Resource Sword & Shield Monotype Analyses: Crown Tundra Reservation Index

well that's a rip
Latias on psychic then
unfort, life is happening and I might not be able to start on this for a while. Someone else is welcome to do this instead of me. I'll try to do it today but if not probs tmrw.

maroon: hi, I will give you a bit of time to figure it out. contact me on discord by Sunday if you want to write it or not. I'll reassign it after then if not.
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May I take Bisharp? (Dark)

maroon: i approved this already so I will let you continue writing this, but please make sure a Pokemon is ranked higher than B before reserving it.
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Could I take either Kingdra ( Water ) or Cloyster ( Ice ) please ?

maroon: you can take cloyster (ice), the other one is taken!
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