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:choice scarf: :gardevoir: is the pokemon I built around and it is indeed a great pokemon on this team... with rain :damp rock: being popular you can easily use the swift swim boost to revenge kill things like :choice band: :basculegion:, :floatzel:, and with trace you can take advantage of :tornadus-therian: , :thundurus-therian: , regenerator users, and :heatran: . I like tbolt for :slowking: , :tornadus-therian: , and tera water pokemon.

:Okidogi: uses BU taunt to be a great stallbreaker. with taunt it can pressure pokemon like :weezing-g:, stop :amoonguss: from using spore, :rotom-w: using WoW and stop :slowking: from trying to pivot out. Tera fairy allows me to setup on many more pokemon like :iron treads:, :choice specs: :hydreigon:, :tornadus-therian:, :salamence:, etc. 176+ gives me enough speed to outrun jolly :breloom: and allows me to taunt it first, while also outrunning things like 252 :hoopa-unbound: , def :quaquaval:, :volcanion:, :polteageist:, and more.

Tera fairy :heatran: is a lovely pokemon I know to counter things like :choice band: :meowscarada: wanting to finish things off but u tera out of the MU and live and kill it.. also gives you smth against :quaquaval:, :hydreigon:, SD :weavile:, eq :salamece:, :haxorus:. It is a great stall breaker and threatens the pokemon that :gardevoir: really doesnt want anything to do with like the steels. The speed gives you enough to outrun ada :scizor: while the rest in def to make sure u can take hits from :meowscarada:, :weavile:, :lokix:, and other physical moves better

:gastrodon-east: is a great rocker and is very good anti :alomomola: counterplay in making sure that it can deny slow flip turns to pivot out to a teammate to make sure we can deny its recovery. its current spread allows it to live 3 earth powers from :sandy shocks: after rocks while the rest in phys def allows it to take hits like SD :quaquaval: CC better (after a tera ofc), maybe :hoopa-unbound: knock offs, :iron hands: drain punch, and more.

(I got lazy at this pint... you get the point)

Torn-t is just a great sp. def wall with the bulk to allow me to live 2 meow knock offs without an item, rest in sp. def giving me great opportunities to switch in against most special pokemon, and enough to outrun maushold. Tera electric makes the the MU against itself and thundy-t much better and makes it much more difficult for non knock varients to break through.

Iron treads is iron treads and it does the things it usually does. offensive iron treads gives pressure needed to force out things to get spin off.. and it can easily force progress in game against things like helmet amoonguss and hippo, removing boots from pokemon like torn-t, and removing lefties to allow easier late game cleaning. tera ground gives us the extra push needed against pokemon like alomomola, amoonguss, and more phys def slowking or slowbro. Tera water can be used to turn the MU against rain or to live smth like zapdos-g close combat, iron hands drain punch, or a arc-h flare blitz

Replays: scarf gard and heatran put in massive amount of work. Scarf gard esp being able to threaten a lot of the team while heatran just goes ham on the only good special fire resist on their team i do love surprise tera fairy heatran.. it puts in a lot of work when people dont expect it quag aka a mon that shouldve been annoying asf was dispatched by a toxic poison from okidogi and a taunt which made it a non issue for the team to deal with. And a great showcase of av torn-t special bulk to just take stupid hits and retaliate in return okidogi just being able to take hits, neuter alomomola basically, and sweep late game and shows how outspeed jolly loom is huge for it flame body heatran is amazing BU okidogi's best game and shows how with a BU under its belt it becomes irritatingly annoying to take down. Also shows its ability to stone wall lilligant-hisui
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:Amoonguss: :Lokix: :Gengar: :Empoleon: :Rotom-Wash: :Sinistcha:

I call this team Hazards + Double Ghost + VoltTurn + Amoonguss


Empoleon is the sole stealth rocker in the team, but thats not a problem because its very bulky and once those rocks are set they wont be cleamsed. Its phenomenal typing + special bulk with roost and flip turn allow it to wall and pivot on staples like :Pelipper: and :tornadus-therian: (focus blast its a 2OHKO with full investment).
Its main moves are Rocks, Roost and Flip turn, with its 4 move slot being somewhat flexible to pick your struggles. Surf allows it to use its Competitive ability to punish defoggers like :Mandibuzz:, :Weezing-Galar: and :Talonflame:, while roar and yawn can be used to force switches/sleep and get stealth chips which is all this team is about, knock off can make some progress to remove heavy duty boots from the likes of moltres and skeledirge, surf seems like the most reliable move pick to really punish defog users.


