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Merry (early) christmas Eniigma! You asked me to build with a core of Phanpy + Grimer.
:phanpy: :grimer: :rufflet: :girafarig: :mareanie: :toedscool:

whilst Phanpy is cute, it's a poorer version of Mudbray imo, not having Knock this gen sucks too :c. It has decent bulk atleast, which means it can check mons like phys giraf
Grimer has a pretty decent movepool, it's a solid check to Toedscool w/o Earth Power, not caring about Knock and being able to ohko with Ice Punch. Tera Grass is situational, but can be fun to fuck with a Diglett.
Ruff and Giraf are broken.
Mareanie's our water check, and with Iron Defense it can wall most physical attackers, and won't care about Diglett.
Lastly, Toedscool is here for support, helping remove rocks for Ruff and knocking everything it can.

Brief: Nymble Bulky Offense
Pros: Resilient, able to find wins even when down. Strong in to ladder metagame.
Cons: Spikes weak, has trouble with Sub/Set Up Sweepers
The Team: TEAM

I started with what can only be described as the standard Nymble set. As it was part of the brief it was non negotiable, but I wanted to try and build upon some of the draws of Nymble. I tossed around and played with multiple ideas. My initial team design was to work around slow turns with pokes such as Magnemite, Varoom, or Larvesta. The problem with designing a team around that is the fact that it really needs to be slow turning otherwise Nymble can and will die. The second through was offensive pressure turning, things like Mankey and Rufflet came to mind. I ultimately decided that going for a volt/turn team would be against brief as it didn't really play in to a bulky offense build, so I scrapped it but kept individual pokes in mind.

Something that I did decide to follow was working out strong switch ins to things that can abuse Nymble being on the field after an Impression or switch in to an impression. With things such as Tink, Magnemite, and WoW Ghosts really enjoying seeing a Nymble on the opposing team I looked for a blanket check to begin with that could help with pivoting around. I ultimately settled on a tank Numel build for Drakon here, as it is something that generally is fine in to Magnemite, stopping the Volt pressure, while also being generally strong in to things like WoW, Larvesta, and Tink. I found room for Rocks. Final build which changed recently took off Simple as it was being abused by Parting Shots mid game, or when used as a lead.

After this, in, keeping with the theme, and due to it's strength in the metagame, I settled on utilising a Wish/3 Attacks Giraf set. This switched from a special to physical set part way through testing, as the Paralysis, and Screens destructing ultimately proved more important than some of the coverage from a special set.

Building on this, the team was considerably weak in to Pawn and Rufflet as this stage of the build. I went with the typical BU Crab set to allow for a late game win con, and all around great pick in to threats to my team and the metagame at large. This becomes especially useful as the team does feature a rough match up in to Flying in general and being able to Tera and patch the team against that archetype matchup was very useful.

At this point, the team was fitting the brief, but needed an IT factor. It was solid but not winning anything except by grinding. Rufflet seemed the obvious choice. Able to build momentum through the game a scarf Rufflet set would help with cleaning, especially considering I had already decided on what I wanted from the last slot, and a scarf Rufflet would take advantage of that.

Spikes. I wanted this team to have spikes. Drakon asked for a Nymble team and Nymble loves spikes. I popped in a Toed set designed to both hazard clear and get a layer or two down to really help apply pressure.

The team was going well, but I found I really hated it in to some matchups and especially was getting manhandled by well played Glimmet/Ghost/Toed cores during testing. Nymble Bulky Offense speaks to me as a serious request, and so ok, wasn't cutting it. The team needed a change. I mulled it over for a while, and finally while bored at work after my subconscious had been wrestling with it in between teaching periods, I decided that if played aggressively, the team both doesn't really 'hate' rocks, has trouble finding time to play spikes, and is hurt a lot by Tspikes and Ghosts in tandem.

I ultimately settled on an Tank Foongus set to absorb Tspikes, not be setup bait for Giraf, and have a strong matchup in to Toed as it can't be slept. This would replace the Toed as a form of hazard control, spore absorber, and general beefy boy throughout the game. Regen has always been a good ability, and this little dude fits in really well. The change away facilitated the need for some more methodical play, and made Nymble more of a reset card for matches rather than a highlight for the team. As a result, the decision was made to move away from Scarf Rufflet to a AgiliBU set.

