Tournament Rands Slam IV - Battle Factory Open - Round 1

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i hadn't been able to contact my opponent glurakaiser, he didnt answer me,
he answered after the deadline
you can check on the smogon wall
im GMT+2
Round over!
Cilantro38  vs  Al3x20_99
ArnoUUU  vs  Wubben
Leafium Z  vs  Ghostilex
latias999999999  vs  Romsfun

Checking profiles, all of you already scheduled times for early this week - please adhere to them!

Kanha Greninja vs unaidmfgoatr123
Dank_Tank vs frostyicelad
meamdefinitely5 vs NewYorkNinjas
TheBoyWithTheBugz vs Perry
DaRotomMachine vs LordST
Lady Writer vs HabergerGreen123
Neko vs Gemsy
ShadowStricker911  vs  Tippy23
Failbor vs Lebediah
Corn.exe vs Landino6540
Dahness vs nightfalls31
Piapia vs ilovegunk
MagearnaTheBoss vs Referrals
JJ09LIE vs caleyruby2005
Notsmogn  vs  Glurakaiser
NobodyActually vs slashskip
MasterJ007 vs Bigwubben
Gorex vs Bodster
recti vs Teddu62
Manan999 vs beanra
Javi vs Claymore20


Next round will be out shortly!
Not open for further replies.

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