The NU Open VII - Round 2

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I notified opponent and tried suggesting times, but he hasn't been replying since my last message yesterday (which I couldn't do due to IRL stuff). I want to call activity again on the extension


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Extension deadline passed, new matchups are below. Some of you have contacted already, so hopefully we don't need too many more extensions, but let me know if you have issues.

London13 vs elodin
Lemin vs Tenebricite
UBERLandon21 vs Evan.
majaspic22 vs Huston
Finding True Love vs Liemaster
Lopunny Kicks vs Karppi
FLCL vs coolio1223
sand1234 vs suapah
oh95 vs double switches
Lugia Proto vs miltankmilk
Jake717 vs Toxzn
CantoakaChris vs Umigame

I am busy this weekend but I'll get to a pc once a day in the evening to help with any issues, send me a pm on here or discord if you have any problems.
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