The UU Open XII - Round 1

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Asking for extension vs Persona111 as we weren’t able to play this week. If the extension isn’t possible, I’ll take the act win as he didn’t answer my scheduling message until this afternoon and claimed I could take win if need be.
Calling activity on Staxi , they weren't there on our first agreed upon time, then when we agreed to reschedule they haven't responded to me for the past week on either my page or when I hit them up with a private conversation.
Claiming act on IcicleCrash. We scheduled for the first week via PM, the day we were supposed to play I received a message from another account saying it was IcicleCrash but they lost their acc password. Although I considered it kinda weird (why don't you just recover your password?) I replied to them and tell it was too early for playing (still more than an hour for the scheduled time). Opponent shown 50 minutes late, I didn't wanted to claim act for all misunderstanding so I purposed to reschedule. Then never got a reply, made a couple attempts, one messaging that alt account, and two more times on their main account.

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calling act, they missed first week time so pushed to second week which then got pushed to this one b/c of the server stuff but haven't gotten an answer after multiple days

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