes to disputing who “should have” won a battle. Motogp’s teambuilding skills combined with Freddy Kyogre’s playing skills could make for a deadly combination worthy of S- or even S rank, but on account of their teamwork skills, it would be more accurate to put them at A+ rank.

Xavgb: Xavgb, otherwise known as stresh, has recently established himself as one of the best MnM players, giving him the rank of A+. Compounding this, he has Fardin to help build and test, bolstering his overall ranking to S-.

Adrian Marin: The stall master himself can be predictable in terms of team choice, but certainly has the skill to back it up, giving him the A- ranking. Fortunately, the team is loaded with AAA talent, including Laxpras and Shiloh, allowing Adrian to climb to an A ranking.

1. The Hotshot Honchkrows - Jrdn & Snaquaza
Cumulative Score: 48

USUM AG: Catalystic - A+(A)
USUM AG: Holy Break - A+(A)
Bo5 USUM 1v1: Landon/MaceMaster/TheShadowClaw - S(S-)(A+)(A-)
USUM MnM: Andyboy500 - A(A-)
USUM AAA: Plas - A(B+)

While not completely outstanding on their own, the Honchkrows find themselves taking the top of the power rankings due to being solid in most metas, only arguably being weak in AAA. jrdn being a manager helps the team’s AAA and MnM slots quite a bit as well, bolstering their viability there. Unfortunately, Catalystic is gone for a few weeks so we’ll see how that plays out for the team but overall they should be set.

Player Breakdown:
Catalystic: Cata has been one of the top Ag players for quite some time now, and has also turned into an outstanding overall OM player. In terms of sheer in-battle ability he is as good as anyone. Overall ability he is an A and with Holy break and the rest of the guys help with building and tests he gets boosted to A+.

Holy Break: Holy Break is similar to cata in the fact that he is excellent in terms of in battle playing ability, which was highlighted in his winter seasonal victory. Where he may fall short a bit is in his building as he often uses others teams. That does not mean he is not a capable builder however, he may just like to use others builds. Overall ability he earns an A and could exceed this with good help in prep from his team, giving him an A+.

MAMP: Having participated in many OMPLs and even winning OMGS I’s BH Open, MAMP’s BH experience is undeniably vast, despite quitting (MANY) times. Despite not participating in this year’s BH Open, MAMP frequently ladders and plays in forum tours where her rare mix of creative teambuilding and battling skills are put on display. She also is one of the few veteran BH players in this tour who isn’t rusty. Preparing for MAMP will no doubt be troublesome. As such, MAMP is awarded an A rank. It’s to be expected that Pikachuun will assist MAMP with testing and building, so their combined rank is boosted to an A+.

UBERLandon21: One of the consistently best players of the metagame, Landon has put forth very strong results both on ladder and in tournaments. Landon likes experimenting around with unique teams or combinations of Pokemon that you wouldn’t see on a regular basis, which makes it really difficult to guess as to which team he will use next. He’s also very good at predicting opponent picks at team preview, as well as other similar guess-based scenarios, making him an all-around threat for 1v1 worthy of S rank.

MaceMaster: An eccentric 1v1 set builder; MaceMaster has made a name for himself by bringing viability to Pokemon otherwise considered unviable, with examples being Vigoroth, Dustox, and various unconventional sets on conventional Pokemon. As a player, MaceMaster seemingly has a finite number of viable teams, despite all the sets he has made, in addition to only having average performance rates on ladder and in tournaments. Through raw setbuilding prowess alone, MaceMaster manages to pull himself up to an A+ rank.

TheShadowClaw: A player who would have been otherwise negligible if it weren’t for his strong performances in the two most recent 1v1 tournaments: going undefeated in 1v1 Premier League versus high-ranking players like Blazikin and Kentari as well as making it all the way to the semifinals in the 1v1 Spring Seasonal before being eliminated. TheShadowClaw’s characteristic of preparing for opponents beyond just using teams he’s done well with on ladder makes him a strong threat to be afraid of, both as a standalone opponent and as a supporting teammate of your opponent, earning him his A- rank as a powerful tournament player.

