Tournament The Anything Goes Open [Round 1]


Life > Monotype... unfortunately :)
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Stop w/ all the crap.

If you're not a regular OM player, respect that we enjoy playing these metagames and don't openly bash them. We don't shit up your tours and threads with our opinions of your metagames/communities, don't shit up ours.

OMers, don't take the bait.

Undevolved vs. DonnotheFirst - Easy decision
Megazard vs. Oshawott Fan - AG RO even if he's bad
TylerWithNumbers vs. sin(pi) - Sinpi did well last tour
VoltDarkrai vs. ShedMiddleFinga - VoltDarkrai had actually played ag before
scpinion vs. Eternal Spirit - OM leader, so must be good
DoW vs. HunterStorm - Sorry DoW, but it's hunter
HNBL vs. My Thunder - Don't know My Thunder
Risky Ricky vs. Thimo - Thimo u better win
Popcorneatr vs. Chloe-sempai - AG leader
Eien vs. Synoptic - Close match, especially since Syno is really rusty, but I think this result is a little likelier.
Catalystic vs. Kilgrave - Cata is bad but
Eevee General vs. Clearly - Eevee General are the worst members on this website
Dream Eater Gengar vs. Vid - Chloe will pass teams
LaxLapras vs. Quantum Tesseract - can't call my own match
MiyoKa vs. sanjay. - Close match but I think Miyoka will probably win
Squawkerz vs. hexandwhy - hexandwhy plays ag
Level 56 vs. Transcendent God Champion - Probably the highlight match this round, but I have to give level 56 the edge.
SolCalibre vs. Fardin - Dunno who solcalibre is
Jordn vs. DurzaOffTopic - Durza is really bad so this is a foregone conclusion
Gunner Rohan vs. Endal - It's gunner
MAMP vs. Yuga42 - Unless mamp brings monotype Pigeons should be fine.

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