Finals Smogon Champions League - Finals [Won by the Orange Islanders]

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This was an incredibly well-earned victory! I know I wasn't too much help for the team, but it was an honor getting to help the Islanders out from the start and thank you so much Staxi and Stone_Cold for giving me the opportunity to hop on board to lend a hand in the first place!

And, of course, a major shoutout to everyone else who has made it as far as they have this tour. It was incredible to see so many communities get together to play and it was a blast to watch from start to finish! Here's to the future!!!
I was super surprised and excited when I got picked up in the auction. I never expected us to get here but here we are. Its been really awesome meeting all of you and playing by your side. Thanks for carrying me to a trophy lmao

pdt I really didn't know you much before this tour. All I really knew is that you played most tiers, and you were pretty good at them. You helped out a ton with building and everything throughout the tour. It was nice being able to rely on you to ease some of the stress of this tour. The few weeks you took over for me were a much needed break for me. You didn't have the best showing this tour, but you're a great player and a chill dude. I still don't know why I was a starter instead of you tbh.
Staxi I enjoyed how much staxi was a punching bag lmao :^). Although you weren't super active in the chats you did cheer us on and put in work in the drafts. You were a p chill manager despite being Fr*nch.
Stone_Cold You were a crazy manager. Very nice guy. Every week you would message me, and I assume the other players, to congratulate us on wins/ask how we feel/let us know what you're thinking for the next week. You were really awesome at unifying our team and making me feel welcome. Thanks to both of you for drafting me.
Bag of Trixx You were really chill. Helped me out a bunch with teambuilding and games. Also it was super funny when you got high and in broken English decided that you wanted to share your love for us in #island-talk.
TJ You weren't super active in the NU chat but you did help out a decent amount with input and a few games. That's not really what I remember most about you though. Before finals I was getting real anxious about my upcoming game and you DM'd me about it and reassured me. That's a sick thing to do. You also seemed like a really awesome guy to talk to, and gave me $10 which was super awesome, thanks for that. I went to Wendy's :^)
ACR1 My boy. You were pretty much the only helper I added throughout the first like 10 weeks of the tour. It was awesome having you around to bounce team ideas of off and just chill with in the other chats. You were a massive help in the building and testing process throughout the entire tour and I hope we have more fun in store for us in the future :)
S1nn0hC0nfirm3d Honestly probably my biggest rival (of course a pal too) in this tournament lol. We tested vs each other like every week. I appreciate all the games and help during that last week. You are a very good player and a tough opponent. turtledoggo1Aawin Togkey daniYSB You all are NU goats, thanks for all the tests games.

zben Thanks for getting me to do tours lol look at my trophy bro :)

There's of course many others that I did not mention these are really just the ones I can say a little more too than, "Thanks for helping me teambuild/playing games with me/you were super chill to talk to." Even if I did not know you too well or interact with you much, it was still really awesome talking to you in #boop and #island-talk. I hope I get to see you all in the future. Thanks for making this a really awesome experience.

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What a crazy season, this team has always had that will to win and positive wholesome atmosphere so it was really fun to be a part of this team. Every one of yall really deserve this trophie, and all the players were able to step up and get clutch wins when the time called for it. The team has just had a great vibe around it, even during the late stretch when burning out was a real concern the team never let the foot off the pedal. Sadly I wasn’t able to help much in games except for being smashed by TR that one week but I was glad I was able to support and cheer for the players.

avarice you were super active throughout the season supporting a multitude of tiers and always cheering the team on. im glad the team had someone like you to be the glue of the team and I hope we can team up together more often.

Exiline You were always able to get the clutch wins when it mattered with the sexiline effect (haxing and making opps choke LOOOL) but you were always rock solid in those big moments. Im glad I was able to support in whatever way possible during the season and I hope we can team up again in another future tour.

