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Sword and Shield RU Viability Rankings

Welcome to the official Sword and Shield RU Viability Rankings thread! In this thread, we as a community will rank every usable Pokemon into ranks. You're encouraged to civilly post your thoughts and opinions on the various Pokemon that are usable in RU and what rank they should fall under. The general idea of the topic is to rank each RU Pokemon under "rankings" that go in descending order. Keep in mind that this thread is simply a reference list and should not be treated as anything more than that. Pokemon are arranged alphabetically within subranks. This will be changed some time in the coming months as the VR team works out where each Pokemon fits best within its subrank.

When nominating Pokemon to rise or drop in this thread, be sure to try avoiding personal bias. Some things to consider bringing up when discussing a Pokemon are how trends favor or disadvantage it, how it compares to competition for its role, and how it has adapted to shifts in the overall metagame. Replays are also great tools to help support a nomination, especially if it's for an unranked Pokemon to find a rank somewhere. Now, without further ado, it's time to get to our rankings. Enjoy!

Speaking of our viability team, our Viability Rankings team includes the following members:
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Viability Thread Rules
  • Don't discuss anything in the blacklist (D Rank). Ever.
  • Avoid one liners and flesh out your post, but remain concise. This helps further the discussion and gives your post more credibility.
  • Do not derail the thread by asking "why did this move up/down". This is a discussion thread and posts like this don't add to the discussion. If you disagree about X Pokemon's placement, nominate it to move up/down. Similarly, do not derail the thread with other simple questions.
  • Should you want to nominate an unranked Pokemon, it will only be ranked if you have at least 3 replays showing the Pokemon being used successfully vs good teams and it must have a distinguishable niche seen in these replays.
  • If something didn't move up in the prior update, don't keep nominating it again and again unless a significant metagame shift occurs.
  • This thread has nothing to do with tiering. Remain civil when posting in this thread.
Special thanks to Hilomilo and roman for the nomination guidelines and rules respectively.
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Clearly you’ve never run into Mudsdale
IK Muds is a hard counter but that’s why I run Quagsire along side it
I'll be implementing a set of rules here some time soon, but please try to refrain from one-liners that don't contribute to the discussion of a Pokemon's viability rankings. The goal of this thread is to discuss a Pokemon's place within the meta relative to others. Thanks for understanding, and if you've got any thoughts on the ranking of the aforementioned Cinccino, be it to rise or drop, post a well thought-out response here!
Ok,Ill give a better explanation why Cincinno is underrated.Cinninno is an incredibly strong wall breaker in the tier especially with Stealth Rocks support.Since a good few of the better Pokémon(Goodra,Mantine,Ninetales,Rhydon,Charizard,Galvantula) are weak to its powerful Bullet Seeds/Rock Blasts and Knock Off is a nice option in the last slot for Rotom and knocking off stuff like Passimians Scarf when the swap in.Now it has a good few matchups it just can’t win like the Mudsdale who is the best counter possible,Having good enough Physcial bulk to eat Bullet Seeds and gaining a Stamina boost each time.Snorlax also does well and faster mons like Sallazle and Baraskewda are good revenge killers but they can’t swap in

because of all this I believe Cincinno is a very good pick atm and I vote it to be moved to A-

C+ --> B-/B

BU spdef scrafty is an incredibly solid mon in the current metagame, i've been tinkering with it on ladder and it puts in so much work, walling the tier's most potent special attackers while also itself being a viable wincon in a large majority of matchups. It's one of the few mons that can pivot into goodra relatively safely, switching into draco and either clicking drain punch or rest to recover off health, only to be healed by sked skin in the following turns.

It's also an incredibly potent wincon, as fairies really aren't omnipresent in the tier, and as a result its it's not hard to finesse a BU sweep versus fairy-less teams with proper play. With rocks up, silvally-fairy also fails to become true counterplay, as it takes ~25% from the combination of drain punch and rocks, awarding it a finite amount of switch-ins.