Sinistcha is the dedicated spinblocker and win condition of this team, knock off and ice spinner from :iron treads: and :quaquaval: never ohko's it and allows it to strength sap and then setup calm minds while they have to switch out, heatproof allows you to beat :skeledirge: one on one or force it to tera even after one boost. Most teams carry only one ghost type check, so once that check is weakened enough, Sinistcha can run over teams with relative ease. Albeit most of the time sinistcha will be the one weakening that check to allow Gengar to clean up late game (we'll get to Gengar). Sinistcha can very easily win games by himself with just one turn of setup, and if your opponent lacks something like a hydreigon or tornadus, that becomes a real possibility

it has many options for tera types, but all of them have their issues, water sinergizes well with its heatproof ability, but not with anything else, dark allows it to really beat :Skeledirge:, resisting its both stabs now thanks to dark typing + heatpropf, but both are weak to toxic from :mandibuzz:, steel is the most consistent to me, synergizing well with its ability and original flying and ice weakness, the only problem is that it hates being weak to ground and fighting, 2 types it originally resists.


This C ranked pokemon its actually not only my favorite pokemon ever, but one of my favorites to build around too. Its got a pretty straightforward gameplan with scarf, although with clear struggles against defensive cores, this team was built specifically to maximize scarf Gengars power. With natural 110 speed and 130 natural sp atk, it can outspeed and reliably ohko +2 modest :Polteageist: and :armarouge:, 2+ Adamant and +1 Jolly :Gyarados:, 1+ :Salamence: after 2 stealth rock chips, and every other relevant scarfer aside from :meowscarada:. I run 2 Stabs + Thunderbolt to outrun boosted :Gyarados: and ohko it. 4move slot could be any of FocusBlast for better neutral coverage or if you really need to kill :Weavile:, or Trick/Destiny to sacrifice its cleaning position in exchange of crippling/taking out the opponents win condition. Gengar is also a better scarfer then :Zoroark-Hisui: because it hits harder with access to thunderbolt, and its better than :munkidori: because its faster and doesnt need to rely on focus blast nearly as bad.

What Gengar really wants to do though, its take advantage of all the chip damage this team makes to act as win condition late-game, firing strong shadow balls while outspeeding and cleaning up the competition. Ghost is the desired tera type to maximize shadow balls power.


The Cooler Scizor; Lokix is a core part of the team and its irreplaceable. Lokix has great sinergy with :Gengar:, they resist each other weaknessess and with CB first impress, knock off and utun Lokix is guaranteed to chip and chip hard, allowing :Gengar: to clean up. But a lot of times. Lokix will be able to clean up late game just by himself thanks to Leech life allowing lokix to heal stealth rock damage while ohkoing slower opponents.


This team slot if definitely the most flexible. Originally it was held by spikes :Quagsire:, but Quagsire didnt add anything too important and the team was too weak to :mamoswine:, so thats where Phys def Rotom comes, its the best switch-in onto mamoswine in the team, while adding an even better matchup versus rain teams, pivoting with volt switch and will wisp also creates more chip, which this team is all about.


Amoonguss provides a combination of things that no other pokemon in UU could compare, and i'll be very saddened once it finally rises back to OU, great bulk with regenerator, always a threat with spore, anti-setup tools with foul play and can always fish for poisons with sludge bombs, this mon was a staple in all my teams back when i played Double Ubers and OU, and its again a staple in my Single UU games, with rocky helmet, its a great switch-in against most physical attackers, specifically :meowscarada:, :iron hands:, :quaquaval:, :barraskewda:, :ogerpon:, :breloom:, :mienshao: pre-tera blast flying :gyarados: :lilligant-hisui: :conkeldurr: :crawdaunt: :maushold: :kleavor: and :quagsire:, its also a prime knock-absorver which is great and overall a great defensive backbone for any team aside from maybe hiper offensive teams.

What to watch-out for:

:Mandibuzz: is a pain in the a- if you dont have surf on empoleon and/or tera steel on sinistcha, its too bulky for Lokix and Gengar to kill and the best amoonguss can do is fish for sludge bomb poisons, rotom can only volt switch out of it and then it roosts and get all that health back.

:tornadus-therian: is winnable for sure but you need to play all your cards right, usually if its only tornadus + another pokemon in the end and two of Gengar, Lokix and Rotom are alive youre pretty much set.

:Moltres: another bulky pain that resists hazards thanks to HDB, your only way of removing them is by baiting with lokix and knocking them off, but you risk a burn in the process, aside from that, tera steel calm mind sinistcha should win the 1v1.

:Weavile: a little hard to pivot out, but its manageable.

:Skeledirge: Force it to tera with sinistcha or lokix, most of the time its tera fairy or water so Gengar can kill it with enough chip.

:Arcanine-Hisui: without rocky helmet :quagsire: this matchup becomes way harder, Terastelized steel :sinistcha: win this 1v1, but it cant switch in.