The team has been feeling really good to play with. I don't have enough hours in the day to really get high on the ladder so I'll let you know it has a pretty decent win rate, racked up wins against some solid teams, and has a lot of skill expression in Tera decisions, and overlapping ways to deal with threats that gives the opportunity to play it differently in to whatever your opponent has build.

I truly hope you love this team as much as I now do. The team has some weaknesses, but finding that webs doesn't really hurt it much because you are running tank sets everywhere anyway was the final step that ultimately led me to release this team for you now.
For Elfuseon, I present: Choice Scarf Fomantis! (+tera dark diglett)

If you're using Fomantis, it's probably for one of two reasons: someone is forcing you to at gunpoint, or you like looking at the animation for leaf storm. Sure, it technically has other moves, but why would you ever use them when you could have max speed + timid, max special attack, a choice scarf, and a license to kill.

Unfortunately, certain forces in this world conspire to stop fomantis from clicking leaf storm until you get CTS, and two of them are pawniard and sap sipper girafarig. Using a life orb diglett with tera blast (dark), we can kill two babies with one stone. It also has rock blast to kill surskits, and sucker punch if you're feeling especially lucky.

The next on our hit list is Fuecoco. Not only does this mon have the NERVE to resist leaf storm, it also IGNORES all the funny green numbers you've built up! Luckily, with stealth rocks and toxic spikes up, it's much less overbearing, and this is what glimmet excels at. A bulkier set with eviolite also allows it to function as a 100% switchin to Coco to fire off a powerful STAB attack or a mud shot.

I struggled to find a fourth member of this team, first choosing Drifloon and then Toedscool. In the end, I decided to shore up a crucial ice weakness while keeping a spinner (which I believe is basically necessary in this meta) It's a very standard set with bulky 3 attacks + roost, but sometimes standard means good.

How could I not use my favourite tera bait on this team? Aside from being a defensive switch-in to girafarig, it becomes a threatening attacker with a 4 attacks set (IMO, night slash is not optional, and is better than iron head in 90% of situations, but that's neither here nor there.)

You know it, you love it, it's the third-best mon in the metagame. For this specific set, I decided to go with a full physical set and rearly bird to keep it healthy as a last-ditch switchin throughout the game. It also has tera ground earthquake in case you feel like being bargain bin mudbray OHKOing pawniard and tinkaton which would otherwise wall most of this team.


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rarre asked for a team with Wingull, so I built a truly awful rain team with a Wingull on it. Wingull finally got strong Water STABs this gen and it's one of the nine Pokemon with Knock Off access. Unfortunately, it's just too slow to be an effective rain sweeper. I addressed this by using Life Orb Surskit (shoutout to Nineage for this one) as a secondary rain breaker, with the idea that it gets 1-2 kills, sets webs, and dies. With webs up, Wingull doesn't have to worry about Diglett or Girafarig anymore. After that, there's a fun Eject Button Meowth-galar, which does a whole bunch of things like set rocks and slow turn. you usually want to go to this after setting rain to get one of your sweepers in unscathed. After that is the best rain setter and abusers. I'm pretty sure this team is bad but it went 2-1 on ladder so who knows? Happy holidays to all.

Merry Christmas, Santa has brought you the gift of

Tink + Drifloon Balance

My typical bulky set with lots of utility. Set up rocks, remove items with Knock, use Thunder Wave to neutralize threats and Play Rough is for some general damage. Nothing too excessive.

Its mirror herb to prevent setup sweepers from bowling you over and letting you bowl over your opponent for trying it. Very funny set, but its quite inconsistent. If you want to use a more consistent set, you can use
Utility (Drifloon) @ Oran Berry
Ability: Unburden
Level: 5
Tera Type: Flying
EVs: 196 Atk / 84 Def / 4 SpD / 196 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Acrobatics
- Will-O-Wisp
- Substitute
- Defog
instead. Mirror herb is significantly funnier though.

A physically offensive Giraf with wish for team support and healing. You don't have protect because you have 2 nymble first impresssion switch-ins, so its fine. Otherwise you have Earthquake for Pawn, Crunch for other Giraf and Psychic Fangs as good stab. Decently hard to take down.

Its a standard crabrawler with Tera Electric for Rufflet. You have Bulk Up to force your opponent to set up on your crabrawler which enables your Drifloon. Otherwise you're a good switchin to Pawniard which would otherwises deal with your Drifloon.

You'll need a spinner, and Quaxly puts a good amount of pressure on pawniard. You are also a bit of setup sweeper in your own right, and have a good amount of longevity due to roost. Quax was chosen over Toed as a spinner due to roost.