It'll also rarely be deadweight, as its ability to knock off its fairy-type counterplay helps mons like goodra and other specially-oriented breakers punish teams with mons like aromatisse and alcremie.

Scrafty @ Leftovers
Ability: Shed Skin
EVs: 252 HP / 144 SpD / 112 Spe
Careful Nature
- Bulk Up
- Drain Punch
- Knock Off
- Rest

This set creeps jah and dhelmise, but i'm sure you could optimize it to be bulkier on the special end while still retaining a viable amount of speed.

It's a solid mon in the current meta and I hope it starts to see more usage.
Continuing with Scrafty discussion I suggest this alternative EV spread for Scrafty:
Scrafty @ Leftovers
Ability: Shed Skin
EVs: 248 HP / 240 SpD / 20 Spe
Careful Nature
- Bulk Up
- Knock Off
- Drain Punch
- Rest
The EV spread allows Scrafty to counter Timid Specs Goodra as long there are no Hazards on the field, while still outspeeding 0 Speed Jellicent. Scrafty shouldn't be used as primary Goodra check as it falls to Modest Specs and Banded sets so you've to scout first before recklessly switching in Scrafty against Goodra. The fact that Scrafty is one of the very few mons to actually be able to switch into all of Specs Goodra Moves definitely makes Scrafty worthy of the B Rank. Obviously, Scrafty is hindered by that it's not a very splashable mon as it needs a solid amount of support to fully shine. Scrafty also loves the rise in usage of Scarf Goodra as it takes nothing from Draco and thus get free setup. The faster variant is probably more successful in general but the Bulkier one allows you to role compress as you don't need to heavily build for Specs Goodra.
252 SpA Choice Specs Goodra Draco Meteor over 2 turns vs. 248 HP / 240+ SpD Scrafty: 279-331 (83.7 - 99.3%) -- not a KO

252 SpA Choice Specs Goodra Draco Meteor over 2 turns vs. 248 HP / 240+ SpD Scrafty: 279-331 (83.7 - 99.3%) -- 62.5% chance to 2HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery

252+ SpA Choice Specs Goodra Draco Meteor over 2 turns vs. 248 HP / 240+ SpD Scrafty: 307-364 (92.1 - 109.3%) -- 43.8% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

252 Atk Choice Band Goodra Outrage vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Scrafty: 217-256 (65.1 - 76.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

252 SpA Goodra Draco Meteor vs. 248 HP / 240+ SpD Scrafty: 126-148 (37.8 - 44.4%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery
A little new to the tiering and how that all works but I have to nominate Snorlax:
Snorlax @ Leftovers
Ability: Thick Fat
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Rest
- Curse
- Body Slam
- Darkest Lariat

This set was I think taken from Smogon directly but the point being is that, with a little support from aurora veil or something, Snorlax basically needs one-two turns of cursing before it’s nearly unstoppable.

I’m in the low 400s on ladder right now and basically all it takes to win my games half the time is to bait in potential checks (e.g. vileplume, passimian) and either cripple or get rid of them, and if lax gets to two curses it’s GG. Nothing is breaking through that spdf in two turns of rest.

I can’t overstate how valuable darkest lariat is, it covers just about everything that body slam can’t hit for at least neutral damage, and beats other curse-mons since it can break through their defense buffs.

I have noticed a severe lack of phasers/taunt users while laddering as well which is obviously a boon to the big guy.

If you can just curse up on mudsale before it can body press you (after 2 or so curses it does basically nothing) it wins that battle no problem, it just straight up wrecks basically everything else honestly. Vileplume is annoying because it’ll strength sap you and you won’t be able to kill it... but even then if you want an all out stall war you can win and then you have a +6 def, 350 spdf mon your opponent has to deal with.

