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Boasting access to the rare combination of Fake Out and Intimidate, Scrafty finds itself a niche as a very effective utility Pokemon. Scrafty's above average bulk and unique typing, combined with the aforementioned Intimidate, allow it to switch into multiple threats in Doubles OU, such as Zygarde and Tyranitar. Thanks to a wide movepool, Scrafty also finds itself capable of dealing respectable damage to a variety of Pokemon while maintaining good neutral coverage with its STAB attacks. Knock Off is usually its strongest damage-dealing option and doubles as another utility move, especially against Pokemon carrying the ever-present pinch Berries. However, Scrafty is still a utility Pokemon at its core, and relying on it to be a consistent source of damage will often lead to disappointment. While it competes with Incineroar in this role, Scrafty still finds a place on teams that want to avoid stacking weaknesses to common types like Ground, Rock, or Water. Unfortunately for Scrafty, the ubiquity of Fairy-types in DOU means that it can often be scared off the field thanks to its lack of counterplay. However, Scrafty's ability to compress a few different roles into one Pokemon still makes it a strong pick on multiple team archetypes.

name: Bulky Intimidate Support
move 1: Fake Out
move 2: Knock Off
move 3: Drain Punch / Low Kick
move 4: Taunt
item: Figy Berry
ability: Intimidate
nature: Careful
evs: 252 HP / 20 Def / 176 SpD / 60 Spe


Fake Out is the most important attack on any Scrafty set since it allows Scrafty to buy an invaluable free turn for its partner. Knock Off is generally Scrafty's strongest attack, especially if it manages to remove a healing item like a pinch Berry or leftovers. Scrafty has a few options for its Fighting-type move; Drain Punch provides Scrafty with consistent damage against all targets and another means of healing beyond its Figy Berry, while Low Kick can be used to OHKO heavier threats like Tyranitar. However, it should be noted that opting for Low Kick makes Scrafty a less effective check to lighter Pokemon like Kartana, whose low weight causes Low Kick's base power to drop to 20. Taunt is an incredibly useful move to shut down opposing support options, such as Trick Room, Rage Powder, and Spore, or prevent Pokemon like Chansey and Mega Latias from healing themselves with Soft-Boiled or Recover, respectively.

Set Details

The given investment in HP and Special Defense, when combined with a Careful nature, allows Scrafty to survive Dazzling Gleam from Life Orb Tapu Koko. In order to outspeed and Taunt opposing Gothitelle before it can enact any of its support moves, 60 EVs are placed in Speed. This conveniently allows Scrafty to also outspeed uninvested Tyranitar and standard Incineroar. The remaining 20 EVs are dumped in Defense, which allows Scrafty to survive any attack from standard -1 Mega Salamence. Figy Berry is used for recovery, providing Scrafty with extra longevity. While any of the non-Wiki pinch Berries could be used in theory, it should be noted that using Mago Berry reveals that Scrafty is not using a Speed-reducing nature and should be avoided.

Usage Tips

In general, Scrafty is most effectively used by switching it into resisted or weak neutral attacks to dampen blows for its teammate with Intimdate. It also functions well as a lead, especially next to Pokemon that can set up favorable field conditions for your team, such as Stealth Rock or Tailwind. Common Scrafty switch-ins like Tapu Fini don't appreciate having their items removed, so Knock Off can be used gratuitously to punish any defensive switches. Taunt can be used to shut down opposing support options and gives Scrafty a very favorable matchup against passive Pokemon like Amoonguss and Gothitelle. Despite its double weakness, Scrafty can stomach some Fairy-type attacks if it absolutely needs to, but they should generally be avoided at all costs. If Scrafty's health is just outside of pinch Berry range, you can try to force it to activate by switching into weaker attacks that you are confident will not knock it out.

Team Options

Pokemon that either have low Defense or appreciate Fake Out and Intimidate support are prime partners for Scrafty. Mega Gardevoir and Mega Latias are great examples, as they both appreciate Scrafty's ability to buy them some free turns. Gardevoir in particular desperately needs help covering its poor Defense, while Latias appreciates the ability to invest in Speed while still retaining its bulk with Intimidate and Calm Mind. Mega Salamence teams often appreciate Scrafty more than Incineroar for their matchup against Tyranitar but must be sure to cover the weakness to Fairy-type Pokemon. The necessity of partners that can handle Fairy-types is not unique to teams with Mega Salamence though, as Scrafty is incredibly vulnerable to their attacks. Steel-types like Mega Metagross, Kartana, and Aegislash all do this job well, while Metagross and Aegislash also appreciate their Ghost- and Dark-type weaknesses being covered. Fire-type Pokemon like Mega Charizard Y and Volcanion make for good partners for Scrafty as they absorb Fairy-type attacks with ease, while Scrafty can take on threatening Rock-types.

