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After breeding my boxes are getting pretty full. I have boxes full of 4iv gale wing fletchlings, gibles, and joltiks spitbacks. Also have 3 ivs as well.

I am interested in spitbacks of equal ivs and items such as leftovers, metal coat, etc.
Metal coat!? When I get my hands on a few metal coat, I will trade with you against a joltik or a flethching gale wing or even all of them. We'll how my luck will be when I'll go grind for metal coat tomorrow.
Quad Iv Careful Skiddos for sale I have both Sap sipper and Grass Pelt, overflowing with these things D:<

Will take other quads, or items, or maybe just something I don't already own.
LF Female Huge Power Diggersby from Friend Safari (any 2 max IV combo except Sp Atk) caught in a Nest Ball.

Willing to trade a Timid male Torrent Froakie 31/x/31/31/31/31 with Toxic Spikes in return.

Please pm me if interested. Thanks.
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