I’ll try to get replays if anyone’s interested but basically I’ll try to get vanilluxe in (usually lead with it unless there’s obvious counterplay on my opponents part), set up aurora veil, and then get Snorlax in against any special attacker. It’s basically a win everytime. I think he needs to be at least A
Indeedee-M for B+

I can only speak for Specs, but this thing hits like a truck (Psychic can easily 2HKO non AV Goodra, and Psyshock can OHKO any variant 50% of the time without hazards), has coverage to hit most of the metagame super effectively and can run Trick to remain useful even in matchups where it's coverage is walled out. It also sits at a great base 95 speed tier, outpacing Goodra, Rotom, Bewear and many more, while tying with Jolly Max Speed Silvally forms. It can even take a LO Fire Blast from Salazzle at full health in a pinch and always live with no investment.

It should take Indeedee-F's place imo, although the latter still has Healing Wish for its Scarf set for some potentially game changing support after it's done with speed control duties, so it still has a niche, but is completely outclassed offensively. Can't speak from personal experience, but I imagine Scarf Indeedee-M being overall better due hitting hard, so it can revenge kill mons at higher health.

Only for B+ for now because of Indeedee-F's placement, but you could argue for A-.
Vileplume A+-S

this thing rules atm.A specially defensive set tanks so much of the tier it’s not even funny.Most Physcial attackers won’t able to OHKO and then you can just Strenght Sap away.Ive also surprised a few with a Swords Dance set

Swords Dance(duh)
Poison Jab
Seed Bomb
Drain Punch

ability is Chloryophill and EVs are 252 attack 148speed and the rest in special defense

it works well with Heat Rock Ninetalestoo
Unfortunately Vileplume is destroyed by Sallazle who is one of the most common moms in the tier
Alright, long post incoming

B- to B+

Croak is extremely underrated and deals with a majority of the tier with ease. The set that I've been finding to have the best outcome for me is Swords Dance, Gunk Shot, Drain Punch, and Sucker Punch with Life Orb. However, Toxicroak can also run Choice Scarf or even Nasty Plot with Dark Pulse to deal with it's easiest counters in Sableye and Jellicent. But the real reason Toxicroak is so good is the fact that minus a couple of Pokemon here and there, it is VERY hard to switch into, even if it hasn't set up yet. It takes advantage of the most common Physical Defensive Pokemon, Vileplume, and blows it away with a +2 Gunk Shot. In addition to this, it has a good speed tier and Sucker Punch to outspeed faster threats. Also, if you look at the rest of the Pokemon listed in the B- rank NONE of them compare to Toxicroak. Although this is all true, Toxicroak struggles to beat common Pokemon such as Mudsdale, Jellicent, and Sableye and with Sun running around like there's no tomorrow and hurting Toxicroak due to Dry Skin, I think that he fits well in the B+ rank.

C to C+/B-

Another, extremely underrated Pokemon. When the tier was rampaged with Gigalith, Vaporeon, and Goodra, Butterfree saw very little viability due to it never having a shot to sweep. Now, however, with Goodra's departure, Butterfree finally seems worthy of a higher rank. Quiver Dance + Compound Eyes Hurricane can very easily clean up towards the late game. Butterfree can also utilize Sleep Powder to make it's job even easier. While this does seem promising, there are also still a lot of reasons to why Butterfree has trouble fulfilling it's role. Snorlax and other Specially Defensive Pokemon still exist and because Butterfree has so poor bulk, having it attempt to set up can be disastrous. So, after both sides have been accounted for, it makes sense for Butterfree to rise a rank or two.

Last but not least,
B+ to A

Snorlax may single handedly be the MOST annoying Pokemon to play against. Utilizing RestTalk with Body Slam(which paralyzes literally 95% of the time) and even Darkest Lariat/Toxic so that Ghosts don't sit on him is obnoxiously annoying to deal with. Let alone the fact that it's Specially Defensive bulk is through the roof to the point where Snorlax can literally sit on 99.9% of every special attacker in the tier. In addition to this, it's Thick Fat ability makes it a pretty good sun check. I would honestly even vouch for him to be A+ rank if the tier wasn't infested with fighting types, which, combined with its passivity, is Snorlax's main downfall. So, all in all, Snorlax should definitely rise to A rank because this big boi is too good for B+.


