1v1 SM 1v1 Cup - Round 3 [REPLAYS REQUIRED]

Thank you for the art bored_glitch!
SM 1v1- Round 3
Welcome to the SM 1v1 Cup, the first tournament of 1v1 Classic VI! This tournament features a cash prize for the winner, with the entirety of 1v1 Classic featuring a Custom Avatar Prize!

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • 1v1 Classic rules can be read here.
  • Gen 7 1v1. Bring 3 Pokemon, pick 1.
  • Battles must take place on main server or smogtours under the format [Gen 7] 1v1.
  • Best of five, single elimination.
  • If you don't get your match done, I will give the activity win to someone at random or their opponent or coinflip it. If both users are constantly making contact but can't set up a specific time, I will give an extension for 3 days. Do not rely on this because I might just flip your game if minimal effort was put in.
  • Replays are required.
  • Do not make baseless activity posts; get in contact with your opponent and report missed times / scheduling issues only.
Ruleset - Obtainable, Species Clause, Nickname Clause, Moody Clause, OHKO Clause, Evasion Moves Clause, Accuracy Moves Clause, Swagger Clause, Endless Battle Clause, HP Percentage Mod, Cancel Mod, Team Preview
Bans - Arceus, Darkrai, Deoxys-Base, Deoxys-Attack, Deoxys-Defense, Dialga, Giratina, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Kangaskhan-Mega, Kyogre, Kyurem-Black, Kyurem-White, Lugia, Lunala, Marshadow, Mewtwo, Mimikyu, Necrozma-Dawn-Wings, Necrozma-Dusk-Mane, Palkia, Rayquaza, Reshiram, Salamence-Mega, Shaymin-Sky, Snorlax, Solgaleo, Tapu Koko, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zekrom, Focus Sash, Perish Song, Detect + Fightinium Z


Round 3:

Bernian  vs  Flipper1
martinvtran  vs  frostyicelad
Bomb21XD  vs  Leru
bo_bobson27  vs  ASKid679
DEG  vs  Elo Bandit
Eivor  vs  gorex
 vs  Mom Lover
zo vs  Boat
Notater  vs  cleffa hater
BigBoers285  vs  STABLE
 vs  HeyMan
Askov  vs  Close
QWILY  vs  Mubs
 vs  bea
Nhanttt  vs  RL
Justdelemon  vs  XSTATIC COLD
 vs  be7
Founder N  vs  Chris32156
 vs  Goblin
Mattorr Is Cute  vs  Landocat
Failbor  vs  ciarion
smely socks  vs  gorilaa
Kzinha vs  DezShizzels
 vs  XanderUrBoi

The deadline for extensions is Wednesday October 5th, at 11:59 PM GMT-4.
The deadline for this round is Sunday, October 9th, at 11:59 PM GMT-4.
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calling act, opp not connected since monday (also probably saw my message, given that the last time he went offline was after i posted my first comment about the match, also i'm not gonna be on sunday so don't even try)
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We have schedule and we have both forgot the schedule. I remember that today and send a message on his profile. He doesnt respond. Claiming act because i have to go to sleep and cant play.

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