Ox the Fox It truly is the year of the Ox, you were a great presence in chat and was able to get the win more times than I can count. 3 trophies in one year is crazy shit and you deserve all of them. Your games were always super fun to watch because you made fire plays and I sincerely hope your exceptional year continues.

tazz I’m sure a large reason for Bouli’s 10-1 record was your support in LC. Whenever I opened the LC chat you were always there with bouli cooking up some spicy teams and your guys prep was always rock solid. Unfortunately you weren’t able to play as much but our lc would not be the same without you.

odr you only lost to cheese ho otherwise you always won. Whenever I watched you play it always felt like everything was just so calculated and so nice. You always gave off a vibe that you could win against anyone in the pool and it felt like you always won time and time again. Just make sure you don’t click any sus links next time lmao.

devin you had an amazing olt run and although the season didn’t go as planned, those clutch wins in the beginning weeks were the difference between a tie and a win. I sincerely wish you luck in the future, and I’m sure you’ll do amazing in your next tours.

pdt you were always super active in all the lower tier chats and from what I could see was a big help throughout. Sadly we didn’t interact much but I could see that you were always there hyping everyone up and getting everyone active. Your askov game was also really funny lmao.

Staxi fellow zac-w believer Im glad we were able to team up and win another tour. Your drafting was goated, non of the starters went negative, and you were always there to support the team. I hope we can team up again in a team tour friend.

TJ You were always kicking ass in PU and getting all the clutch wins when it mattered, and thanks for also helping to get lazy exiline to prep during playoffs. You were always so reliable and put so much effort into your own prep and helping others prep, and you hella deserve your trophie. I had a lot of fun getting to know you and I wish you luck in your future tours.

boulicrok The anchor of the team, you were definitely the most valuable player in this entire tour imo. 3k and 10-0 is just too goated, and you were somehow able to get these wins game in and game out. Especially in a tier like LC where games are fast and sometimes cheesy, you somehow just kept on winning. You’re a great player and I hope I can team up with you in the future too.

fespy You were always there in the DOU chat helping mish prep for his games and all the DOU prep really paid off in the games. You were vital to the DOU success of this team and was always there to explain the games live when mish was playing. I wasn’t able to interact with you much but I know your a great guy and I hope we can get to know each other better in the future.

Indigo Plateau No one expected you to do well in UU on the PRs, but you really proved all the doubters wrong and had a really solid tour. A lot of your games were really awesome to watch and had me on the edge of my seat, and you’ve been a great teammate to everyone as well. I hope we can team up again and grats on becoming UUTL :).

Rubyblood I didn’t see the ou channels that much but I always saw you there helping everyone out. Unfortunately you didn’t get many chances to play even though you definitely deserve it, but with your OLT run Im sure you’ll get plenty more opportunities in the future.

Stone_Cold thanks for drafting me dave, you really helped to create an amazing team tour atmosphere and really made it fun for everyone involved. Being able to keep the team cord active through 11 straight weeks is really impressive, and you were always a blast to talk to in the cord. Also grats on another trophie old man, you’re really the GOAT of managing team tours and you proved it again.

OnArceus In the beginning Im ngl it seemed a little bit rough, but you really stepped up as the tour went on and got so many clutch wins later in the tour. I think being able to bounce back like that and get the dubs is really impressive. You’re also a really great guy in general, and I hope we can team up again sometime.

mind gaming I don’t know you too well but you really stepped up and got clutch wins as the third ou slot. You seemed to be rock steady whenever I saw your games, which is really impressive considering you were only 3k.

Eternal Spirit You really pulled off some magic wins like against bea and Eo. You were a super fun guy to have as a teammate, always bringing cool teams, and I hope I can team up with you again in the future. You bringing that team with a wrong ability in it or something was also a pretty funny moment lol.

Whenever our OU was down you were always there to whip everyone into shape lol. You were always really fun in chat and was there from day 1 to support this team, and I appreciate that a lot.

Mishimono doubles is too big brain for me but whenever I saw you play you were always making goated plays and making it look so easy. You were a really fun presence in chat and just a cool guy in chat and I hope we can team up again sometime in the future. Plus whenever you won (pretty often) everyone could spam mish in the chat.

Bag of Trixx Fardin fabwooloo you three were also really helpful helpers, I saw bag of trixx everywhere, in lower tier servers and in the general chat, and you really got everyone excited with your activity. I know fab helped a lot scouting for all of our OU, which im sure greatly helped our ou players, and fardin was active in ubers chat with me bouncing ideas for exiline.

