Tournament OUPL VII - Player Signups [Auction Date: Sunday, 11 AM GMT-5]

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Tiers : SV , SM , SS
Time zone: 6 GMT
First tourney but have been playing alot in various one off accounts. This account is my main where I usually just test teams and judge on how good they are by win/loss so elo on this account is not the best judgement to make when coming on how well I play.

Everyone's favorite or least favorite premier league is returning for its first edition in generation 9. If you would like to sign up to play, please read the following details before signing up. This tournament will be rewarding a custom avatar for the winning team. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to PM me or another OU Moderator.

  • Each manager starts with 140k credits.
  • The minimum number of players per team is 14 (10 starters + 4 substitutes).
  • The maximum number of players per team is 20 (10 starters + 10 substitutes).
  • Tournament banned or circuit banned users are not allowed to sign up.
The format for this edition of OUPL will be 10 slots:
  • SV OU x 4
  • SS OU x 2
  • SM OU x 2
  • Best of 3 (SV OU/ SS OU/SM OU)
  • SV OU [Suspect Slot]
Each week, we will have a different Pokemon from Ubers unbanned for that round. We have a proposed schedule below, but are open to feedback:

Week 1 + Week 2 = Darkrai :darkrai:
Week 3 + Week 4 = Urshifu-Single-Strike :urshifu:
Week 5 + 6 = Annihilape :annihilape:
Week 7 + Tiebreaks = Giratina-Origin :giratina-origin:
Semifinals + Finals = Volcarona :volcarona:

The expected timeline for this tournament will be:
  • Player signups: Monday, November 6th - Friday, November 17th (12 days)
  • Draft: Hopefully weekend of November 18th/19th
  • Week 1: Week of November 20th
  • Finals (assuming no tiebreaks): Week of January 8
  • SPL Week 1 is potentially January 15, which means that this tournament will hopefully end before then or around then.
If you are interested in playing and the format and timeline work for you, then feel free to sign up with the following format. It is mandatory to use the below format or else your post may be ignored:

Player Name: TPP
Tiers Played: SV OU / SS OU / SM OU / Bo3 / Suspect
Timezone: GMT -6
List of teams and managers are:

:clodsire: Celestic Clodsires - Exotic64 + Finchinator
:enamorus: Cloudy Bamboos - Ina fable + Gondra
:kingambit: Idle Death Gambits - Fragments + devin
:aegislash: Knights of the Blood Oath - -Howkings + mind gaming
:ribombee: Royal Glam Ribombees - velvet + autumn
:ceruledge: Dark Dynasty - Welli0u + zS
:iron-valiant: Valorous Valiants - Piyush25 + Vkhss
:raikou: THE RAGING LOORS - Baloor + njnp

Deadline for Player signups will be: Friday, November 17th, at 11:59 PM GMT-5
Player name : Shinigami JD
Tiers played : SV OU
Timezone: GMT +5:30
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