Finally, you have
You're Tera Type Bug to trap both Girafarig and Toedscool with Tera Blast. You have the usual set otherwise to still trap weak mons. and put more pressure onto Pawniard.

Hope this finds you in good health and Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas Dead by Daylight
You asked for Crabrawler + Toedscool spikestack.
Here it is.


I started building around the core you asked. With the standard crab evio bulk up tpunch tera electric set + spin koff epower toed.

After I put glimmet as suicide lead with standard set + tera dark for staying in vs twin beam gira lead and spamming sr + spikes.

Then I needed something as an offensive spinblocker. In lc we have gastly and drifloon (I preferred the second one cuz it is has more defences). I made a set by mine full special with sball, tbolt, cmind and Tera flying. The def investment is important vs quaxly and vs knock off toed.

After I decided to put gira because it is the best mon in lc atm with the nplot Tera fight set that helps me better vs pawn or dark mons which were annoying for my team. I wanted to use physical gira but I couldn’t because of crabrawler which was really really annoying for this team, so that’s why I preferred the special gira set.

Lastly I needed a nice mon for rain teams, some good priority moves, another good check for girafarig, toedscool. There were a lot of different options but I decided to put nymble cuz it would have maintained the offence of the team and because I really needed some good priorities for this ho team. Especially it fits really well in core with sr + spikes + drifloon (no one can really switch easily vs it after setting sr + spikes).

Before posting it I wanted to test it in ladder and I got top 8 with a nice 83.3% gxe, so I believe it is a good team.


Here there are some replays to see the team in action:


I hope you like it.
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Merry Christmas HSOWA!
Here's the team I've built:
I went axew mainly because deino seems unfortunately bad, dratini was a frailer than I'd like, and I like Axew better than Bagon.
Larv + Mag forms a neat voltturn core to wear down the opposing team for axew, with larv being pretty nice, as the team has double removal and appreciates the bulk and pivoting it brings. Larv also enable's floon's hex by spreading burns.

Floon kinda just chips a lot of things, though the set could probably use some work, and provides semi-reliable removal, and can usually shut down pawn with wisp

Bray is a strong, bulky attacker and provides rocks
Toed is the most reliable removal, and brings fantastic special bulk, and can enable axew with spore and knock
Axew's set is pretty decent, I think, although it really doesn't like to deal with prio from pawn or nymble, which can be shut down with a burn from larv or floon. Facade could probably be whatever, I have it because it gives a strong attack if you can't clear tspikes towards the end, or are in a similar situation. I also considered an SD trailblaze similar to the sd scale shot sets run by hax and chomp last gen, but I found it too hard to set up, and ax's speed is only decent without a boost.
While I didn't have time for super extensive tests, it has performed solidly at around 1400. One thing that I did notice is that axew didn;t come out very often, but that might just me being bad at playing with frailer setup sweepers. All in all, I quite like this team, and I hope you do as well!

I also made a screens team. I didn't really test this one out, as I felt it was just kinda a more low effort team to build. (This one is interesting, I think, as the screens aren't super telegraphed, unlike impdimp teams, where it's fairly obvious it's screens)
Ibby you did ask for a ghost spam so here you go
The main issues were toed with its spore+ knock off is really annoying so a power whip toed is a good answer. Although i run spore if pawniard is too much trouble earth power is a good switch
Rufflet is another annoying mon although scarf ruff can be dealt with bulk up agility set is broken af. The only answer i could come up with is sd pawn which not only tanks dark and ghost type attacks as well as flying but also should help with rufflet to some extent. I would run t wave but people just tera ground or electric the rufflet.
I did add nymble for a revenge killer as well as scarf gastly protect girafarig is annoying to deal with im surprised the horse isnt banned yet.
Grevard is a bulky dog gives good enough coverage and yawn always puts opponent on the edge.
Sandygast is bulky but it as useful as a magicarp infront of rufflet but does a decent work setting up rocks and tera ghost prevents quaxly from spinning


mons is mons
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Horny Miltank merry christmas heres your skrelp team
its kinda useless now that ruffs gone idk how you would replace it tho
but the idea behind it is that skrelp is like a more offensive mareanie that also sets tspikes up, so i wanted to pair its breaking power w a cleaner like mankey. afterwards, a core of pawn and girafarig helps dealing with opposing girafarig, and toedscool rounds the team by being the spinner and ground resist, helping w stuff like mudbray
Merry christmas grizzz !
Here is your team featuring Stunky : LC scarf gothita + stunky (


Stunky's main attribute will be to be able to check girafarig and other special attackers of the tier. Just be sure to scout for the physical ground variant with eartquake of Girafarig which can literally ohko it, thats why i put tera fly just in case. Otherwise its very useful cuz it covers other teras decently well without needing to tera itself. Having a way to put tspikes and remove it is always pretty useful which Glimmet cant do unless its hit.