:Cresselia: :Enamorus-Therian: bulk CM sweepers, worth using trick or destiny bond with Gengar on them if it means neutralizing them.

:Chesnaught: Sludge wave TM for dlc 2 plsss, sinistcha naturally counters it tho.

PEAKED 1534 AND ONGOING WITH THIS TEAM and im usually a 1300-1450 player.

REPLAYS: (vs rain)

i hope this teams is up to the standards in this forum and that i didnt accidentally burn up the kitchen ^^
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First time playing Gen 9 UU in a long time, but I found this team to be really consistent and fun.


It is very simple to pilot. Lead Treads, keep hazards off after Treads dies, then go into 5 of your cracked asf sweepers.

SD Trailblaze Rock-Oger, Sash Weak Armor Ceru, Scarf Latios, Moth, and SD Quaq.

I put Iron Head on Treads to threaten Ribombee and Alolatales leads. Pads Quaq to avoid Static from Zapdos, so you might be asking “why Tera Electric?” Its for Iron Hands.
Sinistcha + Garchomp Hazard Stack
:Sinistcha: :Garchomp: :Garganacl: :Tornadus-Therian: :Scizor: :Tentacruel:

We have finally made it past the UU Hell that was December! It's been fun to finally have new mons to experiment with, and I wanted to share a team that I've found interesting to use so far.

I've enjoyed using Spikes + Stealth Rock Garchomp so far. Its been pretty consistent in setting up hazards, while also providing other utility to the team (Rocky Helmet + Rough Skin to punish physical attackers, Dragon Tail to phaze out mons). Sinistcha works well alongside it as a spinblocker, especially in a meta where Treads is still the most common spinner. Covert Cloak allows it to completely blank Garganacl, which is a mon I honestly hate lol.

Speaking of Garganacl, it also made its way to my team. Salt Cure is as annoying as ever for the opponent, and with IDBP (Iron Defense + Body Press), its able to both put a timer on my opponent's mons and wall physical attackers. AV Torn is as splashable as ever on teams, and acts as a pivot/knock user.

I chose to go with CB Scizor to deal with the rampant HO's, and it does the job just as well as it has before. Tentacruel is the last mon on this team, and although I'm not really sure how good it will be in the future, the team does appreciate it as a spinner + access to Flip Turn for momentum. Furthermore, it can act as an emergency switch in to Keldeo, which is nice.

We'll see how the meta shifts in the next couple of days, but like I mentioned earlier, I'm just glad we have left December UU behind.
Quick descriptions of two bulkier teams I've been enjoying to help everyone get into the new tier! Have fun!

Dragon Dance Feraligatr Bulky Offense
:sv/feraligatr: :sv/zapdos: :sv/amoonguss: :sv/cobalion: :sv/tyranitar: :sv/iron-treads:
  • DD Gatr is a powerful wallbreaker/sweeper with good defensive utility, bulk, and typing, helping give it setup opportunities. It also carries Aqua Jet for priority.​
  • Zap makes a great physical pivot with excellent natural SpA and coverage. Spreading Static para is useful for slowing down a variety of physical attackers.​
  • Amoonguss is another physical pivot that helps the team absorb Knocks and deal with dangerous physical attackers like Ogerpon.​
  • Cobalion provides rocks for the team and fast Fighting-type offense.​
  • AV TTar absorbs a ton of extremely powerful special attacks and can be used to check foes like Iron Moth, the Latis, Zapdos, and both Moltres formes.​
  • Air Balloon Iron Treads provides fast hazard removal, Knock Off support, and an Electric immunity for the team.​

Double Regenerator + Assault Vest Garchomp Balance
:sv/garchomp: :sv/metagross: :sv/mandibuzz: :sv/zapdos: :sv/alomomola: :sv/mienshao:
  • AV Garchomp is a fast, powerful physical attacker that can absorb a variety of special attacks from foes like Iron Moth, Zapdos, both Moltres formes, Tornadus-Theiran, and Keldeo due to its bulk and typing.​
  • Metagross provides additional special bulk for the team, can set up Stealth Rocks, and hits hard on the physical side with Steel and Psychic STAB.​
  • Mandibuzz helps absorb a variety of attacks, provides Knock Off and Defog support, and can put foes on a timer with Toxic. It also provides a Psychic immunity and bulky Dark resist.​
  • See above for Zap - same here.​
  • Rocky Helmet Alomomola is a slow physical pivot/wall that checks foes like Blaziken, Cinccino, Weavile, and Ceruledge. It also provides Wish support which is greatly appreciated by the rest of the team.​
  • Choice Scarf Mienshao provides speed control for the team and additional Knock Off support as well as a very fast U-Turn to maintain momentum and lead the game off.​
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Another one for you all!