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The VR council has finished voting on the five new drops from April, so they've been implemented in the rankings!

has been placed in A rank due to it's ferocious wallbreaking ability, backed up by solid coverage moves and a blistering Speed. It's only let down by it's pitiful bulk and somewhat prediction reliant nature.

Copperajah has been placed in A rank. While it's somewhat awkward to build with at times, it's combination of pure Steel typing, high Attack stat with an incredible coverage pool, and the ability to make use of many different sets including Choice Band, Assault Vest, and an offensive Stealth Rock setter make it a great choice.

Indeedee has been placed in A rank. With ten points of Speed and Special Attack over its female counterpart, Indeedee can perform the role of a fearsome wallbreaker with Choice Specs, a deadly revenge killer with Choice Scarf, and even a Calm Mind setup threat.

Coalossal has been placed in B rank. This curious concoction of hazard setting, spinning, and an easily exploitable typing combines to form a Pokemon that will come to be explored more in the future.

Cramorant has been placed in C+ rank. It's mostly an inferior Mantine, but it's ability to spread paralysis and higher Speed can come in handy at times.
Hi all RU people, after laddering for quite a bit now, there's a mon that I feel is pretty underrated right now.

to B/B+

Boltund is incredibly underrated in my opinion, it not only is it one of the fastest Pokemon in the tier, but its great with the ability to revenge kill or even late-game sweep due to its power and coverage and especially with Gigalith gone allows it to perform its role even more effectively. BU Boltund is the set I've had the most success with as of late, I haven't really thought much about this set before using it, but it just puts in so much work with its checks gone. It's ability to force switches on things like Mantine give it quite a few opportunities to set it up and when it does it is capable of cleaning up, OHKOing stuff like Jellicent, Steelvally and Vileplume at +1. Because of this factor it is pretty great matchup against almost everything in A- to A+, you can usually just switch BU for Crunch to threaten Rotom with an OHKO, yes it is handled pretty easily by Mudsdale and Steelix which are pretty common right now, but I feel that its merits make it better than almost everything in B- bar Toxicroak, and as a result should warrant a rise to B or even B+.

Boltund @ Life Orb
Ability: Strong Jaw
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Thunder Fang
- Psychic Fangs
- Fire Fang
- Bulk Up / Crunch

Aight, that's all I have to say for now, it's so much fun playing this tier (especially after blob draco dropper's departure) and I'll do more noms in the future, have a great day everyone!
hello fellow ru-players,

i think its time to talk more about some mons, which should def rise in my opinion, so here we go:


should move up to A because of its wallbreaking potential and with toxic catching mantine off guard therefore ninetales is able to bypass this defensive answer and hurts its longevity in the long term of the game and with good stab and coverage its also a nuke due to her fire blast getting boosted by sun. also with goodra banned and gigalith recently moved to uu its counters are pretty much gone and we left with subpar defensive answers unless its thick fat snorlax which has a hard time going against volt-turn teams. ninetales also has a blessing speed-tier with 100 setting it above the likes of indeede (both) and silvally (any form). i think ninetales is ready for a rise to 1 subrank in the As.


should move up because its ability to break through threats with chlorophyll and growth are now more effective post-goodra-ban and its dualstab-options are really great in the metagame. not forgetting the defensive set with strength sap, giga drain, sludge bomb and filler is very good and checks a lot of strong physical threats like passimian, the new ranked barraskewda and is also able to check specific special attackers too due to the
multiple ways of gaining recovery providing it a good place as a long term check.


i agree with a rise since this mons a beast with the crazy speed it has from the get go putting it above a lot of other faster attackers and its good coverage options + typing which means its only weakness is ground-attacks. boltund also punishes switch-ins like steelix with fire fang and providing good options to break through a multitude of threats.


rise? YES! its a good check to stuff like ninetales and vileplume and can dish out really good damage after a curse-boost and has longevity via rest and leftis, snorlax also has the advantage of setting up on many special attackers.