Mudbray is there as the defensive check to many stuff like Tinkatink, Pawniard and Crawbrawler just to note them. Stamina can stack and helps you live 1 or 2 more hits while being able to set rocks up and surprise with your wide coverage mons that want to defog or spin like Toedscool or Drifloon. Tera water can be adapted to grass as well depending on what you want to focus. You already have 3 grass resistance so i dont think it will be an issue.

Wattrel's electric + flying coverage is rarely resisted and if you predict well you can pick up kills pretty easily. Also mind game with sucker punch and tailwind helps you win turns while offering free turns to slower mons like Crawbrawler or Bramblin. Volt switch can be replaced by roost if you prefer and can have its utility more than often.

Bramblin is surprinsingly good in meta rn since Rufflet is banned. Being able to spin block while taking 2 knock off from Toedscool and strength sap all back + immune to spore is pretty useful. It also has an unexpected combo with Wattrel when it sets up tailwind, you gain an ATK boost.

Crawbrawler is one of the rare fighting type in the gen rn (rip Meditite) and its good coverage combined with Iron fist helps it dealing huge damage to opponents and gain health back with drain punch. It was previously meant to tera electric to prevent Rufflet from sweeping but not you can afford to tera dark to avoid being trapped by Gothita or giving free turns to Girafarig. Ice punch deals with Toedscool and flying types in general.

Gothita is the speed controler and also with trick helps to deal with slow sweeper like Shellos or other annoying mons. Dark pulse can be played instead of tbolt depending on what you're expecting in front but normally your team should be fine vs Girafarig.

Hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions or comments Elfuseon#1543.
Have a merry christmas and happy holidays!
Merry Noel Altariel von Sweep

Here is your team :


The build had to be on Dratini terra steel and Diglett (without building a screen ho).

The idea of the team is to trapp the types steels with magnemite or diglett to then be able to place with dratini.

Once the steel type trapp , dratini can sweep.

Indeed, With twave, spore or wow, we can quite easily week the opposing team to be able to place a dd with dratini.

Drifloon is the one to abuse pawniard as well as a resi ground, while tinkatink is the one to bring bulk back into the team and for the rock (very important here).

Toedscool is here for spin off and also handle mu rain with terra water.
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A merry time of year has come around again for TheShoddyStrawman and this time around Strawman wanted varoom so here's my best attempt at exactly that while Santa is a bit busier this year.
This is the team: Stockpile Numel Offense (

So far the best role I've found for varoom is to be a bulky pivot with parting shot, so I put 14 into each of its defenses and gave it 12 speed so it would outspeed 17 speed mons and below (a vital target being pawn) after a bulldoze. Gunk shot for general stab and helps to better 1v1 toed lacking ep as overcoat blocks spore and you eat hits from it all day and threaten it out. The last move I went with was toxic spikes in order to support the next mon on our list but if u want you could run body slam to have speed control or you could run stab iron head.

Onto the next mon in line, we have this stockpile flame charge numel with tera fighting. I chose this because honestly the team needed a cheap matchup fish like mon after rufflet was taken away from us for justifiable reasons. Ev spread is pretty simple as u run an impish nature in order to max out on defense and hit the magic 14 number for eviolite. This mon can often sweep teams and soon as it gets a chance to breathe.

For our 3rd mon I decided on Nymble as after a few ticks of tspike damage on certain mons its able to get into a winning position with first impression in the mid game. Not too much to say about this mon but I forgo leech life for feint so that I'm able to have some guranteed chip on some mons in the metagame alongside sucker punch.

Mudbray is our fourth slot(this used to be pawn). With this mon the plan was to take hits from the likes of diglet and physical gira which kind of steamrolled previous iterations of the team. Not too much to say about the ev spread just standard 14 evio numbers with adamant nature and 12 speed so that outspeed certain things that might come in like quaxly for example.

