The Ubers Open III - Round 1

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fuck hugo, also FLCL vs Zebraiken should be a highlight match, they are both rly good players

Contacted :]
I only want to do ubers players cause they are the only ones I actually know well enough to write somethign up for. If you want to submit one for zeb and flcl, feel free.
Relevant & competitive matches

vs KratosMana (very nice match, both are good)
TGMD vs zdrup15
Nayrz vs scorpdestroyer
Steve Angello vs Cicada
soviet vs el poeta
Piexplode vs WhiteQueen
Antar vs Dice
Haunted.Shadow vs Psychotic
Lady Gaga vs Royalty
Sunny. vs Edgar
FLCL vs Zebraiken (hl match of the week)
Level 56 vs WreckDra (ooh the winner could make a nice Cinderella run)
Bloo vs xtrashine
ZoroarkForever vs aim (upset alert? zoro can play)
DontStealMyPenguin vs papai noel
ogasian vs Melee Mewtwo
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