Theres more helpers that I would love to s/o but otherwise this post would be way too long, but thanks so much and we really couldn’t have done it without you. Everyone made the experience better and I had a really fun time, go islanders.

Have fun trying to guess the order islanders
I wont have time to write a full wall of text tagging every person of the team to just say either "hi we didnt interact a lot but you were an awesome team mate and did well, congrats!" or "hi we didnt interact a lot and you inted, but i enjoyed having you around, lets team up together again in the future!", but i wouldnt be myself if i finished it without at least praising you all.

Thank you for your efforts, undoubtedly we got the best group of the season since the start, hit our own spectations in the regular season and had the cherry put on top with these solid playoffs wins. Im surely a proud captain and couldnt ask more. Special mention to ox and bouli for the stellar performances, i wish i had more time to contribute as much as you did for the team, but at this point winning some games is the best i can do LOL. We wouldnt win w/o you guys stunning atm. Well done Dave for the draft and handling the team smoothly too, your maturity as a manager made a whole difference in our results, and the way you were able to manage the egocentric bomb you had in me, ox and odr was admirable. This group was only this great because you were the one leadering us, i already brought up that i wouldnt have played my games so well, with so much confidence and trying my best for a team tour atm if it wasnt for you, you were worthy every second i spent for the team. The helpers were so valuable too, i wish you all good luck and hope you get drafted to play in a near future!


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Im shit at doing those kind of texts but i'll try my best to do something fine. First i would like to thank every people on the Islanders,you guys were the goats and i really could not have dreamed about a better team especially for my first official tour. This is def one of the best team tour i've ever had since i play pokemon and this could not be possible without you all !
Stone_Cold Staxi i feel i told you already this a billion time but this is an opportunity for a last one, thank you again for picking me, i was really not confident about getting picked for this tour before you actually got me. Giving a slot to a newcomer is not always easy but it meant a lot to me about the confidence you had and it def helped me to try my really best during the whole tour. I also really appreciated the way you made sure everyone was feeling fine about their incoming games, or to congratulate when they won the game Dave. You were definitively the best managers possible and i wish i can have both of you as managers in future tours again.

tazz The man in the shadows (for a second time), as i said its a shame you couldnt get a starter spot in this SCL, but again i really dont have room to complain about this given how important you were each week in our prep channel. I know how your team choices are always insane since last LCPL and i'll continue to have 100% faith in it for the next tours we will mate in the future (which i hope will happen again). You're a huge part of why i did well in this tour as you were for Dcae last year. If some (futures?)managers are reading this, give this man more credit in tours cause he really deserve it. Update : he just said Belgium wasnt a real country so forget all what i said about him.

odr Ox the Fox TJ Eternal Spirit Mishimono pdt Exiline FatFighter2 devin avarice OnArceus Rubyblood Indigo Plateau fespy mind gaming i wont do personnal shoutouts for you all cause im really bad at this and i would prob tell nearly the same to everyone, but i would also like to thank you all for the support at every moment and for being insane team mates (except exiline), it was a real pleasure to spend those 9 weeks with you all and i hope we will have opportunities to mate again in other tours and that you will have succes in next tours too !

Also a huge thanks to all the helpers for being mega active and helping us the whole season, this win is also yours !

With that done i also want to thank a few more people :
Toadow my buddy, i found it funny we got to play in our first official tour at the same time despite beginning mons nearly together, and that we had to face eachother for our first game, s/o for being the goat tester at every time, its always good to know someones will be able to test with you when you wake up at 4AM after a nap and for missing that HJK Week 1 too !

And last, i would like to thank all my friends who cheered for me every week, you cant imagine how much it helped me to feel better before i had to play a game, hoping some of you will get the chance you should have to participate in those tours in the next years !

See you all maybe (i hope) again next time !


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It's been a challenge to find the words that illustrates just how much this tournament win means to me. First and foremost, thanks to everyone in the smogon tours discord for putting up with my antics post-win. It's all in good fun and joking around with you all during these tournaments is what brings me back year after year.