Choice Specs Keldeo + Swords Dance Ogerpon-Cornerstone Bulky Offense
:sv/keldeo-resolute: :sv/ogerpon-cornerstone: :sv/amoonguss: :sv/sandy-shocks: :sv/scizor: :sv/mandibuzz:
  • Choice Specs Keldeo is a monster and can often just click its STABs into many teams. Even resists get hit hard by Choice Specs Hydro Pump. Tera Electric lets you stay in on Flying and Electric attacks if needed. Icy Wind hits Dragons like the Latis and Garchomp harder.​
  • SD Cornerpon has frankly an absurd speed tier for its excellent STAB combination and base Attack. Ivy Cudgel being non-contact is incredible for bypassing counterplay to physical attackers like Rocky Helmet and Static. Cornerpon having access to U-Turn for bad matchups and SD to punish Protect and defensive switches is just icing on the cake.​
  • Amoonguss is still here doing its physical pivoting thing. Seed Bomb prevents it from being Calm Mind fodder for things like Suicune and Keldeo.​
  • Sandy Shocks is a great Zapdos switch-in and provides rocks for the team. Tera Ice makes it a massive threat in its own right alongside its STABs. It also helps in managing Iron Moth.​
  • Scizor acts as an offensive physical pivot and cleaner and provides a Dragon + Psychic resist.​
  • SpDef Mandi is here once again absorbing big hits, Knocking, spreading Toxic, and clearing hazards. Overall an excellent utility poke.​
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Double Regen + Double Pressure Stall
I start work again tomorrow, new to UU so I'm leaving the team that kept me entertained in the last few days.

I started with the idea of using 2 Pressure on a stall team as a victory condition draining PPs.
:Suicune: CM Protect standard. Tera Dark is the best as it protects from Stored Power, Psyshock and Psychic Noise in CM wars.
:Deoxys_Defense: with Covert Cloak ignores Salt Cure and secondary effects like Scald, being more productive than Leftovers. Tera Steel makes it immune to Toxic, Clear Smog and also keeps resists others Stored Power. Tera Fairy is an option against Dragon Tail users. Poison Jab fishs Poisoned.
:Alomomola: SpDef for Latios and Iron Moth, Wish pass and slow momentum. Tera Fairy has done nothing, perhaps Tera Ground can help more.
:Amoonguss: Clear Smog + Foul Play anti setups. Max Def for Ogerpon.
:Crocalor: Unaware + Roar anti setup, Tera Water for Manaphy but even without it, it can still neutralize it momentarily.
Lastly, not ideal but what made my mind, :Forretress:, a Steel type with and against Hazards, not weak to Fight and another resistant 4x to Grass. Tera Ghost anti spin, I didn't try :Iron_Treads: instead but here's a suggestion.
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:Mandibuzz: :Sinistcha: :Rhyperior: :Keldeo: :Latios: :Jirachi:

This is a team I've been having fun with, just a quick couple of thoughts:
- Mandibuzz is probably the most consistent remover in the tier atm, and it provides other value to the team (status spreader + HO control)
- Sinistcha as usual does a solid job at what it needs to do (garg check, spinblocker)
- Rhyperior surprised me, its a pretty solid mon with its bulk and natural power
- Latios and Keldeo are fun mons atm, especially keldeo (vacuum wave has been clutch in multiple games)
- Jirachi is a solid latios check, while also being able to use healing wish (Latios being the usual recipient)

Still debating whether fighting, water, or a defensive tera like elec or steel is better for keldeo, but otherwise I'm happy with how this team turned out!

Tera Ice Raikou VolTurn Team
:raikou: :metagross: :mandibuzz: :swampert: :Ogerpon-Cornerstone: :Iron Moth:

This team has 2 offensive pivot in Raikou & Ogerpon-C, and 2 defensive pivot in Swampert & Mandibuzz, Max Def metagross is a good tank with its 130 max defense to setup rocks, and lastly iron moth for late game cleaner. The priority for tera is raikou and iron moth, if in trouble, then tera for metagross
Booster HO featuring CM Keldeo + D-Dance Mence
:Iron Treads: :Ogerpon-Cornerstone: :Iron Moth: :Keldeo: :Scizor: :Salamence:

