Rate my VGC 2011 team!

When I heard that the VGC 2011 rules came out, I know I had to make a team, So I made the team from day 1 to hear, and I made my team diffrent, but a very food stragety(but its your descicion to say if its good or not)


Tabunne was the first one i wanted to be on the team, because of its great helping moves and other effects.

UglaMoth was the other one because of its butterfly dance and double hitting moves

I neede a good Pysch up pokemon with good Special attack, Special Defense, And speed, Thats When Sazandora Came up.

Then came MoroBeamu, one that i need to take attacks for.(angry powder)


Tabunne @ Sitrus Berry
252 Def/ 252 Sp.D/4 HP

Healing Beam
Simple Beam
Sunny Day
Helping Hand

Uglamoth @ Fcous Sash
252 Sp. A/ 252 Speed/ 4 Sp.D

Heat Wave
Bug buzz
Butterfly Dance

My stragety for this part: First, Tabunne Does Simple Beam on Uglamoth, So he can Get 3 max stats in 3 turns. Uglamoth on his turn can whirlwind(For rock types like gigasu) or do a butterfly dance after simple beam.

Second, Tabunne could use his last three moves. Healing Beam (When its health is going down) Helping Hand(tomake his attacks stronger) or Sunny Day(to make fire moves stronger.)
Then Ulga Moth Will Probably use butterfly dance, but it can probably to its 2 attacking moves if there is a threat.

If its weather, here it is:
Sunny Day, let it go, Cuz it increases your Attack.
Rain Dance: Tabunne is slower, so it can put up Sunny Day
Hail: Well, Same thing for rain dance.
Sandstorm: same thing.


Sazandora @ Life Orb
252 Sp.A/4 Spd/252 Sp. D

Pysch up
Focus Blast
Dark Pulse
Dragon Pulse

This is the Pysch up Pokemon. After Ulga moth has gotten the buttefly dance, Sazandora will copy its stats. The 2 pulses and focus blast will be The attacking moves. Life Orb is for the bigger attack boost, And This is the Spcial Atacker. This pokemon is onw with Diffrent varitey of moves so I dont have to worry about not very effective all that stuff.

Morobeamu @ Black Sludge
252 Hp/ 252 Def/ 4 Sp. D

Angry Powder/Power Rage
Clear Smog

Well, this pokemon is mainly the follow me user. Spore is there for to make foes go to sleep if they are a problem, Sythnesis with sunny day plus black sludge will get health back, Cleat Smog is there for getting away stat boosters. Regeneration is for Gett all health back when the pokemon switches out.

Last Look


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So many things wrong with this. For one, I had to force myself to read this because there were soooooo many grammatical errors, fix this next time. As fir the team, this takes way too much set up to work. It's also very Terakion weak, because it outspeeds and one or 2HKOs 3/4 of your team, and Morobaru (spelling) isn't touching Terakion. Also, not many people rate VGC teams on Smogon, go to skarmbliss to get more rates, because I very well may be your only rater. And have you even tested this team? Do that first, then come back here.


Simper Fi
Also, you have problems with Trick Room. They can just lead with a Trick Roomer and a Rock Slide user and tear you apart. Your boosts will be meaningless and you don't really have much if your situational combo doesn't go off.

There are very few really good strategies in VGC 2011, mostly Trick Room and heavily anti-Trick Room Goodstuffs.
Ur problem is the setting up, ur team relys (spelling) on tabbune dieing first, wat if ulgamoth dies first, and as previously stated a trickroom would smash u and also the ability simple enhances all stat changes not just your own, u should look more into ur moves first then the pokemon
Anything with Rock Slide spells doom in a single turn, pretty much. Archeos, Terrakion and the like all 2HKO Ulgamoth (factoring in Focus Sash) and Tabunne and Ulgamoth are also Taunt bait. If you're really pressed to continue this team, Terrakion or Archeos are good. Terrakion patches up your Rock weakness nicely. TR is still a problem without access to early Taunt first.

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