This tournament win helped relinquish the stigma that I could only win WcoP and it has also helped provide the self-confidence that I am able to assemble a championship calibre roster. This tournament will be very near and dear to me as I was able to not only win the tournament after signing up half jokingly, but I was able to team with a lot of relative newcomers who were not only experts at their tier, but their hunger and motivation helped fuel me and kept me going during this whole process.
Staxi thanks so much for teaming with me. I was fairly certain we wouldn't receive the manager spot, but we are able to do something truly special here and it's many thanks to you. You being the punching bag of the team, while also providing some extremely important key draft picks for the team cements your value in my eyes. I absolutely couldn't of accomplished this without you.

Eternal Spirit any psychopath who decides to team with you pretty much admits that they like to play video games on lunatic mode. Luckily, I like a challenge and I have always wanted to win a trophy with you. After you and I underperformed in SPL, I really had the thought process of "there's no way we fuck up this badly twice in a row", and it looks like I was correct lol. Thanks for dealing with me and being there for me, you never lost faith and that means the world.

TJ There's a big argument that you may be the most valuable person on our roster. Your drive and charisma matched mine beat for beat and you were able to be a big leader to the entire team. Always rallying the team for calls, always looking to discuss games, and always putting in major work yourself - you never let your losses discourage you and you always came back the next week hungrier than the week prior. You displayed leadership and the veteran voice the team needed and although you didn't have the best record on the team (albeit still a great fucking record lol), your activity and drive was invaluable. Thanks for all that you do!

Ox the Fox You're incapable of winning a team tournament without me, my condolences for your upcoming SPL record. And also, thank you for being such a consistent anchor who oozed confidence this entire tournament. No opponent was too difficult for you, and you were able to bring forth wins in the most vital moments. You definitely had your fair share of luck, but you were able to lead by example and help provide confidence to our newer players as well. You were a great leader to the team and I certainly hope we get to team together many more times.

boulicrok Holy moly lol. You absolutely shredded this tournament man! 10-1 as a 3k is absolutely unheard of and it's an achievement that may not happen again for a very long time. You and tazz were the perfect duo - but what makes you stand out was the ability to be one of our last games almost every week and come in with a clutch win. While most people have those nerves, you loved the challenge and you always pulled through for us! You were an amazing teammate and it was an absolute pleasure to team with you.

mind gaming You were way more active than I initially anticipated! You stepped up in the later weeks to help us secure vital wins and despite your busy schedule, you were able to contribute a great deal. Your game vs Lusa which resulted in us tieing the breakers was a huge step in us securing playoffs and you vibed well with the team! Thanks for jumping in when we needed it and being a great team player.

devin You were one of the first people I reached out to. I knew you'd be 3k because you're a headache, but you're a headache worth having! You had a better tournament than you give yourself credit for, but your drive to always go above and beyond expectations is an attribute that will take you to great heights in future tournaments. I am glad that I could purchase a few BIGS and get them a trophy, and I am sure you will accomplish many great feats here on Smogon!

Exiline Staxi and I drafted you because we knew you'd be cheap and no other team wanted to touch you. You were annoying as shit because you never prepped, and all 6 of your wins were lucky LOL. But I wouldn't have it any other way - having you as a cheap purchase with as many wins as you had was a vital reason we won this tournament! And it's very cool in itself that you got to be the worst loss of week 1 and the final win of the entire tournament! I guess we shouldn't judge a book by its cover - good shit Le Sexiline!

FatFighter2 I drafted you out of pure selfishness! I knew that Exiline was self-sufficient, but I had such a fun tour with you on the Dracovish and knew that if Exiline flopped, you could go out and win vs anyone! It was a blast teaming with you and you are such a positive chat presence! I hope you get to play a full season in the future!

Rubyblood I know that subbing was hard for you at times, and the self-sufficiency of our OU core certainly didn't help the situation. Regardless, you were a valuable asset to the team and I am glad we purchased you. I am also happy I was able to let you play week 9, your prep and play was very impressive!

