SPL XII - Commencement Thread


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Congrats on 8-3 Craig.
Congrats to the Wolfpack, I knew you were destined for greatness ever since you beat me in smogon championship
Really happy for talah mael ABR (carried)
Star, 10-2 is fucking crazy, good shit. Every time I play you I know that I'm playing a really good player. You stay consistent through everything and thats hella impressive dawg
Tyrants, you guys are threatening as hell, and I really thought your new gens were the best this whole tournament and I still do. All of you pretty much had a great season so I hope this loss doesnt put you guys down. Eo especially, I know you might be feeling bad after that loss but I still look up to you as a person and player and your domination from Snake will never disappear. And Craig, congrats on the 8-3.

I've livestreamed every SPL weekend up to week 1 with many faces like FlamingVictini McMeghan Finchinator Eo Ut Mortus lax Coconut z0mOG Luthier Leo elodin baddummy choolio Empo 100percentpureheat blarghlfarghl and more, if you're interested in looking back at this SPL I will always have them up on my YouTube! Here is the VOD for today

Be sure to follow McMeghan, Finch, Luthier, BKC and FV on YT and Twitch. Competitive Smogon on YT needs more recognition in this day and age, and these 5 are the best I know that cover every game and provide amazing analysis. I cant thank them enough for helping me get into the streaming community in general, if you really want to get into the community and participate in tournaments like these I highly recommend them the most as you can learn so much from just watching their vids. Huge shout out to Roro for helping me when I was starting with everything :heart:

I also had a post SPL interview with talah like 35 minutes into the VOD so if you want to hear that it's a good one!
Will stream WCOP Qualifiers and WCOP in general!

Look at zoms post SPL team showcase plz
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