name: Assault Vest
move 1: Fake Out
move 2: Knock Off
move 3: Drain Punch / Low Kick / High Jump Kick
move 4: Ice Punch / Super Fang
item: Assault Vest
ability: Intimidate
nature: Adamant
evs: 232 HP / 156 Atk / 12 Def / 48 SpD / 60 Spe


Fake Out is once again the staple move on any Scrafty set, as it provides a very good means of disrupting opposing teams. Knock Off remains a strong option in most situations, either dealing significant damage or removing an important item, if not both. Drain Punch is arguably more useful on Assault Vest Scrafty sets as they lack the ability to recover their health with Figy Berry, but Low Kick is still usable if more damage on specific targets like Tyranitar is desired. High Jump Kick joins the mix as another potential Fighting-type attack and increases Scrafty's firepower greatly. High Jump Kick has a chance to OHKO standard Incineroar and Kartana, neither of which can be OHKOed by either Drain Punch or Low Kick. However, High Jump Kick must be used carefully, as whiffing into a protect will severely hurt Scrafty's longevity. The last slot is flexible and can be adjusted based on the needs of Scrafty's team. Ice Punch lets Scrafty serve as a better check to Zygarde and Landorus-T, 2HKOing both reliably at neutral while having a very good chance to 2HKO bulky Landorus-T at -1 Attack. Super Fang is useful for consistent damage against all non-Ghost-type targets, which can come in handy against bulky Pokemon like Cresselia and Tapu Fini. Poison Jab is an option that provides Scrafty with a way to damage threatening Fairy-type Pokemon, consistently 2HKOing all Island Guardians except Tapu Fini.

Set Details

Thanks to the Assault Vest and the given HP and Special Defense investment, Scrafty is able to survive a Moonblast from standard Calm Mind Tapu Fini before a boost. This Scrafty also takes on Mega Salamence relatively well, as it will always survive two Hyper Voices or one -1 Double-Edge from standard mixed Mega Salamence. Additionally, Scrafty will never be OHKOed by an All-Out Pummeling from -1 Kartana. The Speed EVs once again allow Scrafty to outspeed Gothitelle, while the remaining EVs are dumped into Attack. When combined with an Adamant nature, the Attack investment turns Scrafty into an offensive threat while still maintaining its defensive characteristics.

Usage Tips

Assault Vest Scrafty is meant to be used more offensively than the bulkier Figy Berry set. As such, you must be more deliberate about when you switch this Scrafty into attacks, since it lacks the fallback option of a pinch Berry. It lacks recovery entirely when not using Drain Punch, so those sets require extra caution to preserve Scrafty's health. The last move affects what kind of Pokemon Scrafty is most effective against. For example, Ice Punch lets Scrafty function as a very good check to Landorus-T and Zygarde, while Poison Jab turns Scrafty from setup bait to a decent check when facing down a Tapu Bulu. Super Fang sets are effective at chipping away at bulky Pokemon like Zapdos, Cresselia, and Chansey. Overall, Assault Vest Scrafty should prioritize dealing damage much more than its Figy Berry counterpart in order to make the most out of its time on the field.

Team Options

This more offensive variant of Scrafty is more effective on teams that still appreciate Fake Out and Intimidate support from one Pokemon while also requiring more consistent damage output every turn. A prime of example of such a team is hard Trick Room, which needs to make the most of the limited time Trick Room remains up. Otherwise, Assault Vest Scrafty requires the same support as the Figy Berry set; namely, Pokemon that can handle opposing Fairy-types like Mega Metagross, Kartana, and Aegislash make great partners. Fire-types like Mega Charizard Y and Volcanion still fill this role effectively while appreciating Intimidate support and a Rock-type resistance, and Pokemon with low Defense like Mega Gardevoir once again enjoy the utility provided by Scrafty. Tapu Bulu makes for an interesting partner for Assault Vest Scrafty, as Tapu Bulu provides Scrafty with a means of recovery via Grassy Terrain and has a positive matchup against most of the Fairy-types in the tier, namely the other three Island Guardians.

Other Options

Using a Speed-reducing nature and lowering Scrafty's Speed IV to 3 guarantees that it is slower than Aegislash. This will allow Scrafty to always attack Aegislash when it is in Blade forme, resulting in greatly increased damage if not a knockout. Snarl is an option on either set that further augments Scrafty's ability to support its partners, while Head Smash can be used to threaten Fire-types, scoring a clean OHKO on the popular Mega Charizard Y. High Jump Kick and Super Fang are viable options on the Figy Berry set for better damage output, but are generally inferior to the more standard Drain Punch. Dragon Tail can be used on the Assault Vest set as a pseudo-Taunt that deters Trick Room and setup moves like Swords Dance and Dragon Dance. Finally, hard Trick Room teams that require even more damage output can make use of Life Orb or Fightinium Z to boost Scrafty's attacks even further.

