Port Forwarding

Its already up in the website but here is a bunch of stuff for you to try out.

For generic usage:

For router specific:

Your router's IP address is probably 192.168.-.- (it should be on the back of the router OR check portforward.com). Lets pretend its

Go to start, then run (or you can just type run). Type cmd press enter. Type ipconfig press enter. Get either your IPv4 address (usually your router's IP with the last digit changed) OR called IP address. Lets pretend its

Go to your internet browser and type the router's address into the address bar of the browser. For our pretend router, we would go to

Go to the port forwarding link or applications and gaming or virtual servers or w/e. This will ask you to forward a port. You want to type 7500 for start and end. The address you want is the address your computer has. You got this from the run -> cmd -> ipconfig. Our pretend address is (usually only need to enter the last digit).

Make sure to change the type from TCP to UDP. Click ok, or accept.

How to check if you did it correctly:
Try out the program called PFportchecker. You want to check port 7500 with UDP setting. If it says you are ok, then you are almost there.

Remember, when windows asks you if you want to allow the programs to access the net, accept them. Now, get hosting!

I used to be able to host but I can't anymore.
Your computer address probably changed due to your router resetting. Check to see your current computer address (run -> cmd -> ipconfig as stated above) and see if it matches with the port you opened on the router's list. Make sure to check if you did it right with PFportchecker!

PFportchecker is saying port is open, but I can't seem to host?
You might be hosting actually! See if anyone else can join you from the lobby (the chat is a good place to check). Make sure to allow access from any firewall!

I know all of that, but its still not letting me through.
Probably a firewall issue then. You might not be able to continue .
But I want to point out, not necessary for the things stated here. 192.168.-.- only does things with the router and your computer and other computer attached to the router.
With that dl you just gave us toons, does it have to start up luna to work, or can I just run it in a separate folder and then start luna port?
It will launch Lunaport automatically, so no need to start it up first.

I think you'll want it in the same folder though.

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