Tournaments RBY NU Open I (Won by Serpi)

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I did it again
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Quick administrative note before ForgottenOnes posts the next round:

There was a mistake with the bracket and only 30 players, not 32, will be advancing to the next round. This is not a "nice" number for tournaments like 32 is so here's the solution we're going with. Round 2 will commence as if it were a normal tournament, with all 30 players playing a match. In Round 3, however, this leaves us with 15 players. So 14 players will play a match and 1 random player will have a bye to get us down to 8 players. It sucks to have a bye so late in the tournament but I felt that this was the best solution to get us back on track with the least amount of byes possible. Thanks for understanding.

In short:
Round 2: 30 players (15 matches)
Round 3: 15 players (7 matches + 1 bye)
Round 4: 8 players (4 matches)

ForgottenOnes will be posting the next round soon I would imagine. Again, thanks for understanding!
Round 2
BT89  vs  y-roc?
Ctown6  vs  julian113
ArcticBreeze  vs  KaiserKaiba
juoean  vs  Haail
King Billu  vs  Shaneghoul
InfernoDragon  vs  RextheNoname
jeffdaboss  vs  Nezloe
ForgottenOnes  vs  Gastlies
ClairDeLuna  vs  iKiQ
martinvtran  vs  Ara
Oathkeeper  vs  Descending
Torchic  vs  txitxas
VTMagno  vs  Yuri_z9
SOMALIA  vs  SaDiSTiCNarwhal
Serpi vs D-Awsumnes

Deadline is July 17 at 11:59 PST. If you need an extension please let me know!
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My opponent missed our scheduled time this morning. They had originally replied to someone else’s profile post, so I deleted the reply and confirmed the time on Monday, haven’t heard from them since. Proof on my profile. ForgottenOnes
Opp didn’t show for scheduled time so calling act provided he doesn’t show soon
Hey uhhhh I did miss the time and that’s Myb but I had something come up and didn’t have enough time to get on a let you know. Hoping if it’s not too inconvenient for you we could play with an extension, but if you’re busy I understand
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