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does anyone know any pokemon similar to gholdengo which either got banned or at least considered for ban, not because they were overpowered, but because they enabled strategies that were considered unhealthy for the metagame?
Deoxys (Defense and Speed) in generation 5 is the first I thought of for spikes stacking. Also in gen6 I believe with the DeoSharp archetype. Arguably Sableye-Mega in late ORAS for stall.


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the rules of Smogon say that you cannot make a post in violation of the law. but which law is that. there are nearly 200 countries in the world, each with different laws. which one do I obey?
it's roughly the law of the USA (on a federal level, really). it's legal cover because the website is hosted there, and the relationship between the internet and the law is iffy anyway for the most part

but other rules matter far more.


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what was the deosharp? and what did sableye mega do?
deoxys sets hazards and bisharp punishes defog attempts, creating a lose-lose scenario for the opposing team since they either have to live with the hazards or risk bisharp claiming a KO.

mableye shut down a lot of tactics to beat stall (status, hazards, spin attempts, etc) which caused stall to be "unbeatable". powercreep eventually led to it being unbanned in SM, however.


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found some SPL battle backgrounds in the showdown fx index, any idea how to get these to pop up in battle or if they're just unused?
It was part of battle mode for SPL X tour games, not usable since.
is there a smogon forum where you can post a thread with all of the teams you've made? not necessarily to have people see it, more so to keep track.
How do i customize the text under my username? I requested and was approved for an unlock on the name change thread, which I assumed let me edit it as I please but I don't see anywhere I can do that. Thanks.


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I think a feature that would be real nice is if in the Find Threads section of the forums it had a section specifically for posts you have been tagged in, I've played tours in a few different metagames and digging up each thread to find the round thread is mildly inconvenient, definitely not something major but would make for a nice quality of life feature.


It COULD potentially slot into the alerts section around about this area but right now alerts usually gets heavily cluttered with notifications for reactions to posts

Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 21.11.44.png

in short, I am lazy

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