Next up we needed some hazard removal and Toed is arguably the best support mon in the format with rapid and being one of 5 viable mons with knock off, while also having access to spore. Here I'm running a physically defensive spread to help chip down multiple variants of girafarig outside of the rare Tera blast Fire Np set.

Final mon on the team we have glue mon in girafarig. This time around running a set I saw in the Lc Discord put forth by both #2 Pawn Hater and Jolly Natured Tyrunt. This set is a nasty plot set with uproar+sap sipper which I find hits hilariously hard on most mons and the last two moves are twin beam and thunderbolt which allows it to have great neutral coverage for the entire metagame. Finally, I am tera water on this to sort of ease the rain matchup so that it is a bit more manageable.

Hope you enjoy this varoom team where numel reigns supreme! If u have any questions or concerns with the team let me know. Until then happy holidays!
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I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, uhBella!

This is actually the very first time I've made a team for someone else, and I've probably played it safe with some of my choices... However, I think you chose a great Pokémon in Cetoddle, as it's helped me come up with new ideas pretty quickly.

Here's the team based around your Choice Scarf-dressed Cetoddle:


I also want to share my thought process behind it, so (obviously) let's start from the adorable ice whale. Despite not having any other impressive base stats besides his HP points, Cetoddle can still be trained as a nice physical attacker and has a pretty deep move pool, so an item like Choice Scarf definitely suits it. Admittedly, Icicle Crash is a riskier move than Ice Spinner, due to his lower precision: however, I feel like it's a great match with the ability Sheer Force, which should allow you to do a lot of damage to most of your opponents, including the likes of Mudbray and Girafarig. Earthquake and Superpower are important cover moves, and the second one fits especially well with the Fighting Tera Type, as an effective way to counter Cetoddle's usual weaknesses (Steel, Rock, Fire and Fighting itself). Finally, Ice Shard might be an useful option against already knackered opponents. Oh, I almost forgot: the Jolly nature should help, too.

Wattrel, Quaxly and Fuecoco all provide Cetoddle with some extra coverage for his weaknesses, just in case you can't Terastallize it safely; plus, they play key roles in paving the road for its attacks by gifting speed boosts (Wattrel's Tailwind), neutralizing hazards (Quaxly's Rapid Spin) and weakening dangerous opponents (Fuecoco's Will-O-Wisp and Snarl).

Being another bulky Pokémon itself, Girafarig here serves as a screen-setter, in order to make Cetoddle even more difficult to knock out (hopefully). Moreover, its Dark Tera Type should prevent it from being blocked by the likes of Impidimp.

Last, but not least, Diglett brings some other good tools to damage the opposing Pokémons (both through hazards and physical attacks), before you finally unleash Cetoddle's full potential against them.

Honestly, I don't know how viable this team might be realistically, but I definitely had fun building it, and I'm looking forward to your feedback.
Well, I've just tried this team for fun in an official room tournament on Showdown... and boy, did it work: I've actually scored my first points ever!

Schermata da 2022-12-23 16-15-36.png

This makes me even more glad that I chose to join this project in the first place, so thank you all once again.
Here are the replays, if you're curious. You can ignore the last match, though... :totodiLUL:

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Happy Holidays LudicolaAgain! Here is the Hex Gastly with Toxic Spikes team you requested from Santa Claus.

:glimmet: :gastly: :pawniard: :crabrawler: :toedscool: :surskit:

Basic Overview:

:glimmet: Sets Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes
:gastly:Spinblocks, Clicks Hex, and Spreads Burns
:crabrawler:Breaks or Sweeps
:toedscool:Spins and Spreads Knocks
:surskit:Sets Sticky Web and Revenge Kills

Hope you enjoy the team and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

:Glimmet: Chose standard Eviolite Glimmet with Stealth Rock and three attacks in order to be able to take hits better and set Toxic Spikes or Stealth Rock more than once if needed. It is Tera Flying in order to dodge Ground Type attacks but you should only Tera this in extreme circumstances.

:Gastly: Went with Eviolite Gastly in order to more effectively maintain hazards. It is Tera Dark in order to bait in and eliminate Girafarig. Substitute and Will-O-Wisp are for dealing with Pawniard and other Sucker Punch users without having to use Tera.

:Pawniard: Just a standard Swords Dance Pawniard. It is Tera Ghost in order to help spinblock.

:Crabrawler: Decided on Bulk Up and three punches Crabrawler to abuse Sticky Web and help break teams down or clean up late in games. Its ability to hit both popular spinners super-effectively with its punches is helpful. It is Tera Electric as it prevents Paralysis and makes Quaxly easier to remove.

