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Hello! As this thread goes live, the Teal Mask, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's first DLC pack, will finally be live. With this, a massive amount of content, including many new exciting Pokemon that are fresh additions to the series, will be drastically shaking up the current metagame and thus will massively change how we assess this CAP in future stages.

In a stroke of (un)fortunate timing, the next stage was meant to be Threat Assessment, which is a stage that is effectively impossible to do when we know nearly nothing about what the DLC will be bringing to the table. Thankfully we will be able to assess the metagame with the DLC in mind, but I--as well as the TLT--feel that doing it right now is a bad idea as we have no basis on which to actually assess threats, or make an informed decision on anything for that matter.

There will be no change in process order, however we have agreed that postponing the process for around a few days to a week is wisest. This way, we don't stagger ourselves too long, but we get a tentative idea of what will be viable and what won't be. To be honest, the exact date that we resume the process is one I have not decided at this time; I will judge the timeline as the metagame develops, and post in this thread when I have a date decided for when the process will resume.

Thank you all for your patience. For the meantime, enjoy the new metagame and DLC!
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