Tournaments RBY NU Open I (Won by Serpi)

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art by May!

Welcome to the first iteration of the RBY NU Open! Whether you're an experienced player looking to prove yourself or someone that just wants to try something new, good luck!

Tournament Rules:
  • Matches will be best-of-three in every round (defined as the first player to win two games, i.e. ties are not counted)
  • All tournament games must be played on Pokemon Showdown!, and all replays of all tournament games must be posted
  • The matches will always be played in the [Gen 1] NU format
  • This tournament will be single elimination, meaning that a win advances a player to the next round and a loss means a player is out of the tournament
  • Each round will last at most one week
  • RBY NU rules/clauses can be found here
  • All standard Smogon tournament rules apply, and can be found here
  • General RBY Grand Slam information can be found here
Round 1
MultiPokemon vs BT89
Oathkeeper vs Mr.Bossaru
phoopes vs ClairDeLuna
AM vs Gastlies
nicole7735 vs Nezloe
Megachiroptera vs Descending
E-create vs Haail
ArcticBreeze vs Crokodil13
RextheNoname vs Blue Cloyster
juoean vs Fluore
stunner047 vs Shaneghoul
ForgottenOnes vs HRCassetteTape
Ctown6 vs DiannieRatson
Torchic vs Paulluxx
martinvtran vs Enigami
Serpi vs justdrew
InfernoDragon vs Bye 2
jeffdaboss vs Trinsic
SaDiSTiCNarwhal vs Bye 4
Yuri_z9 vs Bye 5
Ara vs giove97
julian113 vs Bye 7
King Billu vs Bye 8
y-roc? vs Bye 9
iKiQ vs Sificon
D-Awsumnes vs Bye 11
S1nn0hC0nfirm3d vs SOMALIA
jojorobo vs KaiserKaiba
VTMagno vs Bye 14
txitxas vs Bye 15

Deadline for Round 1 is: July 10th 11:59pm GMT -4.

If you want to sub please post "in" and I'll roll for a sub
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Missed signups by a day

If I can still be entered as a contestant or as a sub for anyone who drops out round 1 then “in”, but if missing signups means I missed signups then fair enough.


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