:Toedscool: Needed a spinner, Spore absorber, and way to dispatch Poison and Steel Types so Toedscool was an obvious addition. It is four attacks in order to help break teams down more effectively and Power Whip instead of Giga Drain in order to better remove opposing Toedscool and Quaxly. Tera Water was chosen instead of Steel in order to avoid stacking Ground weaknesses and help with the team's Rain matchup, though only Tera this in extreme circumstances.

:Surskit: Sticky Web from Surskit is what makes the team really come together. It is Choice Scarf in order to guarantee Sticky Web goes up and revenge kill weakened threats. It also helps the team's Rain matchup by virtue of having Swift Swim and access to Giga Drain. It is Tera Ghost in order to spinblock in emergency circumstances.
The team is hazard stack but works best if you don't focus too hard at winning with Toxic Spikes and Hex or by focusing on stacking all your hazards at the beginning of the game or at once. Poisoning a spinner, blocking a spin with Gastly (or even eating a hit), forcing out the spinner, killing them, or putting them in range, then setting Sticky Web late is often most effective. The unfortunate reality is that most teams have a Poison type, Girafarig is immune to Hex, and Pawniard is immune to Toxic Spikes as well as receiving a boost to its Attack from Defiant if Sticky Web is up. Tera Dark Gastly can deal with Girafarig but without Sticky Web up does not guarantee it's removal unless you click Substitute on Twin Beam and predict whether it uses Tera or not correctly. However using Tera on Gastly comes with the significant downside of completely giving up your ability to spinblock so should be done with caution before your opponent's spinner is removed. The team has several ways around both Girafarig and Pawniard but Tera complicates things. It can be particularly difficult if an opponent saves Tera for Pawniard and you have Sticky Web up as Crabrawler and Pawniard rely on being able to eat a Sucker Punch from +2 Pawniard and OHKO Pawniard back with Fighting type attacks and Pawniard having the option to Tera makes that unreliable. Luckily most Pawniards are Tera Ghost or Flying which together the two can typically deal with as long as you scout with your own Pawniard first. The team can struggle a little against Mudbray but a Hydro Pump from Surskit or a Burn from Gastly are usually enough to deal with it depending on its set.
:glimmet: and :pawniard: *Spikes over Stealth Rock on Glimmet could be used alongside Stealth Rock on Pawniard if you find yourself not clicking Swords Dance often; this is the only option that might be an inarguable improvement. One anti-recommendation to note; Toxic Spikes as a move on Glimmet may be tempting but more value is gained from having the ability to deal heavy damage to Poison and Steel Types with Mud Slap as well as deal consistent damage from Stealth Rock or Spikes.

:gastly: Tera Fight is an option on Gastly to more easily deal with Pawniard but the team struggles much more against Girafarig that are Tera Fight as Gastly has no way to get enough damage on Girafarig after it eliminates Pawniard unless both Sticky Web and Toxic Spikes are up.

:crabrawler: Tera Ghost could be used on Crabrawler to help spinblock with becoming weak to Sucker Punch and vulnerable to Paralysis being its primary disadvantages.

:toedscool: Toxic Spikes over Power Whip on Toedscool is an option if you really want a more guaranteed way to set them, but you lose out on its potential to remove opposing spinners. Spore over Power Whip on Toedscool is another option, but you run into the same problem.

:surskit: Bug Buzz over Giga Drain on Surskit is an option as it sometimes makes Girafarig easier to deal with, but without Giga Drain your Rain matchup becomes more difficult.
Initially I was quite frustrated with trying to make this archetype work in this meta, but after going through a few iterations I think the team I ended up building is a lot of fun to use and holds its own against a lot of common team structures. Being able to lure in Girafarig and eliminate it is quite powerful and baiting in spinners and removing them in order to put down Sticky Web late into games is a lot more engaging than just leading Focus Sash Surskit every game unless you see a Diglett.
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Happy Holidays Snapteryx ! Your idea of dragon dance larvitar was interesting and gave me a challenge to build. I am a bad teambuilder myself so constructive criticism is most welcome

This is the team

Larvitar uses flame orb to trigger guts and has brick break for opposing steel types

Girafarig is the grass type switchin with sap sipper, the set is double screens twin beam and hyper voice, i would run weakness policy instead of eviolite

Quaxly is the water/ice switchin and can be a threatening sweeper with rapid spin and Moxie, the Tera type is flying

