The LC Open XI - Round 1-D

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went 1-0 against Sawors, but he then went offline and I've not been able to contact him since

[also i forgor to hit the save replay button because i though they were automatically saved]


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Calling act. My opponent has not responded nor have they been online since their account was created.


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Claiming act: My opp didn't appear (I waited more than 1 hour) and I can't play this Saturday, or Sunday because I have plans.
Messaged on the 11 and again on the 17, still no answer despite being online since. Their profile is proof. I call act.
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My opponent hasn't responded in a few days, not sure if I'm supposed to make someone aware before or after the deadline, so posting it here now just in case.
Okay, I contacted my opponent motogp on the 11th and while they've been online since then they haven't responded to my message at all, so I'm requesting an activity win
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