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Massive necrobump here I know but I think given recent events it's warranted!

Anyone here playing in the OW2 beta? I'm loving it atm. It's a lot to get used to after being so fixated on shield metas for so long, but I'm really liking the breath of fresh air. Some initial thoughts:

Sojourn is really fun. It's pretty clear that she's a parallel to Soldier in a lot of ways and that's honestly really cool, because she's fun and strong in the same ways he is. Her powerslide feels amazing to use and the railgun is honestly absurdly busted once you get used to it.

Lucio honestly feels crazy. That new support passive is insane on him; he was already a slippery little menace, but now he can often feel straight up invincible, particularly against characters that can't cancel about the passive reliably like Hanzo or whatever. Lucio is also just really strong aggressively, the dps frogs are kind of insane atm bc getting those random single kills gives you so much value in 5v5.

Tracer feels like ass post-nerf which is a real shame given I'd been putting a lot of hours into her recently in OW1. Bastion rework is kind of a flop imo but certainly an improvement and a place to start. New Orisa is crazy fun and really strong. Sombra changes are weird but I think I like them.

The league is starting up again pretty soon and I'm really hyped to see what the pro meta is gonna look like. I'm expecting either Orisa or Rein comps for the most part with a Lucio + Ana backbone but I could be super wrong, very hard to predict that stuff atm.

If anyone wants to play at some point just lemme know! Lily#23634, I'm a super washed ex-t500 support who now feeds on DPS but I may return to my roots for this game, we'll see. Most of the people I used to play with aren't active anymore, so I'm always looking for new people to scrap with :D


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Tank main here, I'd like to give quick thoughts on a couple of them

As a tank main who only queues DPS to play Doomfist (aka a lot), i'm a monumental fan of his rework into a tank. He maintains a lot of really fantastic and fun caveats of his design that make him so mobile and deadly, while augmenting parts of his kit (mainly his Rocket Punch) that are naturally strong at taking space. He feels quite solid, too, especially considering how his Seismic Slam is now stupidly versatile as both an offensive and defensive tool alike while giving Doomfist a lot of room to play around. Meteor Strike is still mid, though. Easily have had the most fun with him so far and I'm really happy this is the angle they chose to take him.

Orisa's rework is absolutely asinine. She's incredibly fun on her own, especially with Lance -> Wall -> Primary comboes against squishies, but the fact she can't be killed easily at all alongside her really strong abilities that can let her just waltz in and take whatever space she wants makes her absolutely elite imo. Zarya I've found gives her a rough time, but aside from that, she beats pretty much every tank in a 1v1 and with decent healing is really hard to not get value with considering the strength of her abilities and general ability to last.

Game overall is pretty fun, I expected the 5v5 metagame to feel really volatile and for teamfights to be too quick-paced, but it's worked pretty well so far considering that tanks seem to be geared around being mobile with the team more than before. Alongside the bulk of healing being condensed into one mobile tank, teamfights last just about as much as you'd like them to in a more offensively-inclined metagame.

If anybody also wants to play with me, feel free to reach out; I play a decent amount of this game in my free time. I'm pretty terrible but I've watched enough OWL and have a girlfriend who's way too knowledgeable about this game to not at least be somewhat worthwhile as a teammate LOL
How's non-healing support doing as a role? It being heavily de-emphasized is what caused me to stop playing the original.


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How's non-healing support doing as a role? It being heavily de-emphasized is what caused me to stop playing the original.
There aren't any of these anymore; Lucio still speed boosts of course and Zen still has broken discord orbs etc. but the only ever non-healing support was Symmetra who's been a DPS since like 2017, and that seems like the way they'll be doing things from now on. I think it makes more sense esp. with role queue; you can't really afford to have a single healer in any comp, so reworking the supports that don't heal into damage heroes is pretty much necessary imo.
I'm glad Lily bumped this thread. I don't know how long threads have to remain inactive for it to be considered a necrobump, but I'll take my shot considering I also played the OW2 beta recently and such.

I've played the beta and everything feels pretty good overall! Apart from some fine tuning they need to do to certain heroes of course, it is only the beta after all. I have to say I definitely agree with you on the fact that majority of supports need some reworking, or something to make them feel a little less .. erm, underwhelming? I just feel like there's no real incentive for people to want to queue as support over like a DPS or tank. Perhaps even like lowering their cooldowns and stuff would be a start, idk. Like if you gave Ana 2 sleep darts for example instead of one where her cooldown is 15 seconds. They need to do something, and I'm sure everyone can agree on that. But Lucio does indeed feel like a slippery little nugget. I found him so hard to hit during certain fights. As if he wasn't hard enough to kill before. ;~;

I'm a Widowmaker main myself and let me just say I'm super excited for OW2. Hitscan heroes feel a lot more rewarding to play now that double shield meta is out the window. Not to say they weren't rewarding before, but it just means getting those picks with Widow or Ashe feel a lot more impactful as things are being contested during an intense game. That is if I can consistently hit my shot, of course. :)) A lot of people feel that 5v5 is a bit chaotic, while others think its perfect. I'll have to wait and see how OW2 is when it's officially released but I had a blast playing the beta, and like OW1 I'll be one of the first to get my hands on it hopefully!

It'd be nice to have an OW2 thread made when that day comes, but until then

Cheers guys!

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comparing the reception of overwatch 1 beta to overwatch 2 is like night and day. iirc there was a firebot thread back then called something along the lines of "so what are you guys doing while you wait for overwatch to come back?" the game was a blast

fast forward to today, it seems that the multiplayer of ow2 is just ow1 if it had regular updates. of the dudes i used to run ow1 with on here, none of them have expressed interest in ow2 - including the OP of this thread, who made a career out of the game.

the basic problem is that the game would have to be an 11/10 to justify supporting anything actiblizz does, and yet ow2 beta seems mediocre at best

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