Metagame SCL I UU Predicts (won by pif!)


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UU: SiTuM vs Askov
UU: Highways vs 100%GXE
UU: Indigo Plateau vs Hs
UU: LNumbers vs Adaam - sitting this one out as I like both of them too much, hope they have fun
UU: Bushtush vs Accel

to help my chances of winning predictions I’m just going to predict the better record from here out

week 1: 4/5
week 2: 5/5
week 3: 3/5
week 4: 4/5
week 5: 4/5
week 6: 4:5

Total: 24/30 (80%)


When it´s all been said and done, I´m still my #1
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UU: SiTuM vs Askov - I think askov´s more in touch w/ the meta since he´s been playing this tier for a while and also looked better last week.
UU: Highways vs 100%GXE - really looking forward to this one. Both of them are p creative in the builder, so I´m p sure we´re gonna see some cool techs here. Could def go either way, but I rate Highways´ building slightly higher, so I´m gonna favor him here.
UU: Indigo Plateau vs hs - heat matchup and I hope we´re gonna see some crazy shit here.
UU: LNumbers vs Adaam - you know what? I´ll win this, cause ik what I do and I´m gonna continue trying my hardest till the bitter end.
UU: Bushtush vs Accel - Accel has been looking p damn good this tour and I think he´s gonna finish strong before playoffs, so I´m gonna bold him here.
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UU: SoulWind vs Indigo Plateau
UU: LNumbers vs Highways
UU: Bushtush vs TSR
UU: Accel vs 100%GXE
UU: Adaam vs hs
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