[OUTDATED] The Beginner's Guide to Pokémon Showdown

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Awesome PS guide to beginners! Since I've personally seen many people asking questions like "How do I get that skin for PS?", it'd be great to mention a little about PS custom skins. That isn't a big deal though, its low priority. Once again, great guide!
One dumb thing I'm not getting: Where do you put the commands? I have a crap memory and if I get 10 minutes time away from playing, I forget my W/L ratio. I was trying to ladder before the attack and this was driving my insane.


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You enter these commands in the chatbar in any room. Some commands such as /help all cannot be entered in the lobby or in battle due to excessive lag. Some commands do not work in pm as well.

Thanks so much for the guide. I kinda had to learn things in a slower, more solitary process for myself, but I was able to gain some new information in here, too =)
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