Tournament Random Battles Ghosting Tour!


OP and Rules and Regulations Adapted from OM Ghosting Tour
Approved by Irpachuza
Hosted by Betathunder and Magmar54


Art by Yes or no my dude
Welcome all to the first iteration of the Random Battles Ghosting Tour! Here we take a break from the more grueling tournaments to ask "What if we just got together and played with our friends for fun?"

Tournament Rules:
  • The metagame will be the current generation: Gen 8 Random Battle (with dynamax)
  • Battles will be Best of Three.
  • Timer: Do NOT turn on the timer in your battle until after 30 minutes have passedsince it started. Use the servertime command to keep track of this (see below). This is to allow enough time to properly ghost.
    • In order to keep track of 30 minutes, type !servertime in the chat when the battle begins. Type !servertime in the chat again when you want to turn the timer on. Agreement from both sides is not required.
    • If you're on SmogTours, ask anyone that has a %, @, or ~ next to their name to turn off the timer in your battle. Try to make sure that a staff member is online before you start playing. If there isn't one, play on Main.
  • Replays: you must post replays of your battles. You can hide it or unlist it, but you have to post it.

Ghosting Rules:
  • You can ghost (clue's in the name).
  • Teams are to be made up of 3 players. (NOTE: battles will be one team vs one team, not individual members of each team vs. indvidual members of the other team. In each battle, one team member, typically the captain, will be in control of the battle, but the entire team can communicate on what move should be played next).
  • Your entire team should be present at a battle, so it's probably a good idea to form a team with similar timezones and availability. Depending upon certain situations, you may be allowed to play with a player missing from your team. [This will be reviewed on case by case basis]
  • You must post logs of your ghosting along with your replays in your winpost(losers are also encouraged to post logs as it always fun to read them but are not required).
    • If you're playing on Main and have a trusted user on your team , make a groupchat (/makegroupchat) to do your ghosting. It makes it easy to just copy and paste the logs into a pastebin.
    • If you're playing on SmogTours or on Main but without a trusted user, use Discord, but make sure to copy and paste your logs while in compact mode.
    • If you're in a voice call, you'll need to record a video and audio of your call and, if possible, the battle. Upload it to YouTube (please ghost in English if possible! Any proof of ghosting is acceptable, regardless of form or language, but the more people who can understand the ghosting the more enjoyable the logs will be).
Other than that, all tournament rules and guidelines apply (minus the ones about ghosting, obviously). Failure to comply with these rules will result in a loss or a coinflip.

Signups are now open! Remember, 3 members!
  • Only the captain of a team needs to post. Captains: make sure to tag every member on your team.
  • Don't post to confirm; that just clutters up the thread (PM me if you're on a team you didn't agree to).
  • Captains can decide a teamname and an image to be associated with - don't be stupid with this.
  • People not on a team can post to be a free agent. Depending on signup numbers I may or may not form free agent teams. Priority will obviously go to complete teams.
Signups will be open for about a week, depending on the signup numbers.

Team Name:
Player 1:
Player 2:

Good luck and have fun!

edit: some of the rules (Such as team size and timer conditions) are subject to change based on community feedback. Since most ghosting tours are bo1 whereas this is bo3, I understand that there are some concerns regarding scheduling and availability, especially as the school year begins to start and summer ends. I will be monitoring the thread as well as individual concerns (feel free to pm on discord/smogon) to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

I also want to reiterate that this is for fun and, since there are other major tournaments going on, there will be less stringent constraints to finish games (e.g. more than a week). If there are any other logistical concerns, questions, comments, etc. do not hesitate to ask.

Edit p2: Gonna leave signups up for another week (till 9/11) to see if we can hit 32 entrants
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1. hm (za/Sylveon used calm mind/Syrinix)
2. AFK Grotle's (Wubben/Mischelleus/AwesomeTorterra)
3. ufficiale (Ciro napoli/diego_yuhhi/Caionamax)
4. Hiralal ke dost (Ron/Harshal08/Raj00)
5. (TDR/Latias/GeniusFromHoenn)
6. Frosty and his 2 sacks (frostyicelad/HeyMan/MiNi Charizard-x)
7. woo.png(platinumCheesecake/not a racist/ajhocketstar)
8. Oras Originals (Baleblaze/DEG/dusk raimon)
9. Piplupede (Swiffix/Alpha/Jordy004)
10. Thefourthmemberisactuallypartbot (eu/Eichorrnia/PartMan)
11. getting carried by Michael (MGenius/MichaelderBeste2/Fantos13)
12. JST (SOM/05 /theBigbrother17/JY Rule)
13. Le Bimbe Di Mammalu (mammalu/LoSconosciuto/paolode99)
14. AAA AAA AAAAA (Lalaya/Amaranth/AtraX Madara)
15. 足力健老人鞋 (Yes or no my dude/neycwang/peap)
16. Es Mash or Pass (Estuardo19/SpectralThief/ILoveMashing❤)
17. Atlantic (Sweet Yamato/Ayaka/Raichy)
18. Domadores de la Via Lactea (Akarui~Kurayami/teres bahji/Accidere)
19. Post-pandemic dove pilots (Xceloh/javitu/Tarrembeau)
20. 36 15 I choose you Goldeen (drakonium/Trefleuh/Monkey)
21. psycho shiftes (giove97/MOHAMEDALL/Figull400)
22. les Enzobananas (Enzobanana/Luchik/TLTK)
23. Beautiful Bulbasaurs (Pinorska/Kaede/SwordIsBored)

free agents:
1. mathfreak231
2. Mr. Bossaru
3. memedose46
4. MultiPokemon
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number one poledoge
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Signing up as free agent
Time zone: UTC -5
Availability: Working retail full time
If you're able to voice chat during the match I can record & edit videos for our team :)
DM if you'd like to team

EDIT: wait whats the format, single elim?

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