Multi-gen RoA Olympics 2 — Round 1

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Great job most of you. 5/6 Round 1 battles complete. 20 remaining battles to do in <24 hours:
  1. [EUR] MetalGro$$ vs [NA] Maya Chansey (RBY Ubers)
  2. [ASA] Eden's Embrace vs [LA] Caetano93 (RBY Ubers)
  3. [LA] Caetano93 vs [EUR] sceptross (RBY UU)
  4. [SPA] xJoelituh vs [WES] Meru (RBY UU)
  5. [FRA] Zokuru vs [UK] CrapAtRBY (RBY UU)
  6. [FRA] 0Nl vs [NA] Mizuhime (GSC Ubers)
  7. [IDP] Sapientia vs [UK] dusk raimon (GSC Ubers)
  8. [WES] Lavos vs [EAS] Mr.378 (GSC Ubers)
  9. [SPA] Real FV13 vs [EAS] Mr.378 (GSC OU)
  10. [UK] dusk raimon vs [EAS] snagaa (GSC UU)
  11. [EAS] Mr.378 vs [EUR] Hack (ADV Ubers)
  12. [EUR] Drud vs [FRA] MiyoKa (ADV UU)
  13. [GER] Fakes vs [ASA] Googly (DPP OU)
  14. [SPA] Sken vs [FRA] WcJay (DPP LC)
  15. [EAS] fatty vs [ASA] Rasberry Pie SG (DPP LC)
  16. [EAS] fatty vs [WES] Ajna (BW UU)
  17. [GER] Akiko Yosano vs [LA] Staraptor (BW UU)
  18. [ITA] H.M.N.I.P vs [NA] ProfessorMasterChief (BW UU)
  19. [EAS] Dream vs [LA] Mr. Perry (ORAS Ubers)
  20. [EAS] Gilbert arenas vs [GER] Lohgock (ORAS Doubles OU)
Tagging all captains to see if they are able to do last minute arrangements. I may do a small extension. I'll look through to tomorrow to see if it's necessary.

[ASA] byronthewellwell, [ITA] The Idiot Ninja, [LA] Marcelinho Rodrigues, [FRA] Zokuru, [NA] Skeptics, [EAS] Mr.378, [EUR] Drud, [SPA] xJoelituh, [GER] CBprincess, [WES] psychicmewtwo, [UK] Stockings, [IDP] Eseque
didn't find raspberry this morning and have been on stours all day, but I hadnt been the most active earlier in the round so idk how to handle that


All generations forever.
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Bravo Italy for getting 20/20 matches played.

I think there is worth in extending the deadline. The deadline will be extended 72 hours (so you will have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to finish your remaining matches).
Deadline Extension: 72 hours = 06:00AM EST / 12PM CET November 9th

For those of you that have completed your qualification for Round 2, I'll post the Round 2 thread at some point later today with "~Winner of Zokuru vs CrapAtRBY" as an example placeholder for pending progressors from matches still to be closed from round 1, then tag the matches when they become available.
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