:Iron Treads: acts as your standard HO Lead, with hazards and removal all in one package. :Ogerpon-Cornerstone: helps alleviate matchups against Flyings such as :Mandibuzz: and :Zapdos:, while also acting as an emergency check thanks to its ability. Booster Speed + Sub :Iron Moth: has solid coverage, allowing you to capitalize on forced switches and becoming a potential threat depending on how lucky you get with Fiery Dance. CM :Keldeo: is able to set up on :Alomomola:, and with Tera Steel, it is able to flip the matchup on mons that would otherwise give it great trouble/hinder it, such as :Latios: :Tornadus-Therian: :Mandibuzz: :Sinistcha: etc. Air Slash is crucial to be able to hit :Amoonguss: and the aforementioned :Sinistcha: which are a pain otherwise. QA + BP :Scizor: allows me to pick off mons that I wouldn't normally be able to such as :keldeo: or :rotom-wash: (although I have been debating whether to go with :Life Orb: over :Leftovers: for the extra damage). Dragon Dance :Salamence: is used to help improve the Webs match-up, while also doing Salamence things (D-Dance + attack and hopefully snowball).
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AV Tentacruel + Wish Jirachi Balance
:garchomp: :zapdos: :jirachi: :tentacruel: :greninja: :garganacl:

This team featuring tentacruel as the best defensive rapid spinner water type. Wish jirachi is a good pivot for passing wish to the likes of garchomp and tentacruel who have no recovery. Tankchomp set both hazards of stealth rock & spikes for Greninja to sweep. Zapdos is also good glue for its immunity to ground and also spreading paralysis with discharge and static. Garganacl just do as it always do. And lastly greninja is the only sweeper of this team, cleaning the rest of weakened enemies.

:hydreigon: :hippowdon: :tornadus-therian: :rotom-wash: :quaquaval: :ogerpon-cornerstone:

- this team is build around hydreigon, with specs it is a nuke to many teams and often have to 50/50 it, tera steel allows in a pinch to screw over latios, resist BP from scizor, and resist scale shot from garchomp, and more.

- ogerpon is another breaker on the team, it lures in stuff like okidogi, chomp, amoonguss and weakens them for the rest of the team esp with SD, it can chunk a lot of it for a torn-t or hydreigon sweep late game. Ogerpon-c can also take advantage of the holes that hydreigon leaves in them. It also takes advantage of sand to be much bulkier

- Rotom-w + torn-t forma volt turn core. They are able to just screw over many pokemon that can try to pivot in, with taunt torn-t you can even block smth like pex trying to toxic other members, mandibuzz defog, etc. While wisp helps vs sweepers or just to add extra chip on stuff like amoonguss, sinistcha, goodra-h, etc. Tera steel on rotom-w allows it to be a solid garchomp answer and ogerpon answer, maybe thunder wave can work vs latios, ogerpon, greninja, maybe even sp. def rotom-w for off zap but i have hippo for that.

- Hippo, sets rocks up, is fat and can take on many special pokemon, and can duel zapdos which this team wants, and sand helps chip things into range of the cleaners

- quaq is a spinner
Dragon Spam Lokix VoltTurn Offense
:lokix::Jirachi::latios::rotom-wash::Garchomp::iron Jugulis:

I randomly started playing SV UU because I like latios and saw it was s-tier, so I built an offensive team that uses it and Lokix, a mon I really enjoyed using but had a hard time building with in OU. I added a pivoting core of Jirachi and Rotom-W that did a whole lot for the team in the way of building momentum and switching into certain offensive foes. Overall I was surprised by my success with this team and have enjoyed playing with it.

:Lokix: This boy revenge kills and is greatly threatening with tinted lens and attacks like U-turn and Knock off, making it difficult to stay in against and difficult to switch into. Appreciates momentum from Rachi+Washtom, and is the team’s main speed control.

:Jirachi: Hands down my favorite pivot I’ve used. SG Iron Head makes it super nonpassive, allowing it to sweep late-game if need be. Encore forces switches and allows me to get a free U-turn to bring in one of my breakers. It serves as the team’s sole hazard setter, and switch in to Latios and the like.

:Latios: Latios serves as the team’s wallbreaker, leveraging an outstanding SpA stat and a strong combination of STABs boosted by Choice Specs to punch holes in teams every time it enters battle. Levitate on this guy and Rotom helps make the team more resilient to hazards, since we have no removal.

:rotom-wash: My other pivot who handles Ground- and Fire-type attackers for Jirachi. Will-O-Wisp is nice utility that pacifies physical attackers and lets my team better switch into them (latios and Garchomp have good typings and natural bulk, but don’t have investment, so Wisp helps them use their defensive presence better).

:Garchomp: Garchomp is the team’s only Ground-type and serves as a late-game sweeper with a potent combination of Swords Dance and Scale Shot to snowball and KO foes with 100+ BP attacks. Late game when foes are worn down, SD may not even be necessary, and you can just start clicking attacks and watching things go down.

:iron Jugulis: IJ gives us some nice speed control, neutral coverage, and most of all, a Taunt user to shut down defensive strategies. Taunt + Earth Power beats Toxapex, Hurricane beats Amoonguss, etc. It is also good vs offensive teams.