Next up is pawniard which switches in on dark types and uses brick break, also it has aerial ace for fighting types

Gastly can switchin on fighting/ground types and uses will o wisp to shut down physical attackers, the Tera type is electric with thunderbolt which is a surprise option

Lastly glimmet does glimmet things

Hope it helps

Thank you all for the experience
Happy holidays Mithrandir007! Glad I could help with Skrelp. Admittedly I haven't gotten to ladder with this bunch as much as I'd like to but the end result feels very solid.
:skrelp: Initially I started with this bulky specs version of Skrelp. It could often tank a hit and KO back, or do some serious damage on a switch, but after playing with it a bunch I decided that it weighs the team down way too much. I switched to Scarf and it's been performing a lot better, even if it's not as fun to click with. Tera Water barely improves Skrelp's damage and removes Poison Adaptability, so while it's the best option for Skrelp it still isn't a very good one.
:larvesta: Larvesta is a great partner for Skrelp, switching into a handful of its common resists and often pivoting into Skrelp with U-turn. 15 speed lets it outspeed and burn Quaxly, at which point you can heal off its hits (and do nothing back). Water is a great defensive tera type in a pinch, although I never use it in my games.
:diglett: Diglett is a natural pair for these two, removing resists to Skrelp like Mareanie and pivoting in off of Larvesta. With Life Orb, Diglett can finish off many weakened mons that threaten your team--and even moreso with Tera Ground. Remember z-ground dig? LO tera ground is stronger than (or at worst equal to) that, and you can use it multiple times a game. Substitute has great utility in this meta for scouting Tera, dodging Sucker Punches, you name it. Sucker Punch is the most flexible slot: you could use Stealth Rock instead if you like, but I found the priority is very handy in most games.
:toedscool: Toedscool fills out the classic fire-water-grass combo, and provides much needed hazard removal for Larvesta. Knock Off with 12 attack will OHKO non-Eviolite Gastly, and Bullet Seed capitalizes on that attack investment. Spikes are fantastic support for the rest of the team, dealing the often necessary chip for Skrelp and Diglett to do their jobs. Toedscool's Tera typing doesn't matter too much--I chose Dark as it's a useful defensive typing and also boosts Knock Off.
:girafarig: Girafarig synergizes well with Diglett trapping resists as well as Toedscool removing Eviolite from bulky pokemon. Nasty Plot gives you a great win-con in most games, and Psychic/Fighting coverage happens to hit common resists to Skrelp very hard.
:pawniard: Scarf Pawniard manages to give great speed control while still being a solid defensive backbone. This handles a lot of problem that the rest of the team can run into, especially in late-game situations when your opponent starts boosting up.
Though I'm a fan of Skrelp as well I have to admit it feels like a liability in 90% of games. This team would be much better with a different mon instead of Skrelp--maybe Gastly or Quaxly--but it still functions well with that funny little seaweed. Good luck with the team, hope you enjoy!


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Happy Holidays PlayerPier2 ! So here's my take on a Tera Fire Smoliv Sun team, I hope you like it!

:smoliv: :tinkatink: :drifloon: :diglett: :numel: :shroodle:

So the best use I could see of Harvest Smoliv was with Starf Berry. Starf Berry allows you to boost a random stat by 2 stages, which means that it's the only berry that can boost every stat if given the time. I gave it Substitute and Synthesis to give it the necessary turns. I did not include Weather Ball but put Tera Blast instead, since I think it's generally more useful, as sun will generally run out before Smoliv gets going, and Tera Blast is a stronger STAB outside of weather, even if Smoliv doesn't terastallize.
I added Numel to Smoliv to make it a team revolved around two sun setup sweepers. Diglett and Shroodle help them set up by using Sunny Day and Memento/Parting Shot. Drifloon and Tinkatink are glue to the team. Tinkatink provides hazards, resists Nymble's attacks, and can soft check a bunch of stuff, while Drifloon is the hazard removal and acts as a Ground and Fight immune. I first tried Power Herb Phantom Force Drifloon, but I found Normal Gem more interesting: it can trigger it by using Tera Blast normally, while using the same moveslot to hit Pawniard if needed. I added Explosion for fun, in case it's useful. It's always possible to replace Explosion by Phantom Force and the Normal Gem by Power Herb if you want (it's probably better lol).

I've tested this team on ladder, and have gotten a few Smoliv sweeps (although it was either low ladder or against Drifting sooo...), but the team is probably not too solid lol. Anyway, hope you enjoy the team and your holidays!