other noms i agree with:
Coalossal have great matchup against sun (vileplume, ninetales, salazzle, zard) also providing hazzard control/support.
B+ is a better position bc no goodra and gigalith means free sun mostly barryng aurora veil tems...
Alright, if there were a rank below novice when it comes to these VR postings, I'd be in that group. With that in mind, let me start small and nom just 1 mon:

B+ -> A-
With easily its best check/counter in Goodra being gone, Charizard deserves a higher ranking imo. It can easily have it's way with the best/most annoying mon in the meta right now in Vileplume as well as take on Steelvally, Rillaboom, Steelix, Escavalier, and Copperajah among others. It's also got access to the "totally not broken" Heavy-Duty Boots which allow it to come in something it checks or on rocks safely and either get off a Roost to restore any damage dealt to it, remove said rocks + any other hazards, spew Toxic on one of its checks in Mantine, Jellicent, or Coalossal, or get a nice hit off.


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A+ -> S
One of the most splashable defensive threats in the tier right now with both it's defensive and specially defensive spreads. Pairs well with many other defensive hallmarks such as Steelix, Mantine, and Mudsdale just to name a few. I really been liking Growth sets as of late and believe they are really what push Plume to S-tier territory as it turns it into a bulky setup sweeper that can muscle through traditional checks such as SpD Steelix, Snorlax, Coalossal and even Xatu. Plume still has it's checks of course and it can still struggle to break through teams which carry common mons like Salazzle, SteelVally and even opposing Plume but regardless, I feel that Plume has proven itself to be one of the premier defensive pivots in the tier right now especially in light of the recent Goodra Ban.

B+ -> A
Lax being this low is kinda ludicrous to me considering that it is truly one of if not the best wincons in the tier. Not much can stop a Curse Lax from sweeping the opposing team unless one chooses to bring dedicated checks such as Taunt + Sap Jellicent or SD / BU Bewear. Lax also gets to abuse common mons such as Mantine, Salazzle, and even more heavy hitters like Ninetales and abuse them as setup fodder. I feel most people have outlines why it should rise already so I won't spend too much more time, but Lax is truly up there in terms of a bulky wincon and can really secure wins like no other threat rn, especially since Mixed / CB Goodra can't just lure it in anymore.

A- -> A
Another splashable defensive threat, Mantine is really good right now especially considering how it is one of the best Defog users in a tier with a minimal amount of viable hazard removers. It has a great matchup versus the likes of Steelix, Mudsdale, Copperajah, and Coalossal and can just be an annoyance thanks to the combo of Toxic + Scald. Water Absorb + its above average bulk also enables it to handle scary threats such as Barraskeda, Gallade, Indeedee, Salazzle, SteelVally and Escavalier which is also a huge boon for bulky offense teams who can otherwise struggle to keep the aformentioned mons in check. HBD just in general alleviates one of Tine's most pressing issues last gen in which it was often worn down rather quickly and needed to consistently be Roosting off damage, but as of now it acts as one of the best defensive Water-types in the tier especially ever since Vaporeon left and should rise because of this.

B+ -> B / B-
The extra bulk is nice and all, but really either Indeedee form is mainly used as a special wallbreaker / revengekiller so I can't see that much reason to use the female version over the male considering the latter's better offense and higher speed tier which enables it to get the jump on certain foes like non Scarf Rillaboom, Rotom, and Hitmonlee. Even Calm Mind sets are largely done better by the Male version as the extra increase in power enables it to net 2HKOes that the female one simply cannot after a boost. This thing just struggles to find a niche now that the other form is here and I think the VR should reflect that.