Here are some replays featuring the team and some stuff you can do with it. (Note that the first version of the team ran Calm Mind Latios. I do not suggest using this over Choice Specs).
549E0DEA-C88B-4CF1-8BB4-B682718FF0D4.jpeg A1ECB592-8949-4A5D-A84D-658B9A9D0864.jpeg
1A39B128-AFAD-4D97-BE32-C6715299C181.jpeg 61A0CC44-3F8C-40B7-930E-87CD852785E2.jpeg
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Psychic Terrain

:Indeedee::Hawlucha::Iron Crown::Polteageist::Espeon::Garchomp:

With Iron Crown dropping in February, Psy Terrain has been revitalized, becoming one of the more consistent HO playstyles in the tier. This team is my take on the archetype.

:Indeedee: The Terrain setter on the team. Expanding Force and Dazzling Gleam are used as the two main attacks to cover the majority of mons apart from Steel types. Encore is used to deal with mons that attempt to set up on Indeedee such as Moltres-Galar (while also locking mons like Scizor and Azu into using their prio moves with good predictions). Healing Wish is used in the last slot to provide a full recovery to one of the sweepers on the team (particularly Polteageist). Tera Fairy is used in emergencies if you ever need to get a Healing Wish off against certain mons or if you need a boosted Dazzling Gleam for whatever reason.

:Hawlucha: Hawlucha is a staple on most terrain teams, thanks to its Unburden ability + STAB Acrobatics and Close Combat. I run Taunt as well, to own the occasional Quagsire, while also using it as an anti-lead option against Tinkaton (who can bypass Espeon's Magic Bounce to set rocks, causing problems for me as it breaks Polteageist's Sash). The EV spread on my Hawlucha ensures that it outspeeds +1 Greninja with Unburden, and I run Tera Elec to have better matchups against Zapdos and Tornadus-T.

:Iron Crown: Booster Speed CM Iron Crown is a fun mon. Tachyon Cutter + Expanding Force hit the majority of the mons in the tier neutrally, the former being especially useful for breaking sashes or with dealing with Sturdy pokemon such as Ogerpon Cornerstone. Focus Blast is used to hit mons who resist its stab combo, like Bisharp or Goodra-H. CM allows it to take advantage of forced switches, or to just overwhelm the opponent with boosts. The Steel/Psychic typing is great against mons like Latios, and Tera Fairy is used to better handle mons like Greninja and Moltres-Galar.

:Polteageist: Polteageist always appreciates the priority negation that Psy Terrain provides. I run the usual set, but I use Tera Fairy > Tera Fighting to have a better match-up against Moltres-Galar, as well as being immune to Dragon Tail or Scale Shot from Garchomp, two moves that would be a pain otherwise.

:Espeon: Eject Button Espeon gives one of my sweepers a safe switch-in, while also protecting the team from most hazard setters. Psychic Fangs is run to mess with opposing Screen teams, while Alluring Voice is used to hit dragons such as Hydreigon and Latios. Reflect is slotted in as more of a filler move, but it can have its uses from time to time. Its EV spread guarantees that it can take a 5 hit +0 Scale Shot from Garchomp.

252 Atk Garchomp Scale Shot (5 hits) vs. 80 HP / 172 Def Espeon: 245-290 (84.1 - 99.6%) -- approx. 2HKO

:Garchomp: SD Chomp is as good as usual. For this team, it is my lead of choice if the opponent has Kleavor, as to take advantage in case they decide to lead it and click Stone Axe. EQ + Scale Shot round out its stab combo, while Stone Edge allows it to hit Mandibuzz for big damage.

Keeping hazards off is important for this team (specifically, the teapot). Espeon does a well enough job keeping hazards off, but the rise in Tinkaton usage is definitely a pain. The team can overcome this though, and I have had fun piloting this team in ladder and in room tours. Hope you guys enjoy!


:toxapex: :latios: :garchomp: :raikou: :sinistcha: :tinkaton:

this team functions pretty well... with pex as the main point of the team i wanted to use a set that is acid spray ... acid spray allows pex to allow pokemon to take advantage of others like how acid spray vs sinistcha can allow smth like latios to come in on a predict and win the 1v1 instead of allowing sinistcha to CM to +6. Tera fairy pex also helps vs latios, gren, moltres-g, and improving the garg MU.

Garchomp sets up spikes for the team, sp. def chomp allows it to take on many hits such as from def zapdos, iron moth, luster purge from latios, and in general not fall easily to strong moves that would threaten phys def. Protect is a tech I like as it gives lefties recovery, racks up chip dmg, and scouts choice items.

