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There are still votes remaining, but the result is decided. Even if the remaining 14 votes were for Unban, it would fail to reach the 60% supermajority required, meaning Shadow Tag will remain banned from SS DOU. The current voting breakdown is as follows:

Unban: 8 (11%)
Remain Banned: 50 (69%)
Votes Remaining: 14 (19%)
Abstain: 1

This thread will remain open until the deadline stated in the OP (Sunday, June 6, at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (GMT -4)) to allow people to cast their votes. If you now meet the requirements for TC (4 votes in DOU suspects or 10 total) message me or MajorBowman with your votes.

Edit: Animesh posted while I was posting so wasn't included in the above numbers
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