Rejected Teambuilder Validation Improvement

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So, you made a new team and you just can't wait to play around with! There's a sea of formats to choose from where you can show your power! Problem is, you'd have to put your team in several different formats just to see it get invalidated. You'd be lucky if your team even GETS validated in even ONE format after you try every single one!

Here is the solution! After you build your team, you can see which formats allow your new team with just the click of a button!

Step 1. Build your team!
Step 2. Press Validate
Step 3. A Pop-Up Box tells you what formats allow your team, if any allows your team at all.
Step 4. Show your power on the battlefields!

Now, we can get more creative with our Pokemon Teams without having to worry about finding the format that allows your team!


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This isn't the usual case for how our teambuilder validation works. The validator feature is exclusively meant to check if your team is compatible in a certain format, not which formats your team is compatible in. It does little good, for example, to check if your UU team is usuable in that tier and be told it's usuable in OU, Ubers, and Anything Goes (but not the tier you were wanting to check!). Moreover, if we did cycle through all formats to test for legality, that'd take quite some time - we have over 100 formats available on Showdown, and it'd be rather wasteful to have to check through each one to see if your team is usuable there.

There definitely are a lot of tiers out there, but once you get the hang of how tiers work, it's a breeze (e.g. OU allows more than UU, Ubers allows more than OU, Anything Goes allows, well, anything).


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Yeah, this would likely be a performance vuln, or if nothing else a resource drain. Closing.
If you wanted to avoid this, you could implement this sweeping validation client-side, and then only validate for individual formats on the server. However, I don't think this is useful - teams are typically built with a specific format in mind. Also, the current client architecture is not very interesting or friendly to program in, so it would be difficult to motivate volunteer contributors to work on it.
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