Smogon VGCPL II - Player Signups (Custom Avatar Prize)

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This is the player signup thread for VGCPL II. Player signups will be open until April 27th.

VGCPL Overview:
  • There will be 8 teams in VGCPL II. Teams will field 8 starters and a minimum of 4 substitutes. The max team size is 15.
  • We will draft using an auction of 120K credits.
  • Format Overview is as follows:
    • 6x VGC 2022 Series 12
    • 1x VGC Gen 7 Rotational Slot
    • 1x Old VGC Rotational Slot (all formats TBD)
  • There will be no retains and/or poaching of players.
The managers for this tournament are:
Seven Island Stoutlands - Zelda Dawg Helios of Sun
Pacifidlog Politoeds - Deathstroke Mattadome02
Hau'oli City Ohana - Megamite baaaaaat
Lumiose Luxray - Borghi Grandmas Cookin
Zui Zoruas - raisedintyo Wille abhayfive
Mistralton Aerial Aces - yuki trace Clipperz
Jubilife Reporters - duckpond ceree
Postwick Pranksters - Netherious ChongjunVGC Eshi

Signup Format:
Name: this can be a different name than your Smogon account if you go by something else in the VGC community
  • A Smogon account older than 30 days OR with a minimum of 5 posts
  • A Twitter account registered in February of 2022 or earlier
  • A Discord account that is 6 months old or older
Formats Played: List all formats from VGC 2017 to VGC 2022 that you will be comfortable playing in the tournament. Older gen 8 formats listed is helpful, as it will help us determine the formats for the final rotational slot
Bio: An optional slot for you to list accomplishments or anything that you would like to tell managers about yourself.

Blank Template:
Relevant Social Media:
Formats Played:

Example Signup:

Name: zee
Relevant Social Media: this smogon account, oomfie#5449 discord account
Formats Played: VGC 19, Series 5, Series 10, VGC 2022
Bio: vgc player

The tournament will be expected to start in early May and run for 7 weeks of regular season with 2 extended weeks for Regionals and US Nationals. Please only sign up if you are willing to make such a time commitment.
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Name: Pyreon
Relevant Social Media: @PyreonPT | Pyreon#5885
Formats Played: 2017, 2018, 2019U, 2020 (S1-5), 2021 (S7/9, S10), 2022
Bio: Playing since 2015. Lots of experience in draft leagues, played in NPA 8 and 9 and played in the previous VGCPL and Winter League. Had my best overall season in 2017 and made Worlds in 2019 with two 6-2 Regional finishes. In 2022 finished T16 in the recent Winter Seasonal.
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Name: Tiki
Relevant Social Media: Twitter (tikichase), Discord (tikichase#0001)
Formats Played: current format, played some 2016/18 but mostly a gen8 player
Bio: I havent played in a draft league in a while and i want to no longer be washed now that live events are back

Edit: Im interested in a league where I can get some experience in previous formats
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Name: JashSmash
Relevant Social Media: @jash_smash on Twitter and @JashSmash#4436 on Discord
Formats Played:
I've been playing since late 2016
Hey I'm JashSmash and I've been fairly active on Smogon since around 2018 and I was the cohost of last year's VGCPL and the host of the Winter League. I have a big love for team tours and have a lot of experience with them even though I've never actually been on a team. I placed 99th overall at Salt Lake regionals this year and want to take this opportunity to work with other strong players to get better at the game myself!
Name: Pengy
Relevant Socials: @PengyTwitch on Twitter, Pengy#2403 on Discord
Formats: Any Gen 8, but nothing else
Bio: Top 8 Liverpool, top 32 SLC, top 4 X9 Championship #3. Bunch of other lesser results. I consistently do well in team leagues (5-2 USPA, 5-3 World Cup, 3-2 PGL2, 6-2 current VCL season).


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Name: Spurrific
Relevant Social Media: no
Formats Played: all
Bio: Duel Links Team Wars Season 8 MVP, DLTW Season 4 Champion, 3x DLTW Division All-Star, 2x DLTW Player of the Week, 1x DLTW Player of the Month, DLTW 100 wins club. can't play week 1 unless it's a double week
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