Checks and Counters

**Fairy-types**: Given its double weakness to Fairy-type attacks, Scrafty should be avoiding Fairy-type Pokemon at any expense. In an absolute pinch it can survive some of the weaker Fairy-type attacks, but doing so will severely limit its longevity for the rest of the battle. Tapu Lele gets special mention since it summons Psychic Terrain and blocks Scrafty's main support option in Fake Out, but other Fairy types like Tapu Koko and Tapu Fini also pose a significant threat.

**Flying-types**: Especially if lacking Ice Punch, Scrafty fails to threaten most Flying-type Pokemon with any of its attacks. Mega Salamence can even tank an Ice Punch with ease and consequently set up Tailwind, boost its Attack and Speed with Dragon Dance, or go straight for damage with a super effective Hyper Voice or Double-Edge. While less of an offensive check, Zapdos takes very little damage from any of Scrafty's attacks and can support its team with Tailwind. Zapdos also threatens Scrafty with paralysis via Static and does not mind taking a Knock Off given its tendency to use items that can activate on command such as Misty Seed.

**Fighting-types**: Rounding out Scrafty's type weaknesses, Fighting-type Pokemon take minimal damage from Knock Off and threaten with super effective STAB attacks. Kommo-o can usually unleash a Clangorous Soulblaze in front of Scrafty and threaten Scrafty with +1 Close Combat, while opposing Scrafty can threaten your own with Intimidate as well.

**Intimidate**: Scrafty already has mediocre damage output, so Intimidate can turn Scrafty into deadweight if it stays on the field for too long. Salamence and Landorus-T both lower Scrafty's attack while resisting its Fighting-type attack of choice, while Incineroar resists Knock Off and can use Scrafty's presence to pivot away with U-turn.

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agreeing w/ DTail

[OVERVIEW] Would try to mention Scrafty as a utility option, keep the mention Fake / Intimidate under this and also add Knock
[MOVES] You'll probably do this in write up but def mention pinch berries, esp on something like fini switching in, as a big knock off target
[OO] Life Orb works OK on hard TR for actual damage output

1/2 when implemented, good work


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  • [Overview] Every team having a Fairy-type is probably worth a mention - this means basically every team has an easy switch-in that scares Scrafty out and there's not much it can do about that
  • [Figy Moves] Taunt isn't just for status options, blocking setup and healing is becoming increasingly important in this meta with Chansey/Cress/Mega Latias
  • [Figy Set Details] Don't bother mentioning the uninvested Fini benchmark, that set doesn't really exist
  • [Figy Usage Tips] "Given its double weakness, Fairy-type Pokemon severely threaten Scrafty's longevity." I'm not really sure what point you're making in this sentence - either it's unneeded or it's misplaced and should be somehow combined with the bit about being able to stomach Fairy-type moves in a pinch
  • [Figy Team Options] The only Ghost-type that really exists is Aegislash, and it's not very popular, so I'd avoid talking about how well Scrafty helps threats against Ghost-types; there's not even really any Ghost-type coverage users out there
  • [Figy Team Options] Also this is a bit nitpicky, but you might want to reword the first couple sentences - right now you're implying that Mega Latias has low Defense, but it definitely doesn't. I know you're trying to get at the fact that it runs Calm Mind and needs a way to shore up its other Defense, but it's a little misleading
  • [AV Set / Set Details] I think the Mence calc is off, so you might want to use the Kartana calc I have instead:
    • -1 60 Atk Aerilate Salamence-Mega Double-Edge vs. 232 HP / 12 Def Scrafty: 264-312 (80.2 - 94.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO)
    • -1 252 Atk Kartana All-Out Pummeling (175 BP) vs. 232 HP / 44 Def Scrafty: 278-328 (84.4 - 99.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
  • [AV Team Options] Tapu Bulu might be a good teammate to mention - gives AV Scrafty some source of recovery and has a solid matchup against most Fairy-types in the metagame
  • [AV General Comments] I don't think you ever crossed this line, but try to be aware of cross-referencing other sets too much because, if done incorrectly, it can force readers to read multiple sets' worth of information and also makes these harder to keep up-to-date
  • [Other Options] Scrafty only needs a Speed IV of 3 to underspeed Aegis
  • [Other Options] Iron Head beats Diancie but I think it's pretty inferior to any of Scrafty's already plentiful options so probably not worth a mention here
Do those^ for QC 2/2, nice job on this as always; I really liked how you wrote the AV Team Options :blobthumbsup:

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