Pope John Paul II appears in a fire?

I choose to have respect for people's beliefs regardless of how silly they seem, so long as they are innocent. It's not like they are suggesting that the military be disbanded, or we assassinate the president of Venezuela (mayor of San Fransisco and Pat Robertson, respectively). Seeing religious figures in odd places isn't hurting anyone.

Besides, for all we know, that really could be the pope. No one can say that it isn't with any more verity than those who say it is. I personally enjoy a bit of mystery; it's definitely better than making bold statements that make me look intellectually arrogant.

It's also pretty cool that one showed up in a fire this time. Fire is definitely more awe-inspiring than a hamburger, or an oil slick.
If anyone wants a pseudo-official Catholic view on this, we asked the school chaplain in class today and he didn't regard it as significant.
Also, Kurgan, that doesn't seem likely at all tbh...
Zealots will be zealots. Have you ever seen someone flip out about an image of a racecar in a fire?

Even NASCAR fans wouldn't give a shit.
I'm quite disgruntled that your comparing the former pope to a racecar. People are 'flipping' out because the photo was taken on the second anniversary of his death. To use your analogy, it would be like the image of some really famous Nascar driver appearing in a fire at the Indy 500, or whatever big championship Nascar has. Anywho, while I think people are looking a bit too closely, you gotta admit, thats some kinda luck to get a shot like that.


Any person with high dogmatic standards will tell you that's the pope right there, while atheists will just dismiss it as a coincidence.

I don't think that's the pope, but merely because it looks more like of a coincidence than anything else, the pictures' shapes don't even match that good, it requires a very big loop of faith to believe that's the pope.
That looks nothing like the pope, it looks like a pose he was in once for a photo. Like Bioshock pointed out, apparently no one else has ever been in that pose before. It's also like how every time a 'bearded man' appears on a tree or something, it has to be Jesus, as he was the only person ever to have a beard.

It's not all that interesting either once you read up on pareidolia.

Seeing religious figures in odd places isn't hurting anyone.
That's good to know.

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