Tinkaton is a funny pick I chose and pickpocket is a nice option for screwing over things like boots h-arc, boots torn-t, mandibuzz, and more. Air balloon helps to kill garchomp and be able to be immune to spikes damage. It also is a great check to latios to be able to eat the luster purges aimed at the team

Sinistcha is the team's spinblocker vs things like quav, and tenta while also being able to take advantage late game with the hazard pressure on them. It also has many setup opportunities thanks to that and forcing the opp to recover or take a lot of chip dmg over time. Sap can also force switches as making them unable to break through sinistcha with the attack drops helps it rack up dmg. Tera poison is for toxic manidbuzz, pecharunt, and pex.

Raikou with CM can be a late game cleaner thanks to hazard pressure and take advantage of all the chip dmg going around. Raikou is chosen for its higher speed tier and tying with cincinoo, and having the cover options available to hit the meta. Tera fairy helps vs scale shot garchomp, draco latios, and allws tera blast to hit the pesky dragons.

Latios is just the main breaker for the team, the team needed a ground immune and while latios is frail for one it sufficies to allow free switchins vs garchomp who have a free eq going in
After many updates I think I finished the team! <- final product

:hydreigon: :tinkaton: :tornadus-therian: :hippowdon: :rotom-wash: :arcanine-hisui:

This team still functions around specs drei but the members are a tad different.

What changed from V1 -> V2? Well I made torn-t AV, added tinkaton, replaced ogerpon-cornerstone with h-arc, and made rotom-w tera fairy (minor change but its there)....

well let me comment about the things that did change..

:tinkaton: - It is on the team to be able to deal with chomp, latios, hydreigon, stop setup sweepers with encore, and be a threat with swords dance to other pokemon thinking its passive asf. Pickpocket is a set that twilight bullied me with all the way back in DLC 1 and this showed me how dumb the set can be esp with knock off existing. with balloon giving me ground immunity and most moves being contact this gives me a great way to forcefully remove boots from foes like torn-t, tink itself, scizor, meta, mandibuzz, lokix, etc.

:arcanine-hisui: - unlike ogerpon-c it can use boots meaning its not hurt by spikes and can use its great bulk in sand vs things like latios, torn-t, iron moth, moltres-g, thundy-i, zapdos, etc. With espeed this gives me great form of speed control and to be able to take care of setup sweepers like scale shot chomp, SD ogerpon, gren, BD azu, etc.

Why did i remove quav? well it was kinda dead weight into many MU's and often just cant get the spin off in many other MU's.... like pecharunt and sinistcha just dont give a shit about it, its way to passive, and you need a lot of speed to outrun non scarf latios... often times its getting worn down and letting many things i wouldnt want to come in


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New stall just dropped (which I used for reqs and in Drewvitational tour game)

Don't really feel like writing up a RMT,
Pex is pex, sits on everything, baneful can make life miserable for torn (rocks + psn = regen), Tera Steel + Baneful is useful in sightport MUs
Blissey is blissey, rocker, special wall, etc etc
The funky stuff:
Quagsire is more of a spiker than an unaware mon here, but Amnesia lets it win many endgames where the opponent's sweepers are either grounded or Toxiced. Cloak lets it farm Garg, Amne + Tera Poison beats Keld, also lets you be immune to Goltres flinches, can also often clutch matchups vs Iron Crown or other Ground-weak sweepers
Pecha is just way too fat, NP lets you break certain mons like Torn who just sit on you forever, also is the best Gweez answer on the team
Mandi spreads Knocks cuz nothing else can, Foul Play lets it stop physical sweepers, trading boots for Tink lefties is usually a good trade, Tera Elec is useful vs Torn
Gweez is the defogger of choice rather than Mandi as Knock, Foul Play, and Toxic were all too necessary. Wisp lets you status steels and poisons to deny lefties, wear them down, and boost Pecha Hex. Also counters Chomp, Helm goobs the mice

Goob MUs:
Taunt Torn, Washtom, Gweez: are hard to face, but beatable with status, helmet to wear down torn is really nice when combined with poison/Toxic and baneful racking up damage
Meta and Iron Crown are hard to face, Tera Elec Mandi can beat Meta on a would-be Heavy Slam kill, or just keep doubling it in, Tera Dark Bliss beats boosting Iron Crown if you dont get screwed by Focus Blast
Click X button MUs:
Ursaluna usually goes 2 for 1 minimum and goobs your defensive structure, try to outpredict as you have immunities to both STABs
Hoopa also goobs tf out of the team, Mandi is fine into it but any competent player farms the MU
Taunt on stupid sweeper (most commonly Ogerpon-Rock): They CTeamed you, move on
Triple Steel Rain; UU Edition

