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Could a separate (but the same as the regular) ranking point system be added to the free for all format on the site? I wish to point out that the point of this would not be to actually rise in rankings like normal but to get people who enjoy the game mode to stop being matched with people who continue to time out/forfeit when the game begins. It's one of my favorite modes but currently I would say only 1/8 games or so actually play to completion without people just disconnecting or idling. I don't care about "punishments" for these people but think a ranking system (1st place gains 50, second gains 25, third loses 25, fourth loses 50 or something in that mindset) would get these leavers and afkers out of the match pools with people like me who actually want to play, and would more or less act as just a "You're above 1250, enjoy the game, if you're below that and actually want to start enjoying the game it will be easy to climb with the leavers"

Idk. Like i said, the important thing about this suggestion is NOT to think about it from a "most points matter" view but more of a "way to separate leavers from players" dynamic.


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This is already planned, but unlikely to happen for quite a long time (if ever) as there are significant technical and policy concerns blocking it.
Closing this for now.
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