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Hi all.

Since Datel Powersaves has given us a new way to view Egg Shiny Values I'm starting my own personal list of TSV's for the Eggs I breed as the old ones seem very out if date and few people I've contacted from the old lists are not active any longer.

If you know your TSV and would like me to add you to my list please PM me with your TSV, FC and IGN.

I will only ask you to hatch a competitive shiny and as I can use Powersaves to clone Eggs I will ask you to hatch 2. One for me and one for you to keep.


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LF: A cloner
I need multiple copies made of some 5IV Kalos bred Shiny Pokemon, feel free to keep a copy for yourself, of course. PM me.
Looking for 5V Yveltal, Xerneas, or Zygarde, and a 5V Monsoon Vivillon in a matching ball. Check my thread for what I can offer.
For Trade:
5 IV Flawless Adamant Marvel Scale Dratini with Extreme Speed, Aqua Jet and Dragon Dance
5 IV Flawless Modest Rotom
5 IV Flawless Jolly Poison Heal/Effect Spore Shroomish with Bullet Seed
5 IV Flawless Jolly Scrappy Kangaskhan
5 IV Flawless Modest Sap Sipper/Hydration Goomy
5 IV Flawless Impish Immunity Gligar
5 IV Flawless Adamant Blaze Charmander with Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Flare Blitz and Outrage
5 IV Flawless Impish Natural Cure/Frisk Phantump (also have a 6 IV Natural Cure one)
4 IV Flawless Bold Prankster Sableye with Recover and Trick
BP Items
Lucky Eggs

Looking for:
5 IV Flawless Adamant Defiant Pawniard with Knock Off and Sucker Punch
5 IV Flawless Adamant Technician Scyther with Bug Bite, Knock Off and Super Power
Competitive Pokébank Legends (mainly Heatran, Thundurus-I and Landorus) - Will trade 2 or 3 of my pokés for them, depending on the offer (can be RNG'd and/or cloned, but please no hack)
Competitively Breed HP pokés (like HP Grass/Fire Froakie and HP Ice/Grass Rotom) - Will normally trade 2 pokés or 1 poké and an item for them
5 IV Flawless Modest/Calm/Bold Anticipation Eevee with Hyper Voice
5 IV Flawless Timid Rotom

These are my main wants, but I'm open to offers. PM me if interested.
looking for leftovers, don't care what pokemon is traded as long as they come with it
can offer modest hp fire magnezone among other things
Do you happen to have a goomy with gooey? or a Gabite with Rough Skin? I am not fussed on IV's as I can breed them up. Happy to trade the leftovers for either of them
Do you happen to have a goomy with gooey? or a Gabite with Rough Skin? I am not fussed on IV's as I can breed them up. Happy to trade the leftovers for either of them
Hey, if he doesn't have the gible, I have spitbacks of them. I could also go catch a Gabite if you want a certain ball.
I believe I could go catch a Sliggoo as well but not for sure on that one.
also after stealth rock swampert
can offer
japanese 6 iv timid ditto
italian 6 iv modest ditto
shiny 6 iv modest gooey goodra
shiny 6 iv brave aegislash
shiny 6 iv timid vulpix with hex
shiny 6 iv adamant metagross


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Got a spare Kalos born shiny 5v Jolly charmander w/ dragon dance, outrage, flare blitz. pm if interested
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Im looking for any Female Prankster Cottonee in a Heal Ball. I can Trade my Shiny 4IV, Sturdy Kalos Bred Aron with Egg Moves for one.
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