Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 49 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

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probably. i dont really know how to find which one is you. this is my first time using the trade system
In the GTS you deposit a mon and ask for another, but you don't have any control over what you receive other than species, gender and level range (which among other things it means you can't ask for abilities). Eventually someone likes what you're offering and sends a mon.
Anyone has a female HA Lileep in a Premier, Luxury, Repeat or Dive ball, a Repeat ball female HA Foongus and a female Safari ball Phanpy in gen 6 ? I can offer tons of breedjects. Also looking for UM/Moon exclusive Fortune tents and clothes.
Does anyone have the following flawless mons for trade?
- Adamant Sheer Force Krabby in a Repeat/Fast Ball with Agility, Knock Off
- Careful/Jolly Skorupi in a Dream Ball with Whirlwind, Pursuit
- Timid HA Girafarig in a Ultra Ball
- Hasty Elekid in a Ultra/Fast Ball with HP Grass spread and Ice Punch
- Impish Overcoat Burmy in a Dream Ball
- Quiet Gulpin
- Jolly Dunsparce in a fitting ball with Headbutt
- Timid HA Staryu in a Dream or Dive Ball
- Rash Heatmor in a Repeat/Dream/Poke Ball with Sucker Punch

And the following Pokemon that don't need good ivs:
- Timid Flame Body Moltres
- Naive HP Fire Diancie
- Rash/Naive Deoxys
- Modest Unown in a Luxury Ball with HP Psychic
- Lonely/Hasty Stantler with Sucker Punch
- adamant/brave Ha Spinda with Superpower
- Hasty/Naive/Jolly/Adamant HA Tauros with Bodyslam
- Timid Arceus

Other things:
- Pal Dialga USUM serialcode
- Smogon Giveaway Inciniroar

I can offer the following 5 Iv mons:
- Timid Magnemite in a Heavy Ball with HP Fire
- Timid Ha Treeko in a Luxury Ball with (HP Fire), Leaf Storm, Gigadrain, Leech Seed
- Bold Pink Shellos in a Dream Ball with Fissure, Counter, Yawn, Mirror Coat
- Relaxed/Bold Ha Illumise/Volbeat
- Jolly Ha aerodactyl in a Dream Ball with Pursuit, Whirlwind, Tailwind, Wide Guard,
- Adamant Krabby in a Fast Ball with Agility, Knock Off, Amnesia, Ally Switch
- Adamant Solrock
- Impish HA Spiritomb in a Premier Ball with Foul Play
- Adamant Koamala in a Moon ball with Sing, Charm, Wish, Play Rough
- Jolly HA Weedle in a Ultra Ball
- Impish HA Trubbish in a Friend Ball with Spikes, Rock Blast, Selfdestruc, Rollout
- Timid HA Abra in a Level Ball with Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Encore, Knock Off
- Adamant Sudowoodo in a Level Ball with Selfdestruct, Stealth Rock, Rock Out, Defense Curl
- Jolly/Impish Tyrogue with High Jump Kick, Rapid Spin, Mach Punch
- Adamant HA Swinub in a Heavy Ball with Freeze Dry, Stealth Rock, Icycle Crash
- Calm Chimecho in a Friend Ball with Wish, Stored Power
- Timid Ha Cyndaquil (HP Grass) with Extrasensory
- Timid Ha Roselia in a Safari Ball (HP Fire) with Sleep Powder, Gigadrain, Spikes, Synthesis
- Bold Koffing in a Heavy Ball with Psywave, Toxic Spikes, Pain Split, Grudge
- Adamant Marill in a Love Ball with Superpower, Bodyslam, Aqua Jet, Belly Drum
- Modest/Timid Tortunator in a Repeat Ball with Head Smash, Fire Spin
- Timid Ha Woobat in a Luxury Ball with Stored Power, Knock Off, Venom Drench
- Timid Ralts in a Dream Ball with Disable, Shadow Sneak, Ally Switch, Grudge
- Jolly HA Buneary in a Dream Ball with Encore, Fake Out, Ice Punch, Fire Punch
- Modest HA Skrelp in a Luxure Ball with Toxic Spikes, Play Rough, Haze
- Timid Zoroa in a Luxury Ball with Sucker Punch, Detect, Extrassensory
- Modest Chinchou in a Beast Ball with Amnesia, Agility, Mist
- Modest/timid Deino in a Beast Ball with Earth Power, Dark Pulse
- Modest Numel in a Luxury Ball with Heat Wave, Iron Head, ancient Power
- Jolly Any Ability Kabuto in a Dream Ball with Knock Off, Icy Wind, Giga Drain, Mud Shot
- Timid Misdreavus in a Dream Ball with Nasty Plot, Memento, Curse, Destiny Bond
- Jolly Ponyta in a Repeat Ball with Horse Power, Morning Sun, Hypnosis

- Hypertrained Adamant Entei in a Repeat Ball
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I'm a bit late to the party but... Could I get hold of a Rockruff with HA anywhere? :]

* Edit * Thank you Pride! ^^
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