UBERLadon21 + MaceMaster + TheShadowClaw: These three barely interact beyond all being roomauth of the 1v1 Room, though can all combine very effectively with their separate characteristics in how TheShadowClaw pinpoints weaknesses in opponent’s teams, how MaceMaster is capable of optimizing sets, and how Landon is just plain good at making guesses in actually using these teams, thus earning them an S rank, if they collaborate and use all their best traits in this way.

Andyboy500: The self proclaimed esteemed MnM webs user, Andyboy is an extremely strong player, landing him the A- rank. Furthermore, with Jrdn and others to help him increase his MnM team selection, his ranking further improves to an A.

Plas: An esteemed tours player that made AAA Open finals this year, Plas is certainly solid as an AAA draft, landing him a rating of B+. However, the thing that held him back the most, team choice, is certainly not a problem on the Honchkrows. With Jrdn and Geerat both supplying their ideas, Plas has a plethora of teams to use in OMPL. This gives him the A adjusted ranking in AAA.

tfw overlooked

E4 Flint

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Rules: You win if you get 5 in a row, or if you cover 20 total at the end of OMPL (including Free Space). Update each square when you find a post/replay with what happened in the square and link it at the end of OMPL!


Legend: background/text - team
Gold/Gold - Jolteons
Pink/Maroon - Blissyes
Pink/white - Bewears
Grey/Gold - Heliolisks
Blue/Gold - Honchkrows
Black/blue - Hydreigons
Green/Green - Megarays
Red/Black - Talonflames
White/Blue - General
Hey, TheShadowClaw here,

Introducing The Official OMPL Mascot 1v1 Round Robin!

  • Every team mascot battles every other team mascot
  • 1v1 rules applied
  • Rayquaza is banned
  • The mascots can use one specific set that benefits them in most matchups (don’t hate I tried)
OMPL mascot1v1rr.png

Credits to Snaquaza for this masterpiece

To clarify the unexpected wins:
252 SpA Jolteon Gigavolt Havoc (185 BP) vs. 252 HP / 52 SpD Bewear: 375-442 (84.4 - 99.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO while Bewear 1HKO’s with (Z-)Double Edge
252 SpA Choice Specs Heliolisk Hyper Beam vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Jolteon: 337-397 (124.3 - 146.4%) -- guaranteed 1HKO
252+ Atk Gale Wings Talonflame Supersonic Skystrike (190 BP) vs. 252 HP / 124 Def Honchkrow: 342-403 (84.6 - 99.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252 SpA Choice Specs Heliolisk Focus Blast vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Hydreigon: 378-446 (99.7 - 117.6%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO

Buyer Bewear’s Bewear and Hydrophobic Hydreigon’s Hydreigon have made it to the finals with both 4 wins!
Hydreigon's win, ggs!

Ps: Honchkrow’s would have 4 wins if it wasn’t for me being lazy, in the finals they would just cteam Hydreigon with using Assault Vest Superpower to win but let’s keep that a secret.
252+ Atk Choice Band Honchkrow Superpower vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Blissey: 758-894 (106.1 - 125.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Honchkrow Sucker Punch vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Heliolisk: 309-364 (116.6 - 137.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Honchkrow Sucker Punch vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Jolteon: 274-324 (101.1 - 119.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO


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I don't know why we make OMPL 8-10 weeks long when we're able to wrap it up just with this simple solution in less than a day. However
All matches should ideally be done on your most notable alt (the one you registered for OMPL with) to avoid confusion and the replay must be saved and posted in this thread. The replays will be archived in a separate thread, and will be used to calculate usage stats.
so I guess we'll have to proceed with the tour after all.


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yea sure B he was ready i believe you this was the same day of said game

also shouldn't there be 2-4 other games remaining in a Bo5? a Bo5 takes 10 minutes at most for 1v1 so i don't see why he left except if he wasn't really ready to begin with even if he got tilted

Pikachuun he was ready, and with the nature of 1v1 being tilted can lose you entire tournament rounds. Motogp was tilted beyond belief, and it's common enough to let people calm down for a while and come back once they're okay and re-schedule.


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