Any resemblance to an Archaludon team that became popular in OU is purely coincidental.
Why Lucario and not Scizor? Lokix is scary.
Hoodra Speed for Skeledirge 0 EVs.
Pelipper EVs? I don't even know.
:Thundurus::Thundurus_Therian::Zapdos::Tornadus_Therian::Moltres:? Feel free.
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:kommo-o: :excadrill: :slowking: :tinkaton: :zapdos: :latios:


this team is built around dd kommo-o... dd kommo-o uses its bulk + drain punch to stay alive and find a sweep potential late game. With taunt it is a great breaker against bulkier teams who like to use status like mandibuzz taunt, rotom-w wisp, or skeledirge WoW. Dragon claw is the other move aside from d punch to allow it to hit zapdos, latios, hydrapple, and rotom-w harder.


excadrill is the next member, exca takes advantage of balloon to sit on mons like tinkaton or metagross who might be initial roadblocks, SD allows exca to hit bulky mons for a huge amount and leave then weak for the late game... smth like mandibuzz now will be much less wanting to come in against latios when it eats a +2 rock slide or a slowking who took a +2 eq.


Slowking covers the ice weakness and gives the team additional breaking power with f sight. F sight is not as common but its a nice option here as alongside drill and latios who can take advantage of it as a draco into smth like tinkaton stings a lot more with future sight kicking in.


Tinkaton is a steel alongside drill to setup rocks and take advantage of mandibuzz, spread knock off's against pokemon like zapdos, slowking, mandibuzz, rotom-w, and more. Rocks are always appreciated. Encore is a nice option to give switch in opportunities for exca, or latios who always want to fire off brutal hits or kommo-o to setup against smth like an encored latios into recover for ex.

zapdos is the 5th member of the team and is a great abuser of future sight... common zapdos answers are... rhyperior, tera electric latios, sandy shocks, sp. def ttar... but with future sight support it makes breaking through them much easier esp rhyperior and tera electric latios and makes them more hesistant switching in. Zapdos is a great knock off deternent as static against pokemon like mienshao, ogerpon, lokix will sting them a lot.


Latios goes well alongside kommo-o as it is able to wear down fairy types on the opposing team like tinkaton, azu, tera fairy slowking either via attacks over time or via trick which can make kommo-o much more scarier late game when ur counter has taken a beating early game

REPLAYS: (lost to a gren dark pulse crit) (old replay)

:tyranitar: :zapdos: :cobalion: :hydrapple: :excadrill: :slowking:

a new team built around hydrapple and coba... first of all ill talk about the main core which is the sand with CB ttar and sand rush exca on such a team. With these 2 it is a very dangerous core that requires a decent amount of support to get them to work which is where the team comes into play...


CB ttar exists on this team to create pressure against defense while excadrill generates pressure vs offense whre ttar might lack. CB ttar exerts a lot of pressure on squads that have slowking, mandibuzz, def zapdos. And with knock off a lot of mons just odnt want to switch in or you soften them up like for ex. hippowdon may switch in but later in the game this makes it much worse into exca esp if its item is lefties.


Exca is a #1 pairing with ttar, with sand rush it means you can run away with games in an instant especially against offensive teams who will lack the speed to outrun you. I chose rock slide > iron head to help in the zapdos MU and to make sure excadrill isnt gonna hit into a brick wall every time zapdos decides to come in.


Hydrapple is on this team as it plays a big part in screwing over rotom-w who hard counters exca and takes advantage of it every day, and with hydrapple it can usually get free nasty plot boosts against it and fire off powerful attacks against opponents who give free setup like slowking, exca without iron head, keldeo locked into a water move, and with tera steel you can generally lure in a lot of stuff to get free setup or get good kills.


Coba sets up rocks and pivots them in via volt switch... who does ttar like slamming with its stabs? weak mons who cant stand up against it like slowking, zapdos doesnt do much to it, CM latios, hydrapple wouldnt like an ice punch to the face either. Well coba usually lures them in by not seeming threatening to them and hits them with a volt switch to bring in ttar. Helmet on this team allows coba to wear down mons like lokix, espeed from h-arc, azu, mandibuzz, and ogerpon.


Slowking can reset sand turns by using chilly -> going into ttar and bringing the counter back up to 5 to allow ttar to always have its sp. def boost for the longest and chip its opponents away. Slowking also takes fighting attacks from mons like coba, keldeo, and kommo-o r coverage from smth like latios. I like future sight as it makes ttar extra threatening as even smth like coba hates taking future sight damage or rotom-w when it tries to switch into excadrill.


Def zapdos helps against lokix, mienshao who usually tears thi steam apart, and tera teal ogerpon who with repeated ivy cudgel can really put the hurt into this team but with coba and zapdos it wont stand a chance. This also gives a way to pivot in ttar in to set sand up and to get in hydrapple vs rhyperior which can usually accumulate free turns of setup against them.

REPLAYS: (lost to a crit D:) (owned a penguii team)

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