Smogon Premier League 5 - Week 9

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Had the game won 100% and it got stolen from me.

If anyone needs an explination, all I wanted that entire game was for his heatran to HIT ONE FUCKING FIRE BLAST against my jirachi it missed both and i couldn't trap it with dugtrio. That heatran was the only thing stopping resttalk swampert. Later in the game heatran was weakened I had zapdos to fodder on it, but who cares right? He just crits my swampert.
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Anyone who saw the log can tell you had the game lost. The Hax i got was irrelevant as fuck.

Edit: Anyway, It's gonna be hard to make play offs after the two stolen wins in a row the classiests took. But, if anyone can make miracles happen it's my teammates, c'mon guys we were last placed team by week 5, what we did to get here was a harder task than the one we've got now. Les get it.

also me n nitroo are cool, if there's anyone besides my teammates that I'd like to give a trophy to, it's nitroo.
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ggs classiest, and im proud of the hard work scooters put in. could've been easy to just give up at mid-season, but everyone worked really hard until the end.

gotta give a couple shoutouts:

bkc: thanks for picking me and helping me with teams, there's definitely no way i'd have had the success i did without your assistance getting me back into things

masterclass: biggest shoutout to this guy for providing me with 4 undefeated teams. i was really impressed by your skills during this SPL, and i would not be surprised to see you win next smogon tour. i know i told you that before, but you're definitely one of the top players in the game right now

dice + bro fist: thanks for testing, advice, and supporting me

pdc: thanks for teams boss, and it was a pleasure as always to hang out with you again


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well played soulgazer, sub punch Pikachu couldn't achieve .. Good luck in playoffs classiest

to my scooters -

It was a good season and we turned it around after 0-3-1 to force a play down against the classiest, we didn't win but it was still a miracle we made it this far. It was a fun season and I made a lot of new friends, the top 5 vegetable, Juan the none American, pdc, Makiri, Triangles, Majin and even more. Sorry for not using your team cbb, but sub punch Pika wanted to shine. The season was a very enjoyable one and that includes the trolling Dice and Sweepage did, but thank you Scooters, Ruiniers, and other friends for making my first SPL a great one

On the bright side, I finally got to use Tangela
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If you had the game 100% won then you would've won.

Look, I lost a ~1/10000 against colchonero in I wanna say SPL3? because I had to 1v1 Zapdos endgame against Blissey. I missed five out of my last seven Thunder PP and it double crit with Struggle on my last two Thunder PP, causing me to lose the Struggle war. Floppy beat me in less than ten turns because I let him setup JoltWak and then he crit twice in a row, killing both mons on my team that survive +2 Marowak. (And that's "only" 1/256, the chance of an attack in RBY missing which has certainly happened to people before in SPL or otherwise.) masterclass pls


rey must be p salty right now too
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