Suspect 4 Nomination Stage (read: post 49)

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If you're listed in the OP you get to vote. That's the people who qualified for reqs in the previous thread. I'm not tagging you lot because there are a bunch of you. Nominate three things for what you believe you should be suspected. YOU CAN NOMINATE WHATEVER YOU WANT. If you want to vote for a Pokemon to be unbanned, you may do so. All you have to do is write the banned object and it will count as an unban vote. This can include Pokemon, abilities, moves, items, ability + item, or whatever you want. HOWEVER, I will not allow suspect combinations of like, Pokemon + abilities or whatever you feel like nominating. Nothing that quarters off individual Pokemon. That includes nominating, say, "Nominating Technician + Roost + U-turn" to neuter / unban Scyther since it is the only Technician Pokemon with Roost and U-turn. If you nominate something complex, make sure it is legitimate, as I will discount attempts to neuter individual Pokemon for the sake of keeping them in the tier.

Format your vote like this:

1) Caterpie (Pokemon)
2) Ember (move)
3) Air Mail (item)

The thing that you rank 1st gets three points, the thing that you rank 2nd gets two points, and the thing you rank 3rd gets one point. THE TWO THINGS THAT GET THE MOST POINTS WILL BE SUSPECTED. If you nominate less than three things, they will receive corresponding point value (if you only nominate one thing, it will get three points).

If I missed any of you, message me immediately and I will add it in. DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE IN THE LIST OF PEOPLE VOTING, CHECK THE LIST FOR YOUR NAME. I USE THAT LIST TO DETERMINE TIERING CONTRIBUTOR. Congratulations, all of you received 1/2 vote for the Tiering Contributor badge. Individuals chosen for rotating council for this round (limited to people who qualified to vote) will get one more 1/2 vote, giving them a full TC vote this round.

Chieliee removed himself from the council and Heysup did not get reqs do to him being AWOL, so the current permanent council is:

Rowan prem Goddess Briyella macle apt-get

I will be choosing two members for the permanent council and four or five for the rotating council based off of the subsequent discussion thread. One member of the rotating council may or may not be chosen due to rap prowess. I am not entirely joking.
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1) Misdreavus
2) Fletchling
3) Pawniard

I don't really want to see any of them get banned, though, I think that the metagame is balanced enough as it is.
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