B- -> B / B+
Really a fan of this mon and I think the current ranking is really putting it to shame. An amazing speed tier combined with colourful coverage really turns Boltund into one of the better revenge killers in the tier. Yes the rise of Steelix and even defensive Plume usage is not doing it any favours, but Boltund can still mark a dent in most common defensive cores seen either with the Life Orb, CB, or even Expert Belt sets thanks to Fire Fang, Play Rough, Crunch alongside it's STAB giving it a nice amount of offensive coverage to work with. It can be a bit too weak at times especially when going up against fat Ground types like Steelix, Mudsdale, and GroundVally, but safe from the matchups, Boltund really can pack a punch against most teams rn and I think a rise is warranted.
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C+ to either B- or B

This mon is actually a fantastic pokemon in the tier. Being able to break cores like mantine vileplume and some stalls are great. I've actually been using a variation of bulk up, that adds to its effectiveness in breaking balance and stall

Scrafty @ Leftovers
Ability: Shed Skin
EVs: 248 HP / 160 SpD / 100 Spe
Careful Nature
- Bulk Up
- Amnesia
- Knock Off
- Rest

This set is actually great. It's able to set up on a lot of the tier, such as silvally ghost, runerigus, sableye, xatu and jellicent.
It's able to also set up on certain sets of steelix and mantine, specifically non roar and non haze mantine. However, steelix is easy to get around, as set up once and knock it, its now on a timer losing its recovery, and this speed investment creeps mantine by 1 point, and usually by the time they go into it, it could be too late for it to stop you, or it's already toxic'd by a partner like salazzle, or sludge bomb vileplume. Which allows you to burn roosts. It appreciates the removal of mons like fairies and gurdurr aswell as bewear, however the fairies invite in terrifying mons like copperajah and salazzle for free, and gurdurr lacks reliable recovery and is prone to being worn down, so it appreaciates these mons as partners. The sort of ease it has to breaking these common balance teams once those fairies are either dealt, or gurdurr or bewear is chipped hard enough, its easy for it to just clean games. this ability it has to do this far outshines mons in B- like fuckin alcremie and runerigus, so i feel it warrants to rise to those tiers.


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Due to the sweeping changes within the meta recently, between Goodra's ban, Gigalith's departure, and the three big new drops- Indeedee, Copperajah, and Barraskewda, the VR council decided to head back to the drawing board and make wide scale shifts within the viability rankings.

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Silvally-Steel the top tier? I thought not. It's not a story the RU council would tell you.

*Shifts of 2 or more subranks have been denoted with green or red colors for rises and drops respectively.
A+ to S
A+ to S
A to A+
A to A+
A- to A+
A- to A+

A- to A
B+ to A-
B+ to A-
B to B+
B to B+
B to B+
B to B+
B- to B+
B- to B+
B- to B
C+ to B
C+ to B

C+ to B-

(Steel) A+ to A-
A to A-
A to A-
A to A-
(Dark) A- to B+
A- to B+
B+ to B
B+ to C
B to B-
B to B-
B- to C+
B- to C+
C+ to C

Drampa has been added to B+ rank. Following in the shoes of one of the most powerful dragons ever to grace RU is no easy feat, but Drampa does it with aplomb. Wielding terrifying wallbreaking power that eclipses even Goodra and a number of great abilities, Drampa takes over the spot as RU's premier Dragon-type wallbreaker. However, it's held back by its poor Speed, Fighting weakness, and somewhat prediction reliant nature, as well as its natural bulk being average at best. Overall, the VR team believes Drampa will be a good fit in B+.

Kingler has been added to B- rank. As a wallbreaker a bit more on the niche side, Kingler leverages it's double dance set alongside coverage moves that will inevitably leave it walled by Vileplume no matter what it does. However, its good Speed, incredible attacking power, and terrifying Water STAB along with the boosting versatility of its main set lead the team to believe it fits best in B- rank.

Lapras has been added to C rank. Lapras carves out a tiny niche as a wallbreaker being able to exploit its good STAB combination of Hydro Pump and Freeze-Dry to break the common Vileplume-Steelix-Mantine defensive cores better than most. However, its poor defensive typing combined with irrelevancy outside of this small niche has led us to rank it in C for the time being until it's explored more as a Pokemon.
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