Mishimono You had a great tour and I think you also ended the misconception that you're an extremely nervous un-clutch player. You beat some of the best doubles players in the tour, and you had a crucial win in the semi-finals. I definitely didn't expect to team with you during the draft process because we figured you'd be quite expensive, but I am glad Staxi pushed for you! Thanks for everything mish mish!

fespy Mish's success wouldn't of been possible without your contributions. You were a great asset to this team and after a rough spl a few years back, I am extremely happy I was able to help you win a tour! Your EV spreads are legendary and your one of the best supports for a tier I have ever seen - in fact, second only to another teammate of yours ;). You helped talked some doubles sense to me throughout the season and I am extremely appreciative of you!

Indigo Plateau LOL how far we've come. You definitely weren't thrilled at first, but I am glad you trusted my vision. I have personally seen your dominance in the UU community and knew that I wanted to team with you from day 1. I was extremely surprised that no one wanted to bid on you because to me, it seemed like you were a consensus top prospect in the tier. But whatever, that's their loss and our gain. You were a very good buddy of mine and sharing this win with you and PDT was very special and brought me back to our UUPL days! Thanks for proving the doubters wrong and making me look good!

pdt I feel awful that you got shafted from participating in the whole tournament. Your skill level coulda landed you as a starter for any other team - and it's really cool that you got to shuffle in 3 tiers and get two wins in two different tiers! I really appreciate you and I am thankful that you trusted me and that you were such an incredible teammate. You helped every lower gen tier just as I expected you would, and you were the backbone to a lot of our success. Your contributions most certainly did not go unnoticed!

avarice The cheese god. Another staxi pocket pick. When you were drafted, I literally told staxi "Avarice is great, but what the fuck are we going to do with him?" It turns out - you were able to fit into many tiers and provided tons of insight and tests throughout all the lower gens. Having you and PDT bounce around from PU-UU was broken and you were another huge factor in our success and making sure we were ready every week!

odr My first draft pick! It was a blast to team with you from start to finish! From the second I drafted you, you were a major factor in our success. From helping us in the draft process, to assuring me I could spend money on other tiers because of your self-sufficiency, to grabbing a vital win in the finals despite choking on dick - teaming with you was a wild ride and a 10/10 express lol. And I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. We were only 25% sure we would land you going into the draft, but it ended up being well worth it! You had a great tour and I know how special this win probably is to you.

OnArceus LOL man I felt like your dad at times, having to make sure you were ready to roll every week and making sure you weren't too hard on yourself. But you turned a slow start into a really great tour. And you went undefeated in playoffs which is just incredible in itself. You were a unknown pocket pick that turned out amazing (that's the theme of this team isn't it?). Thank you for giving your best every week and battling through those nerves - we couldn't of won without you.

tazz Quite possibly the most valuable sub of this tournament! You had reached out to me - and folks, this is the important of reaching out! I probably wouldn't of drafted you if you hadn't done so! But man, you were a real pleasure to team with and you're such a good teammate! Bouli's success is also your success - and it's just refreshing to have a teammate that's the full package as a team player. I know you'll eventually want to play a full season and you definitely deserve that, but if I had it myself, you'd play for me every year given just how damn good you are at LC as a player and support!

ima and to round this out is my good buddy ima! We've teamed for 2.5 tours now and I love your presence! You're just one cool dude and you always bring positivity. I am so glad you asked to hang around with me and I truly enjoyed your company! I hope that we can officially win together one day - that's on my bucket list! You're an amazing person and I truly appreciate everything you brought to this team.

Thank you everyone who helped the team this season as well - whether it was for the playoffs or the entire season, we couldn't of had this amazing victory without all of you! I got to meet some really great people this tournament and this victory is most definitely a victory for all of us! Thank you to M Dragon Fardin ausma ACR1 turtledoggo1 Luna termi Vulpix03 Excal Bag of Trixx Yellow Paint JRL fabwooloo S1nn0hC0nfirm3d TPP. Much love to you all!
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late but big congrats to the islanders; especially to dave, ox, and tj. dave winning a non-wcop tour cementing yourself as by far the winningest manager of all time. ox for a superb year; it's crazy how different things went after spl for you, you've been incredible. and tj for not having to lose to termi again.

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