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merry christmas to Éric!​

as requested santa is delivering a sticky webs team for you. it could probably use a bit more polish but i hope you will enjoy it regardless :)
:surskit: :gastly: :diglett: :pawniard: :girafarig: :crabrawler:

:gastly: gastly is here to spinblock! with both icy wind and tbolt, you are equipped to take care of toed and quaxly. tera fight and tera blast are there in case you find yourself facing down a +2 pawn.

:diglett: speaking of pawn, this diglett set is designed to give you a couple of outs vs it since it will inevitably come in on your webs and get a free +2 - sub and protect help put sucker mind games in your favor, and tera dark can be used to resist and live a sucker punch.

:pawniard:+2 pawn is very powerful as mentioned above, so why not have your own?


:crabrawler: i had a bulk up rufflet in this slot but since it was banned i've slotted in a crabrawler instead. hopefully it will function similarily, if you're having trouble with it maybe you can try another strong physical attacker like mudbray?

thank you to wesh papillon and Collette for helping me build this team!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! And especially to JustNot who asked for a team with Stakeout Maschiff and Glimmet hazards!

:Maschiff: :Glimmet: :Bramblin: :Nymble: :Finizen: :Foongus:

Maschiff and Glimmet were given as the mons to build around, with Maschiff being choice scarf and Glimmet being hazard spam.

Team building started with Bramblin, as I needed something to keep hazards on the field with that being part of the request. Bramblin blocks spin from Toedscool and threatens back with Power Whip and also offers its own hazard control. A simple pick and overall good mon.

For this Secret Santa I wanted to make something fun to use, so that's where Nymble and Finizen come in! Courtesy of the LC UU open challenge tournament, Nymble has been a a fun, hard hitting mon to use. It's Tinted Lense U-Turn helps bring in Maschiff, and First Impression is very threatening.

This Finizen set is from gali in the LC UU tournament. I loved it when I saw it in use, and thought when combined with a hazard stacking it could fit on a team like this. Agility allows it to outspeed the entire metagame barring scarf diglet, allowing for a bit more bulk and more power. Finizen is the only mon in LC that gets boomburst, making Terra Normal a unique niche for it.

To wrap things up for an offensive team like this is a standard defense Foongus to act as the glue. Spore helps give switches to our frail mons, and Clear Smog acts as counterplay to setup spam.

I have not been able to keep up with the SV metagame these past months, so this team likely doesn't handle some of the metagame threats very well, but I hope you're able to have some fun moments with it JustNot , Merry Christmas! :snover: :cubchoo: :diglett: :pawniard: :toedscool: :drifloon:
Merry Christmas Reuben_Thomas05, here is the SubPunch Cubchoo team that you requested.
The idea behind cubchoo is that with snow, it is able to become a fast sweeper in the end game. I paired this mon with Diglett to help remove Pokemon that could halt its sweep such as Mareanie, Pawniard and Tinkatink. Pairing it with Snover makes sense as you need the snow. Toedscool is for spinning and the ability to remove eviolite thanks to knock off. Pawniard is the stealth rocker (and also just a good glue Pokémon). Finally Drifloon is just a overall good Pokémon, being able to outspeed most of the metagame with an unburden boost while also spreading status in the form of will-o-wisp. Destiny bond is there to trade with the opponent for Pokemon you might feel threaten your team.


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:wingull: :diglett: :houndour: :quaxly: :girafarig: :pawniard:
Merry Christmas! ihbst Here's the wingull team you requested, sorry im a bit late and I hope the team works because it hasn't been really tested and this is also my first svlc team and i haven't played a game of svlc until today :worrywhirl: . I figured probably wingull rain would be the easiest way to use wingull, but there's already so many rain teams in this thread so I wanted to try something different. So i present: something with wingull and houndour? Main idea was wingull needs some help pressuring fat waters like quaxly, and houndour does a pretty good job luring and weakening fat waters, or so i hope. Diglett is for trapping annoying steels like pawniard and magnemite, Quaxly is for rapid spin support since wingull is rocks weak and has no recovery, and girafarig and pawniard are there just to glue the team together. Honestly there's probably a better 6th than pawniard, but I don't really know what to put, i think if you wanna replace it something that handles mudbray, deals with rain would be good, since the team does not have a great rain mu and can't really switch into mudbray. Hope you like it, if you have any suggestions lmk as well!
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